6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park, near Louth

If you are ever in the area or thinking of visiting or live nearby with young kids then I can recommend a day out to Rushmoor country park. Rushmoor Country Farm Park & Falconry Centre is located near Louth in Lincolnshire. It’s one of a few hands-on farms and we loved our day out for the involvement you can have. It’s not the biggest farm but we can spend just as long here as any big all singing all dancing farm. Why? Well because there is so much going on and to be honest the animals are so cute we wandered around more than once. So what are the 6 things you must do at Rushmoor? Here’s my review of the farm park.

#1 – Bottle feed the lambs

6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park, near Louth

I know it’s not spring all year round but the opportunity to feed a lamb isn’t just in spring. They are still bottle feeding them when they get quite large, just be prepared for a very strong lamb on the other end of the bottle. They are really good at making sure every child has a go at bottle feeding them and it’s not just once a day either. These lambs are such characters, a couple of them were totally determined to eat my Mum’s trousers.

#2 – Have a ride on a pony

I’ve seen so many places charge extra to have a ride on a pony. What do they charge here? Well, the answer is nothing, pony rides are free at Rushmoor. This was also a bucket list blog tick for Jamie to ride on a pony. He has done it before but it was the first time for him since I started our list. He loves it so much and sits so well. Last year he fell off a low to the ground wooden horse once though and I ended up taking him to A&E for a possible major arm injury (he was fine). It has made me apprehensive though and while I long to take him on a proper pony trek I’m not sure he could be relied on to sit on well enough. Apologies for using this same pic more than once, I love it!

6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park, near Louth

#3 – Cuddle a soft baby animal

Over in the small animal’s barn, there are loads of cute furry and very soft animals to ooh and aah at. Plus the little ones (and adults if you want to) can have a baby animal and or guinea pig to cuddle and stroke. This was Jamie’s favourite thing to do. The first time he went in he was given a baby Lionhead rabbit (my absolute favourite) and a guinea pig. He went back another two more times during the day for more cuddles. He strokes them so lovingly, he melts my heart.

6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park, near Louth

#4 – Feed the four-legged animals

You can buy a super large bag of four-legged animal food when you buy your entrance tickets. For no more than £1 we had a bag of food that just lasted and lasted. It was much better food than the normal pellets as it stayed better on Jamie’s hand and made feeding easier. The animals are super friendly and Jamie was in his element feeding them all. He kept making sure they all had their fair share, which was a challenge in itself.

#5 – The play area

Rushmoor is essentially there for people to enjoy the animals. That is their main focus and that is what they do best. There is a small play area for the kids which Jamie loved. I have noticed some critical reviews about their play area and Rushmoor quite rightly points out that an amazing playground is not what they’re about. What they do have there Jamie really enjoyed and as a little person, he did not expect any more. The bouncy castle was a source of great fun and the elephant slides look like they need a preservation sticker put on them. They are certainly unique.

#6 – Birds of prey displays

There is a schedule of the day’s events by the entrance to where you pay. The day we visited they had listed two times for pony rides and a couple of times for lamb feeding. The bird displays aren’t on every day and there was no mention on the board of a bird display. When we were playing on the slides we realised there was a display on which we sadly missed as there was no longer anywhere to sit. It sounded very informative and there was quite a bit of audience participation. Some people were picked to join in and wear the special glove for the birds to sit on your hand.

That was my top 6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park. There is lots more to see and do. If you go in the spring you will see the lambs and kid goats at their smallest. I love a good old chat with a goose too. The piglets are totally adorable and there’s a small bird area to investigate over near the café.

Important Information about Rushmoor Country Park

Rushmoor country park is just north of Louth in the heart of Lincolnshire. If you arrive before 11 am you must state that you are there for an early bird entry. This gets you in for £5.75 instead of £6.75. Children 2 and under are free. Concessions are £6.00 after 11 am. They are closed in the winter and aren’t open Mondays unless it’s the school holidays. Opening times are 10am-5pm. Please check their website to make sure they are open when you wish to visit.

There is a café on site serving hot and cold drinks, plus hot and cold food. They have a good choice available and the prices are fair. There are picnic tables outside if you wish to take a picnic with you.

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6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park, near Louth

6 things you must do at Rushmoor country park, near Louth

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