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Our Bucket List Lives In brief

My name is Suzy McCullough and my website is not just about crossing various things off our family bucket list through travel but it is home to one of the biggest ‘real’ resources for highlighting the best days out in the UK. What do I mean by ‘real’? Well, each review post has been written either by myself visiting as a family or by one of our reviewers visiting as a reviewer or a blogger who has visited, yes you’ve guessed it, as a family.


We Would Love to Work with You

We are always open to working with brands, tourist boards and holiday companies with a strong connection to family holidays, days out, restaurant reviews and theatre reviews. Or anything else that may be suited to us as a family. I am happy to be contacted about sponsored posts ( for attractions, theatre, travel companies, hotels, holiday parks etc).

We have many travel interests and love to try a wide range of accommodation. We have a strong caravan and camping following. Plus people interested in weekend breaks, Disney, overseas holidays and days out. Plus competitions/giveaways, product reviews, guest posts either on here or me writing for you. I can write about many aspects of family travel and general parenting.

PR & Media work with our bucket list lives
Meeting the Simpsons at Universal, Florida

What you can expect from us

You can expect a detailed, good and honest review from me in exchange for what you can offer us. I love photography and I studied it as part of my degree in graphic design. I spend a lot of time on both sponsored and collaborative work sometimes creating more than one post/review for a holiday.

For examples of my work please see two posts that I wrote for our mini break with Ribby Hall, Lancashire. Ribby Hall Facilities | Review of our Weekend Away | Holiday Village Near Blackpool and Ribby Hall Poppy Cottage Facilities Review and Tour.

I also published a video for our stay. We have many on our YouTube channel some with over 1,000 views. We have over 890 subscribers to our YouTube channel.


Why work with us? Our followers and readership

Our bucket list lives was founded in February 2017 by myself, Suzy McCullough.

My website has an average of 45,000 page views a month.

Facebook – Likes 20,500+ – I have a post reach of around 220k a week. I will cover more about the benefits of advertising on my Facebook page below. I also have a 2 month old UK Facebook group with 1,200+ members
Instagram – 12,400+ Followers
YouTube – Over 900 subscribers – 2,700k views a month
Pinterest – 4,300+ followers – 160k unique viewers – 6k monthly engaged
Twitter – 13,400 followers – Tweets earned 164,000 impressions over 28 day period


I have a highly targeted and engaged following on Facebook. My post reach each week is usually well over 200,000 and post engagement is often around 60,000 a week. My Facebook page mainly focuses on days out and where people should visit. Not just in the Midlands and Yorkshire but across the UK. It is the best place to get your attraction seen and I offer advertising packages. Please email me at [email protected] to find out more. I also include as many holiday ideas as possible and these are just as well received.

I have 19.700 likes and my engagement is more than above average. If you compare me to another days out Facebook page – one of the biggest on the internet – with over 300,000 likes my engagement is on average, like for like, is far better. Things can only get even better right?!

Not only that but people will often tag their friends in my posts suggesting they visit places or even stay at places together. My readers often message me to thank me for my page and my recommendations. I have a community of parents, not just women, who I interact with and who interact with me on a regular basis. They trust me and I enjoy interacting with them. I feel sometimes that personal touch is lost with big business websites. Sometimes, people just want to hear from ‘real people/real families’ and that’s what we bring. Not just days out but holiday recommendations as well.

I also co-run a Family Days out and Holidays Facebook group with almost 2,000 members.

Our Bucket List Lives Collaborations and media

I have already worked with many attractions and brands such as Ribby Hall, Shakespeare’s England, Fantasy Island, TwinLakes, English Heritage, Blackpool Tower, Travelodge, Efteling and more. I have some exciting collaborations to come in 2020 and hopefully many more.

Please approach me with any projects you may have. Even if we aren’t available I also have a newly appointed team of trusted writers to produce quality review posts for you.

I also host giveaways for products, theatre, attractions and travel websites. Please contact me for further details.

We have been featured in the press. I wrote an article for Clickstay about ‘What’s so good about Gran Canaria’. I have also featured in two articles over at Attraction tickets direct ‘The Best Rides at Universal Orlando‘ and ‘The Sweet Tooth Guide to Walt Disney World‘. Plus a feature on Trips 100. I was even interviewed about myself and my website over on BBC Radio Leicester. I was recently named blogger of the month over at Discover Ferries.

You can email me at [email protected] or get in touch via twitter or facebook (see above).