Our Family Bucket List

So this is it, our family bucket list. It’s not our list of things to do before we die it’s our list of things to enjoy with Jamie while we are living. It’s more of a life list and it’s based around our son (some for when he’s older).

It was started by me, Suzy aka Jamie’s Mummy in mid 2016. Around about the time that I found out my Dad had an incurable cancer. Life took a whole new meaning and perspective for me. One of the final things he said was ‘Life is for living’. Too right, so let’s live it! And so our bucket list began.

I started looking on Pinterest (my one stop source for ideas), but all I could find for a family bucket list was general ideas. Nothing really realistic or all encompassing. A lot of lists just focused on travel, some just on lifestyle. So over the next few months I created our own list that involved everything and anything that our son may enjoy. Through research and general ideas this is what I came up with.

We’ve already completed a few of these before, but for the sake of this blog record I am starting afresh. So why not follow us on social media and on here? I hope that we can inspire you. If you feel like I’m missing something please comment below.

Bucket List:

  1. Baking and cooking – learn to cook and bake as many different things as possible = on going
  2. Be front row at a concert
  3. Be in the audience for a TV show
  4. Build a gingerbread house
  5. Build a snowman bigger than you
  6. Caravan – Cambridge folk festival
  7. Caravan – Have at least 10 weekends away in a year until we sell it
  8. Caravan – Holiday back to Bridlington
  9. Caravan – Stay at at least 1 of each major holiday camp site
  10. Caravan – Holiday to Bosworth water trust
  11. Caravan – Holiday to Clacton-on-sea
  12. Caravan – Holiday to Felixstowe
  13. Caravan – Holiday to Filey
  14. Caravan – Holiday to Great Yarmouth
  15. Caravan – Holiday to Hunstanton
  16. Caravan – Holiday to Skipsea
  17. Caravan – Holiday to Southview leisure resort, Skegness = completed read here
  18. Caravan – Holiday to Whitby
  19. Caravan – Holiday to Whitley bay and Alnmouth
  20. Caravan – Holiday to Withernsea
  21. Caravan – Stay at at least 10 different David Bellamy award winning sites
  22. Caravan – Stay somewhere where we can see and hear the sea
  23. Caravan – Holiday to the Lake District
  24. Caravan – Holiday to the Peak district
  25. Cook marshmallows on an open fire
  26. Dress up for Halloween and have a party
  27. Eat at Hard rock café
  28. Eat at all the restaurants and cafes in Woodhall Spa
  29. Eat at each different national chain restaurant – ongoing
  30. Eat at each different ‘cuisine/style’ of restaurant – ongoing
  31. Eat Candy floss at a fair
  32. Eat fish and chips on a beach
  33. Eat pasta in Italy
  34. Enjoy lots of free days out – Ongoing read here
  35. Experience a white Christmas
  36. Find a real fossil
  37. Float in Dead sea
  38. Fly a kite
  39. Gardening – Grown own fruit and vegetables
  40. Go bowling
  41. Go canoeing
  42. Go crabbing off a pier
  43. Go fishing at a lake
  44. Go fishing on a boat
  45. Go for afternoon tea somewhere = completed. Read here
  46. Go for lots of walks
  47. Go Geocaching
  48. Go Go Karting
  49. Go Ice skating
  50. Go Indoor skydiving
  51. Go Llama trekking
  52. Go on a Go Ape adventure
  53. Go on a Gruffalo trail = completed, read here
  54. Go on a Easter egg hunt
  55. Go on a pony trek
  56. Go on a scavenger hunt
  57. Go on ‘themed’ walks in woods
  58. Go on every different type of fairground ride
  59. Go pond dipping
  60. Go roller skating
  61. Go pumpkin picking
  62. Go strawberry picking
  63. Go to a bubble rush
  64. Go to a carnival
  65. Go to a children’s festival
  66. Go to a circus
  67. Go to a ‘dress up’ event
  68. Go to a fire station open day
  69. Go to a Grand prix formula 1
  70. Go to a large outdoor water park
  71. Go to a major American civil war re-enactment event
  72. Go to a major Sealed knot re-enactment event
  73. Go to a medieval dinner event
  74. Go to a music festival
  75. Go to an event at Skegness stadium
  76. Go to an open air concert and take a picnic
  77. Go to a pantomime every year
  78. Go to a ‘proper’ Christmas market
  79. Go to a rodeo
