Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review

In case you haven’t seen our challenge for this year you may want to check out this post. We are attempting to have at least 80 days out this year. We want the vast majority of them to be somewhere new and hopefully cheap or free. Mostly because 2018, yet again, wasn’t quite the year I’d hoped it would be. This keeps happening to us! It’s time to take control and have a really fun year (hopefully no matter what). Surely we can’t be dealt another difficult year? Day out #1 of our #80dayschallenge took us to Pink Pig Farm near Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire.

Review of Pink Pig Farm near Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire

Location and Admissions

Pink Pig Farm is located near Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire, not far from the M180. Their website states that sat navs don’t like their address however I used Google maps on my phone and that found the farm just fine. There is plenty of parking and you can visit their Greedy Pig cafe without having to pay to visit the farm. We ate our lunch there about a year and a half ago and the food was very good. They serve as much local produce as possible.

The best thing about the farm is that it opens early. When my son was a toddler I often wished that more places opened before 10am as he was always up so early and ready for his day out long before anywhere opened.

The Pink Pig Farm is open from 9am until 5pm every day. Again in an area where very few places are open over winter this is again a bonus. There is one other bonus and that is the price. I booked online in advance and I paid just £15 for myself, my son and my Mum. They have off-peak and weekend prices plus indoor only prices so it’s worth checking their website and booking in advance at least the day before you plan to visit.

Arriving at Pink Pig Farm
Arriving at Pink Pig Farm

There is also an Arial trail which is a high ropes adventure. This is closed in December and January. It is in addition to your entry fee to the farm and you can book online to avoid disappointment. You have to be one metre tall and under 18.5 stone.

Things to do at Pink Pig Farm

Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review


You enter the farm via their shop. This is where the counter is to pay or to show your booking voucher either on your phone or via a printout. You are given a wristband which means that you can come and go as you wish if you have paid to visit all of the farm. You then enter a secure indoor soft play area.

Kids cannot get out which is very reassuring. In here there is a cafe which serves snacks, hot and cold drinks plus hot and cold food such as sandwiches. Everything is fairly priced. The soft play area is small compared to some but my 5 year old loved it and he kept himself more than entertained in it. You can see the soft play area in my vlog at the end of this post.

The Menu at the cafe in the soft play area
The Menu at the cafe in the soft play area

The farm has recently updated outdoors. We will visit asap so that we can report back.

Outdoors at Pink Pig Farm – Things to Do

One thing I would say if you are visiting the outdoor area at Pink Pig Farm is to take a change of clothes and that applies for any time of the year. There is a lot of sand areas to play in, plus water in the duck run. If they want to play in the tunnels and on the large tractor slide they will get dirty so wellies and a change of clothes are essential. We didn’t and it left my son not feeling overconfident to get messy.

Once you have exited the indoor play area there are two mini go-karts in front of you plus a play barn with a couple of tyre swings. The Go-Karts cost £1 a go. There is also a coin-operated digger where kids can dig up some sand for £1.

Behind here there is what was one of our favourite things to do. This is the duck racing. You pop a duck on a pipe and pump water to race them along the pipes. Sadly we could only get one pump to work and that was after adding a lot of water. It then lost all the water over the side. It was a little hard to work last time but we had at least three going before and there were a lot more ducks to play with. It was a shame that it wasn’t as good as last time.

Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review
Duck Racing

Next to this, there is the mud kitchen. My son is not a fan. There wasn’t much to play with here again though and it just had two broken buckets. I took the photo below about 16 months ago so they did have buckets etc. then but sadly not right now. Hopefully, it will soon be restocked to look like the photo below again.

Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review
Mud kitchen

Also in this area is my son’s absolute favourite which is the toboggan run. There are two toboggans which run down wooden slopes. They then have to take the toboggan back up the hill to have another go. He went down more times than I could count and would have happily gone many more times. It’s safe and really good fun for kids.

Having fun on the tobagon run
Having fun on the toboggan run

There’s also a large sandpit, long zip wire and a swing to play on.

Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review
Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review

Sadly no one pointed out the new imaginative play area that they put in in 2018. We weren’t given a map nor did anyone mention it. It’s not at the main farm area, instead, it’s over behind the Greedy Pig cafe. It wasn’t there when we visited before and I hadn’t seen about it on the website until I came to write my review which is a big shame as my son would have loved it.

Quote from the website “We have spent the early part of 2018 working really hard behind the scenes building really lovely bespoke imaginative play area, named Piggy Tail Lane. This area is Lincolnshire’s first dedication indoor imaginative play centre., containing a street of play pods, which include; a farm shop, a cafe, a kitchen, a tractor workshop, a vets surgery and a duplo brick and dressing up area. In addition to these play pods there is also be a seating area for parents and guardians and the new indoor play will be included in the existing admission prices on the farm.” There is also a lambing and events area here which we didn’t know about.

The Animals at Pink Pig Farm

One thing that is different about this farm to any others that we visit is that you can’t feed any of the animals. When I asked why not I was told that it was to do with health and safety. Again this is a shame to us as the animals don’t want to interact with you and my son was very disappointed that he couldn’t feed them. But that is no different to the last time that we visited.

They do however have sessions where you can stroke the rabbits. These weren’t on over the winter, or at least no one told us about them. This is a photo from our last visit. They have chickens, goats, alpacas, sheep, rabbits, donkeys, pigs and geese.

Saying Hello to the rabbits
Saying Hello to the rabbits
Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review
And of course Pigs

They also have tractor rides which were on twice a day during our visit. This is included in the admission price and you turn up before the tractor is due to go. So get there with plenty of time if you want to be guaranteed a space.

Tractor Rides
Tractor Rides

Also in this area, you will find the large tractor slide with tunnels. Plus a sandpit and a few small ride on tractors.

The Large Tractor Slide plus sandpit
The Large Tractor Slide plus sandpit

As a whole Pink Pig farm isn’t huge, especially compared to others in Lincolnshire. But now I’ve learnt that there is more to it it’s even better value for money than I originally thought. Some soft play centres near Lincoln aren’t much cheaper than the Pink Pig Farm to visit so that makes it very good value for money. I hope that they fix the broken/low stocked play items ready for their busier periods or else they will start receiving complaints as no one likes to see broken playthings.

They often have events running and with these it will make it more of a full day out. For us, we only spent a few hours there because our son was happy to run around the soft play area for so long. We didn’t spend long outside during our visit in the winter.

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Pink Pig Farm Scunthorpe Review - DAY 1 #80dayschallenge

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