Hardy’s Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review

We usually visit Skegness to visit the seaside or Fantasy Island. It took a good three years of my son’s life for us to get around to visiting Hardy’s animal farm. I had to kick myself as it’s a wonderful place and I really wish that we’d visited sooner. Hardy’s Animal Farm is in Ingoldmells near Skegness, Lincolnshire. It is a great family day out and there’s plenty to see and do there to fill up a full day. Please read on to find out about all the great things you can see and do there.

These are our top things to see and do to get the most out of your visit to Hardy’s Animal Farm.

Tractor Ride

The best thing about Hardy’s animal farm is that some of the things that other farms charge extra for are included in your entry price. They have tractor rides that go around part of the farm which my son always loves to do. There are tractor rides throughout the day.

Tractor ride at Hardy's Animal Farm
Tractor ride at Hardy’s Animal Farm

Feed the Goats

Make sure you buy bags of food at the shop. We loved feeding the goats. They have free-roaming and very friendly goats at Hardy’s animal farm. It was a bit like feeding some over-excited puppies. My son was in his element feeding and stroking them. He’s always happy when there are free-roaming animals.

Hardy's Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review
Make sure you buy some food to feed the free roaming goats
Hardy's Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review

Stroke a Rabbit and a Guinea Pig

During the day look out for the petting times. You get to stroke a rabbit and a guinea pig.

Petting time at Hardy's Animal Farm
Petting time at Hardy’s Animal Farm

Say hello to the parrot

They have a very friendly and chatty African grey parrot at the farm. In fact, if you can hear lots of strange noises it’s probably the parrot. It can mimic all sorts so make sure you stop for a chat.

The very chatty African grey
The very chatty African grey

Have a game of Pitchfork and Putt

The pitchfork and putt was great fun. You collect a small football from the shop for which you put down a £1 refundable deposit. You then collect your pitchfork from the entrance to the course. It is then a 9 hole course where you hit the ball into the holes using your pitchfork. Very novel and different. It wasn’t easy but it was a great laugh.

Enjoying Pitchfork and Putt
Enjoying Pitchfork and Putt

Giddyupp on a pony cycle

They have pony cycles for small and older children. My son found the larger ponies harder to move but was happy as Larry on the smaller ones. The idea is to bounce up and down on them which then makes them move around. Great fun and another lovely unique idea.

Pony Cycles
Pony Cycles

Ride on Tractors

The ride on tractors cost £1 a ride but the ride lasts ages so it’s well worth £1 if you have one with you.

Ride on tractors
Ride on tractors

They also have pedal tractors in one of the animal barns.

Pedal Tractors

Indoor Soft Play – Haystacks Barn

There is a decent-sized Indoor soft play area at Hardy’s Animal Farm. It has quite a few tables in here and you can order your lunch from a counter in the room next door. It was busy in here so I’m afraid there is no photo.

Play in the outdoor adventure playground

They have 3 play areas at Hardy’s animal farm. There is play equipment to suit younger and older children. New for 2019 they are currently installing a big play tower with tube slides and things to climb on.

Playgrounds at Hardy's animal farm
Playgrounds at Hardy’s animal farm
Playgrounds at Hardy's animal farm
Hardy's Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review
Playgrounds at Hardy's animal farm

Feed the Geese and Ducks

On one of the outermost corners of Hardy’s animal farm, you will find the geese and duck pond. It is not easy to find and the ducks in there laid such a guilt trip on us we trudged all the way back to the shop to buy them more food. As soon as we entered they literally all made a bee-line for us.

Make sure you save some food for the geese and ducks

See all the animals – help collect some eggs

They have plenty of animals inside and outside at Hardy’s animal farm. The children were allowed to go in and help collect the hen’s eggs during our visit. This was a big hit with my son and he was so cute asking the man questions. The funniest thing was that I’d worn some wellies with flowers on and the hen’s were continually pecking my boots.

There's plenty of animals at Hardy's animal farm
There’s plenty of animals at Hardy’s animal farm
Helping to collect the eggs
Helping to collect the eggs
Hardy's Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review
There’s also free roaming hen’s
Hardy's Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review
Free roaming pig
And we found a free roaming pig
Animals at Hardy's animal farm

They also have a pretend cow that kids will love to try and milk.

Milking the pretend cow
Milking the pretend cow

Important Information

Hardy’s animal farm is open from early April until late September. Please see their website for up-to-date opening times and dates. You can save £1 a ticket by booking online in advance. Online it currently costs £8.00 for an adult and £8.00 for a child. Under 3’s are free and a family ticket is £30.00.

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Hardy's Animal Farm near Skegness | Day Out Review

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