  80. Go to a Wild wild west show
  81. Go to the Lincolnshire County Show
  82. Go to the Glastonbury festival
  83. Go to the Goose fair, Nottingham
  84. Go to watch American baseball
  85. Go to see a film at the cinema with Jamie at least once every 2 months
  86. Go to see a football match
  87. Go to see Ben and Holly at the theatre = completed read here
  88. Go to top Eiffel tower
  89. Go to watch horse racing – day at the races = completed read here
  90. Go to Woodhall Spa 1940s weekend and dress up
  91. Go whale and/or dolphin watching
  92. Grow a fruit tree
  93. Have afternoon tea at Betty’s = completed read here
  94. Have and care for your own pet
  95. Have an owl/falconry experience
  96. Have a pillow fight
  97. Have a ride on a camel = completed read here
  98. Have a themed birthday party
  99. Have a water balloon fight
  100. Have a water fight
  101. Have own butterfly ‘house’ watch ‘grow and set free
  102. Have your face painted
  103. Holiday – Amalfi coast, Italy
  104. Holiday – Barge on the Norfolk broads
  105. Holiday – Go glamping somewhere
  106. Holiday – Go on a cruise
  107. Holiday – Go on a major train journey, that involves sleeping on it
  108. Holiday – Go on an African safari
  109. Holiday – In a forest park
  110. Holiday – In a luxury static caravan
  111. Holiday – Sleep in a tree house
  112. Holiday – to Australia
  113. Holiday – to Bahamas, swim with dolphins etc
  114. Holiday – to Barcelona, see the sights
  115. Holiday – to Brighton and see the sights, pier etc.
  116. Holiday – to Budapest, Hungary
  117. Holiday – to Butlins
  118. Holiday – to Canada
  119. Holiday – to Carcasonne and Cap D’agde, France
  120. Holiday – to China, Beijing and Hong kong
  121. Holiday – to Corfu (again), north of the island
  122. Holiday – to Cornwall
  123. Holiday – to Corsica, France
  124. Holiday – to Crete, Greece
  125. Holiday – to Croatia, Dubrovnik
  126. Holiday – to Cyprus
  127. Holiday – to Denmark, Copenhagen, LEGOLAND, Viking centre and stunning castles
  128. Holiday – to Disneyland Paris again!
  129. Holiday – to Disneyworld (see Florida)
  130. Holiday – to Dubai
  131. Holiday – to each of the Canary islands that you can fly to –  ongoing
  132. Holiday – to Florence, Italy
  133. Holiday – to Florida (Disneyworld, seaworld, universal, cape kennedy, bush gardens, everglades etc.)
  134. Holiday – to Germany
  135. Holiday – to Greece
  136. Holiday – to Iceland, visit the blue lagoon etc.
  137. Holiday – to Indonesia
  138. Holiday – to Isle of Skye (the dinosaur isle)
  139. Holiday – to London
  140. Holiday – to Madagascar
  141. Holiday – to Majorca, Spain
  142. Holiday – to Menorca, Spain
  143. Holiday – to Mexico, sightseeing tour
  144. Holiday – to Morocco
  145. Holiday – to Mykanos, Greece
  146. Holiday – to New England, Cape cod etc.
  147. Holiday – to New Zealand
  148. Holiday – to Norway, fjords etc.
  149. Holiday – to Paris France
  150. Holiday – to Peru, Machu Picchu
  151. Holiday – to Porto, Portugal
  152. Holiday – to Portugal, Algarve
  153. Holiday – to Prague
  154. Holiday – to Rome, Italy – see all the major sights
  155. Holiday – to Santorini, Greece
  156. Holiday – to Sardinia, Italy
  157. Holiday – to Scotland
  158. Holiday – to Sicily, Italy
  159. Holiday – to somewhere not been to in France before
  160. Holiday – to somewhere really exotic with palm trees and stunning beaches
  161. Holiday – to South Africa, Cape town etc
  162. Holiday – to Spain
  163. Holiday – to Sri Lanka –  must stay at the Kandalama
  164. Holiday – to Strasbourg, France
  165. Holiday – to Sun city in South Africa
  166. Holiday – to Switzerland, go up the Matterhorn, visit Lucerne etc
  167. Holiday – to Tattershall lakes (since the revamp)
  168. Holiday – to Thailand
  169. Holiday – to The Channel islands
  170. Holiday – to Galapogus islands
  171. Holiday – tour of the Caribbean islands
  172. Holiday – to Venice, Italy = completed, read here
  173. Holiday – to Wales
  174. Holiday – to West coast of USA, Grand canyon, Vegas, Hollywood, San Francisco, California, Alcatraz
  175. Holiday – with Eurocamp, somewhere with massive pool area
  176. Join in with the RSPB birdwatch = completed read here
