Dine in a Car at V-Ate near Boston, Lincolnshire – Ultimate Experience

V-Ate, near Boston in Lincolnshire has not been open long and already looks to be a great success. It’s perfect for any family, especially for those that love cars and anything else remotely petrol related. It’s an American style themed restaurant and it’s just what this area has been needing. You can dine in a Mini, a Subaru, Ford Mustang, Lincoln Continental and more, or sit on a Vespa, all while looking at a very large Lightning McQueen from Cars. The interior is to be seen to be believed.

Dine in a Car at V-Ate near Boston, Lincolnshire
Ultimate Experience

About V-Ate

The diner seats 65 people. Some at cut up cars (although no cars were cut up for the restaurant), some around the back of Lightning McQueen and at smaller tables by a decorative wall. You can not pre-book to eat at V-Ate. This initially put us off. We had heard how busy it can get and we were anxious about visiting as we didn’t fancy a long wait in our car. You can check a Webcam on their website, before you leave, to see just how busy they are. Although I guess for a lot of people this may change by the time they actually get there. They prefer people to spend no longer than 90 minutes there to provide a good turn around.

V-Ate is open Thursdays 5pm- last tables at 8:30pm. Friday’s 4pm with last tables at 9pm. Saturdays and Sundays it’s open from noon until last tables at 9pm.

Dine in a Car at V-Ate near Boston, Lincolnshire - Ultimate Experience
Outside V-Ate
Dine in a Car at V-Ate near Boston, Lincolnshire - Ultimate Experience
Don’t forget to pose with the alien

Our Visit to V-Ate

We visited on a Thursday and arrived at 4:55 pm, 5 minutes before it was due to open. The car park was really busy and we were worried. There is also the Witham and Blues restaurant next door so it was possible some of the cars were for there or were staff cars.

We were welcomed at the door by a friendly member of staff and I held my breath fully expecting to be told that they were full. Luckily they had a table for us and we were shown to the Subaru table. The restaurant was almost full which considering we got there 5 minutes before the opening time I found to be surprising. I’m guessing that you can go in early.

Dine in a Car at V-Ate near Boston, Lincolnshire - Ultimate Experience
Our Subaru table

We didn’t have the most sociable of tables as there were four seats in a line but we didn’t care too much. It was a bit of fun after all, plus Jamie barely sat down. Kids are encouraged to be out of their seats and most of them were wandering about and looking at the various cars and petrol pumps.

Jamie had never seen petrol pumps like these before

Kids room

There’s a small room for the kids at the back of the restaurant with a small motorbike and a teeny little car for them to play in. Plus they’re great photo opportunities. It was quite busy there at the start but as most tables started getting their food Jamie had it pretty much to himself for a bit.

Kids are allowed to sit on a motorbike and in a small car

Photo Opportunities

As well as the bike and the car in the area for the kids there’s a very large Lightning McQueen car to pose by plus an old car that I’m afraid I don’t know what it is….but it looks nice. Plus if there are no dinners at some of the tables I don’t see why you can’t have a quick test of their seats.

Posing with Lightning McQueen
This is one is not for climbing on, but great for posing by

The Tables at V-Ate

I was a bit of a stalker. Any tables that were free when we arrived I managed to snap a photo of. Then with any that customers had just left, I was stood ready as the staff cleaned the table to take some photos. It worked quite well as I managed to get some great photos even though the place was very busy. So here are a few photos of the tables that you can sit at.

There’s a really fun mini road running around the floor of the restaurant
Tables for two or at the back end of Lightning

 The Food – Mains

There are no starter options on the menu. They are aiming for pit stop dining with a relatively quick turn around.

They’ve got this amazing restaurant but we were also there to eat. So was the food any good? Well, it was a resounding yes from all four of us.

We all struggled a little with the design of the menu. We all found it a little hard to read and we weren’t sure if it was down to the design of the menu or just that there was a lot of text for each choice. They have a price for a sandwich/burger only or you can supercharge by adding a side for a small additional cost. They have 3 vegetarian options. The meat mains are mostly a choice of beef, chicken or pulled pork.

I supercharged, with fries, a Southern fried chicken sandwich which came to £10.95. I was very happy with what I chose and I would certainly have it again. Mum chose a supercharged sausage burger at £11.95 which she really liked. Mark had a supercharged double cheeseburger for £11.95 and must have announced at least 8 times that it was the best burger he’d ever had. Now that says a lot coming from Mark!

The bread was extremely good and the coleslaw tasted homemade. Mark wasn’t too keen on the fries as he said they tasted too oily but I had no problem with them.

Jamie had the kids menu at £6.95. This included a squash, main meal and an ice-cream for dessert. They are mostly mini versions of the adult meals. Jamie had a sausage patty with fries and virtually ate the lot.


There are no large bottles of wine, much to Mark’s dismay. They also serve most of their drinks from a can, including mixer spirits. Bottles of lager come in plastic bottles and all the cups are also made of plastic. I guess they’ve taken into consideration all the kids wandering about. Prices of the drinks are fair and not too expensive.


Jamie had ice-cream included. However, when the lady came to ask what we wanted he was quite insistent that he wanted cake. How this kid had room I have no clue. Anyway, Daddy stepped in and had his ice-cream and we ordered a warm raspberry and white chocolate muffin for £3.50 for Jamie. I was allowed to try some and oh my word I was in heaven. It was amazing and I’d return for one for myself.

Jamie’s fabulous muffin

I opted for V-Ate S’mores at £4.95 with a peanut butter and biscuit base with chocolate sauce and marshmallows. It sounded nicer than it tasted. There was too much sauce for my liking and I spent most of the time feeling envious of Jamie’s muffin.

Would we return to V-Ate?

100% yes. To have all four of us happy with our main meals can be rather unheard of. The service was good and attentive. Staff were friendly and helpful. The food came in a decent amount of time and most of all we didn’t have to wait for a table.

One thing we did notice was that when we left at 6:30 pm there were quite a few spare tables. Then when we looked at the webcam at 7:30 pm there was only one table in eating. So if you have kids that can stay up late or no kids at all then perhaps a visit to V-ate late would be a good option.

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Dine in a Car at V-Ate near Boston, Lincolnshire - Ultimate Experience

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