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As well as writing on here I have also written guest posts on other parent blogs.

Guest posts

My first ever guest post was over at

  1. The Mum reviews – I wrote about the difficult questions I face when people ask me if Jamie has a brother or sister etc. ‘I know your innocent question wasn’t meant to hurt me’ plus more at

2. Glossy tots‘Does my son need to toughen up?’

3. Suburban MumBehind the lens with Our bucket list lives

4. A mundane life –  “What’s in a name?” Jamie

5. Devon mama Throwback Thursdays – Our bucket list lives

6. Big Family Little AdventuresWhy you should visit Lincolnshire by Our Bucket List Lives

Quotes on blogs

  1. Amy and Tots The Real Gifts We Want This Mother’s Day
  2. Falcondale lifeDriving routes from France to the UK – your options
  3. You have to laugh Kids are embarrassing and here’s the proof