  177. Learn how to play any musical instrument
  178. Learn how to ride a bike
  179. Learn how to swim without armbands
  180. London – go on a cruise of the Thames
  181. London – go on a house of Parliament tour
  182. London –  see Buckingham palace
  183. London –  see the changing of the guard
  184. London – visit all 5 merlin pass places
  185. London – visit and eat at the Rainforest cafe
  186. London –  visit hms Belfast
  187. London –  visit London zoo
  188. London –  visit  national maritime museum
  189. London –  visit  St Paul’s cathedral
  190. London –  visit  the British museum
  191. London –  visit  the Cutty sark
  192. London –  visit  the London transport museum
  193. London –  visit  the National gallery and portrait gallery
  194. London –  visit  natural history museum
  195. London –  visit  science museum
  196. London –  visit  tower of London
  197. London –  visit Trafalgar square
  198. London –  visit Westminster abbey
  199. Look properly at the stars
  200. Make and eat bonfire toffee
  201. Make and eat toffee apples
  202. Make a worm farm
  203. Meet peppa pig, hopefully on a special event day
  204. Meet Santa as much as possible! – in as many different ways as possible
  205. Merlin – visit all 7 places in Blackpool
  206. Merlin – Alton towers
  207. Merlin – Chessington world adventures
  208. Merlin –  visit LEGOLAND
  209. Merlin –  visit Thorpe park
  210. Merlin – visit one of their Sea life centres
  211. Merlin – Warwick castle
  212. Paint a pot at a paint a pot cafe
  213. Play as many crazy golf courses as possible
  214. Ride on an elephant
  215. Ride on a donkey
  216. Ride on a ferris wheel
  217. Ride on a helter skelter
  218. Ride on a merry go round
  219. Ride on a pirate ship = completed read here
  220. Ride on a pony = completed read here
  221. See a bird show
  222. See a dolphin show = completed read here
  223. See a famous waterfall
  224. See all 7 wonders of the modern world
  225. See a jousting show
  226. See a play and a musical in the West end of London
  227. See a Punch and Judy show
  228. See a sea lion show
  229. See a tennis match at Wimbledon
  230. See at least 20 films at the cinema
  231. See Cirque De Soleil
  232. See Disney on ice
  233. See lots of hot air balloons take off
  234. See monster trucks
  235. See the Aurora Borealis
  236. See the Grand prismatic spring in Yellowstone national park
  237. See the puffins in North Yorkshire
  238. See the red arrows at a major air show
  239. See the tulips and windmills in Holland
  240. Sign up for a year art subscription box
  241. Skydive – Jamie has said he wants to do this when he’s older like his big cousin
  242. Splash in a splash park
  243. Start a family tradition
  244. Stay in a castle
  245. Stay in an over water bungalow
  246. Stay in at least 50 different hotels – ongoing various reviews
  247. Stroke and hold as many different animals as possible
  248. Swim in a lido
  249. Swim with dolphins
  250. Theatre – see the Wizard of oz
  251. Theatre – Take our show mad boy as much as possible = ongoing read here
  252. Transportation – Go on at least 5 open top tourist buses
  253. Transportation – Go on a barge
  254. Transportation – Go on a boat on a boating lake
  255. Transportation – Go on a cable car
  256. Transportation – Go on a glass bottom boat = completed read here
  257. Transportation – Go on a pedalo
  258. Transportation – Go on a red double decker London bus
  259. Transportation – Go on a sea/sand train
  260. Transportation – Go on a tram
  261. Transportation – Go on a water taxi
  262. Transportation – Go on Ffestiniog railway
  263. Transportation –  Go on North Yorkshire moors railway
  264. Transportation – Go on Snowdon mountain railway, Gwynedd
  265. Transportation – Go on the Settle to Carlisle railway
  266. Transportation – Go sailing on a yatch
  267. Transportation – Ride in a dune buggy in the desert
  268. Transportation – Ride in a Gondola in Venice
  269. Transportation – Ride in a horse drawn carriage
  270. Transportation – Ride on a miniature steam train
  271. Transportation – Ride on a steam train
  272. Transportation – Ride on a Thomas steam train – day out with Thomas
  273. Transportation – Travel on Semmering railway
