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I’ll start with me, Suzy, the person writing on here. I’m a repatriated expat, Mummy to Jamie, wife to Mark and a lover of travel and days out. I have a degree in graphic design that also involved photography. I strive to always take the best photo I can to preserve our memories. Videos of our holidays are another thing that I love to do and make, this love came from my A Level in media studies. I wish I’d used these skills more in life but I have spent most of my life since self employed in mail order.

We live in Lincolnshire and I believe we are the only travel based blog in the county. I also cover the rest of the east midlands – Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and soon Derbyshire. I have lived in every east midlands county at some point of my life. I also cover south and east Yorkshire, east Anglia and anywhere else our travels take us to.

I was blessed with a family that also love to travel and before I had even met my husband Mark I’d already been abroad countless times. Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Menorca, USA (Boston and Florida), Malta, Amsterdam, Turkey. Since we’ve been together we’ve been to many of these countries again plus Morocco, Sri Lanka, Tenerife, China, Greek islands, Tunisia, Gran Canaria, Tenerife. Not to mention having lived 14 of our 17 years together in France. 1 year in Scotland and the other 3 in 4 different places in England.

I also love to write and eat out.


The photos above are from our 2008 honeymoon to Sri Lanka. I can’t believe we still haven’t returned. We talk about it every year. It’s such a beautiful country.

The little person in our family and our miracle completion is Jamie who is nearly 4 years old. 4 years old!? Why do they have to grow up so fast. He has our lust to travel and thrives off days out. He learns so much and is always in a happy nygoodhealth.com place when we are out.

As well as holidaying abroad and weekend hotel breaks in the UK we also love our tourer caravan. We only bought it last year but we are converted and go away with it as much as we can. There’s so many products around nowadays to make a caravan holiday much easier than it used to be.

Here’s a family photo from our holiday to Gran Canaria in 2017. We are desperate to show Jamie the world and to take him to many places we’ve already been to plus many none of us have been to before. So far as a family we have been to Gran Canaria,  Venice, Corfu and Disneyland Paris. We have recently returned from a 3 week holiday in Florida.

Why a bucket list for a family? If you haven’t already seen on here our bucket list was started by me in 2016 when we found out that my Dad had an incurable cancer. It focused my mind and I spent many an hour researching and putting the list together. I prefer to look upon it as a life list with goals, ideas and inspirations. Hopefully I will inspire and give others ideas for days out, adventures, entertainment and holidays. Each year I will set us some goals for the year ahead from the 450+ long list.

Mum also comes on a lot of our adventures. Jamie adores her and we love our days out and holidays with her.

Anyway that’s a little about us. If you are a PR, brand, tourist attraction, hotel or holiday park/resort etc and you’d like to work with us please click to view ‘work with us’ in the menu. I pay great attention to detail and I am a total perfectionist. I spend a lot of time on my posts, social media promotion and videos.

If you are a blogger and would like to submit a post please contact me.

You can also contact me at suzy@ourbucketlistlives.co.uk





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