Dinosaur World – A Great Dinosaur Adventure Show – Theatre Review

Watch out! There are some very realistic Dinosaurs currently touring the UK. Dinosaur World is a great interactive show that we recently went to see at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham.


About Dinosaur World the Show

The show is aimed at children aged 3 years and over. I did see younger children there and I was concerned that they’d find some of the bigger dinosaurs too scary. However, the bubbly personality of the lady ‘guide’ on stage made the dinosaurs seem friendlier than they actually, in reality, were. I am confident that children ages 3-8, and perhaps older, would love the show.

The dinosaurs are animated by humans. I found myself barely noticing them and if I was watching ‘the humans’ it was mostly to admire how their movements made the dinosaurs seem so real.

Dinosaur World - A Great Dinosaur Adventure Show - Theatre Review

If your child is brave enough to put their hand in the air and sit nicely, unlike my little boy, then they may get picked to go on stage. This is a great interactive element to the show and an amazing experience for the lucky few that get picked. But don’t worry if your child is desperate to meet a dinosaur they have a meet and greet at the end of the show.

The baby Triceratops is one of the Dinosaurs that you can meet after the show

The show itself, if your kid is paying enough attention, is really educational. Miranda the guide encourages lots of audience participation. You are left in charge of keeping your eye on a baby dinosaur egg. This eventually hatches at the end of the show. She lives on a Jurassic park type island where dinosaurs still exist and are her friends.

The hatching dinosaur

What did we think to Dinosaur World

The movements and sounds of the dinosaurs were incredibly realistic. My boy’s face was a picture when he was watching Miranda tease the baby T-Rex with a toy.

The very entertaining baby T-Rex

He especially loved the huge T-Rex that came on stage later on. This was apparently his favourite part of the show. I think it was probably mine as well.

The huge and very impressive T-Rex

Personally, I would have liked to have seen less of Miranda (no offence) and more of the dinosaurs. They are after all the star of the show. They were so realistic and by the time the 50 minutes was over I was left feeling like I would have liked to have seen more. I sometimes struggled to keep up with what she was saying so I doubt Jamie was always following.

There was a moment when one of the dinosaurs lost a leg. It was dealt with in a very professional manner. Audience and cast all shared the joke together.

Major bonus, from my point of view, was that we were allowed to take photographs. In fact, it was positively encouraged by the cast. The number of theatre performances that we’ve seen recently where taking photos is banned. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to take some lasting memories away from the show.

About the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

The Theatre Royal is accessible by train, tram and bus. Plus a number of car parks. We paid in advance for parking in the nearby Q-Park, you can park there for up to 5 hours for £5 with an advance ticket. More information can be found here.

Dinosaur World - A Great Dinosaur Adventure Show - Theatre Review

If you are taking reasonably little ones to the Theatre Royal then I recommend you pick up a booster seat, to borrow, from the cloakroom. Prams and buggies can be left in the area adjacent to the cloakroom which is on your right from the main entrance.

When you book online the website allows you to book from an interactive map. As well as the many nearby cafes and restaurants in Nottingham there is also the option to eat at the theatre itself. You could enjoy a 3 course meal in the Dress circle restaurant. This is a fine dining experience. The bars on all main foyer areas offer pre-show and interval drinks. This show did not have an interval so drinks were only available before the show. If you are looking for food but don’t want the cost of fine dining then the downstairs Greenroom café bar is for you.

Inside the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

Disclaimer: We were provided with tickets for the purpose of this review. All words, thoughts, opinions and photos are entirely my own. Please do not reproduce without consent from myself.

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Dinosaur World - A Great Dinosaur Adventure Show - Theatre Review

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