  274. Visit at least 10 different castles – ongoing
  275. Visit at least 10 different churches
  276. Visit at least 10 different English heritage places
  277. Visit at least 10 different Historic houses association places
  278. Visit at least 10 different museums – ongoing
  279. Visit at least 10 different National trust places – ongoing
  280. Visit at least 10 different UNESCO sites
  281. Visit at least 10 different zoos – ongoing
  282. Visit at least 5 different aquariums
  283. Visit 5 different air museums – ongoing
  284. Visit 6 different Cathedrals – ongoing
  285. Visit 5 different RSPB reserves
  286. Visit a big maze
  287. Visit a children’s museum
  288. Visit a county show
  289. Visit a large cave
  290. Visit Alcazar de Segovia castle, Near Madrid Spain
  291. Visit a famous pier
  292. Visit all 5 towns in Cinque terre, Italy
  293. Visit all soft play centres in Lincolnshire
  294. Visit all the seaside resorts in Lincolnshire
  295. Visit all the seaside towns in Norfolk
  296. Visit all the seaside towns on the Yorkshire coast
  297. Visit Alnwick castle
  298. Visit a model village
  299. Visit and climb a lighthouse
  300. Visit Anderby creek and spend the day on the beach there
  301. Visit and explore a ‘ghost’ town
  302. Visit Arundel castle
  303. Visit as many family attractions in Lincolnshire as possible – Ongoing read here
  304. Visit as many family attractions in Nottinghamshire as possible
  305. Visit as many farm parks as possible
  306. Visit Athens, Greece including the Acropolis
  307. Visit a trampoline park
  308. Visit Bamburgh castle, Northumberland
  309. Visit Bath and see the sights
  310. Visit Belton house at Halloween
  311. Visit Belvoir castle, Lincolnshire = Completed read here
  312. Visit Bewilderwood, Norfolk
  313. Visit Blackpool
  314. Visit Blackpool illuminations
  315. Visit Blackpool pleasure beach
  316. Visit Blackpool zoo
  317. Visit Blenheim palace
  318. Visit Bodiam castle
  319. Visit Bolsover castle
  320. Visit Bolton abbey
  321. Visit Bosworth battlefield on an event day
  322. Visit Bournemouth and see the sights = completed read here
  323. Visit Bourton on the water (Cotswolds – Birdland, model village, motor museum, dragonfly maze etc)
  324. Visit Bran castle
  325. Visit Bristol zoo
  326. Visit Burghley house, Lincolnshire
  327. Visit Butterfly house, near Sheffield
  328. Visit Cadbury world
  329. Visit Calke Abbey and it’s adventure playground, NT
  330. Visit Cambridge and see the sights, go punting
  331. Visit Castle Howard
  332. Visit Chatsworth house and farm park, Derbyshire
  333. Visit Cheddar gorge, Somerset
  334. Visit Chester zoo
  335. Visit Cleethorpes and all family attractions
  336. Visit – Climb the Eiffel tower
  337. Visit Colchester zoo
  338. Visit Conwy castle, Wales
  339. Visit Corvin castle, Hunedoara Romania
  340. Visit Cragside and it’s fab adventure playground, NT
  341. Visit Crich tramway village
  342. Visit Croft castle and it’s natural play area, NT
  343. Visit Diggerland, Yorkshire
  344. Visit Dinosaur adventure park, Norfolk
  345. Visit Donna Nook, when the seals are there
  346. Visit Drayton manor theme park and Thomas land
  347. Visit Dudmanston and it’s playgrounds, NT
  348. Visit Edinburgh and see the sights
  349. Visit Eilean Donan castle, Highlands of Scotland
  350. Visit Eltz castle, Wierschem Germany
  351. Visit Eureka the national children’s museum
  352. Visit Fantasy island, Skegness = Completed Read here
  353. Visit Ferry Farm, Nottinghamshire
  354. Visit Flamborough head
  355. Visit Flamingo land
  356. Visit Florida everglades and go on an air boat
  357. Visit – Go to the summer Olympics
  358. Visit – Great Yarmouth
  359. Visit Grimsthorpe castle and gardens
  360. Visit Gulliver’s land, Milton Keynes
  361. Visit Hall farm park
  362. Visit Halstatt, Austria and the salt mines
  363. Visit Hampton court palace
  364. Visit Happisburgh beach and it
  365. Visit Hardy’s animal farm
  366. Visit Harewood house
  367. Visit Hastings and Battle
  368. Visit Hull museums
  369. Visit Imperial war museum Duxford
  370. Visit Kelham Hall, Notts when a major event is on
  371. Visit Kenilworth castle
  372. Visit Kidzania, London
  373. Visit Knebworth house and gardens
  374. Visit Knowsley safari park
  375. Visit Leeds castle, Kent
  376. Visit Lightwater valley theme park
  377. Visit Lincolnshire wildlife trust – each of the 7 sites
  378. Visit Longleat
  379. Visit Longleat festival of lights
  380. Visit Longshaw and it’s natural play
  381. Visit Lowestoft and see the sights
  382. Visit Mablethorpe and all family attractions
  383. Visit Magna, Yorkshire on a nice day
  384. Visit Margate and see the sights
  385. Visit Marwell zoo
  386. Visit Matlock bath (Heights of Abraham, Gulliver’s kingdom, caves, fish and chips on the parade, farm park)
  387. Visit Mijas, Spain and see the famous donkeys
  388. Visit Mont St Michel and St Michael’s point
  389. Visit Mother Shipton’s cave
  390. Visit Mount Rushmore
  391. Visit Museum of Lincolnshire life = Completed read here
  392. Visit National railway museum York = Completed read here
  393. Visit National space centre Leicester
  394. Visit Neuschwanstein castle Bavaria Germany
  395. Visit Nene Valley for a Day with Thomas
  396. Visit Normanby hall country park
  397. Visit Paignton zoo
  398. Visit Peppa pig world
  399. Visit Petra, Jordan
  400. Visit pink pig farm
  401. Visit Portmerion, Wales
  402. Visit Rand farm
  403. Visit Robin hoods bay
  404. Visit Rockingham castle
  405. Visit Ronda, Spain
  406. Visit Rufford Abbey and park
  407. Visit Rushmoor Country park = completed, read here
  408. Visit Sacrewell farm, a heritage farm = completed, read here
  409. Visit and stay at Sandringham house
  410. Visit Scarborough
  411. Visit Sherwood forest
  412. Visit Skegness and all family attractions
  413. Visit Skipton castle
  414. Visit Slimbridge wildfowl centre
  415. Visit somewhere to celebrate Chinese New Year
  416. Visit somewhere that makes and sells its own ice cream
  417. Visit Springfields for the 2 trains, taxi boat etc.
  418. Visit Stanwick lakes, East Northants
  419. Visit Stokesay castle
  420. Visit Stonehenge and Glastonbury
  421. Visit Stourhead estate, national trust, Wiltshire in the autumn
  422. Visit Stratford upon avon
  423. Visit Sudbury Hall and the museum of childhood, NT
  424. Visit Sundown adventureworld, Notts = completed, read here
  425. Visit and review Tattershall farm park
  426. Visit Tatton park
  427. Visit The Deep, Hull = completed read here
  428. Visit the Edinburgh festival
  429. Visit the forbidden corner, Yorkshire
  430. Visit the Giant’s causeway, Northern Ireland
  431. Visit the Palace of Pena, Lisbon Portugal
  432. Visit the shipwreck beach in Zakynthos, Greece
  433. Visit each different major Theatre within 1hr30
  434. Visit Trolleybus museum, Sandtoft
  435. Visit Wizarding world of Harry Potter
  436. Visit Twin lakes, Notts
  437. Visit Twin Lakes at Halloween
  438. Visit Twycross zoo = completed, read here
  439. Visit Vatican city
  440. Visit Warner Bros studio, Harry Potter
  441. Visit Warwick castle
  442. Visit Wheelgate adventure park, Notts
  443. Visit Whisby nature reserve = Completed read here
  444. Visit White post farm, Notts
  445. Visit Wickstead park
  446. Visit Windsor castle
  447. Visit Woburn safari park = Completed read here
  448. Visit Woods filled with bluebells = Completed read here
  449. Visit Woodside wildlife park
  450. Walk in all the local woods
  451. Visit York – Castle museum, minster, railway museum = Completed read here
  452. Visit Yorkshire wildlife park
  453. Walk on the great wall of China
  454. Walk or cycle the Spa trail (Woodhall etc)
  455. Watch a movie outdoors with a picnic
  456. Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean
  457. Winter – Build a snowman
  458. Winter – Go on a husky drawn sledge
  459. Winter – Go on the santa express rail journey
  460. Winter – Go tobogganing
  461. Winter – Go to different Santa railway experiences
  462. Winter – Go to LaplandUK
  463. Winter – Go to Sundown to meet Santa
  464. Winter – Go to Winter wonderland in London
  465. Winter – Have a snowball fight
  466. Winter – Lapland holiday to meet santa etc.
  467. Winter – Ride on a snow mobile
  468. Winter –  Visit Drayton manors Thomas Christmas
  469. Winter – Visit winter wonderland Manchester

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