Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster

I have jointly set up a great new group on Facebook for sharing days out ideas. Plus days out and holiday deals to help you save money. Please check us out. As we are on a quest to find days out halfway between my Mum and ourselves I requested for more ideas in the group. I was given some lovely new ideas one of them being Boston Park Farm.

I don’t know why but I’d never heard of this place before. It is small and they have really only recently started adding extra facilities, so maybe that is why. It isn’t anywhere near Boston in Lincolnshire. Instead, it is located near to Scunthorpe and Doncaster and it is in a village called Old Cantley in South Yorkshire.

We visited for day 26 of our #80dayschallenge to have at least 80 days out in one year. I must admit I was hoping to be on at least day 30 by now! I feel that we have some serious catching up to do this May half-term.

Review of Boston Farm Park, South Yorkshire

The main draw at the moment for visiting Boston Farm park is the price. It is incredibly cheap at just £1 for an adult and my son was just £5.00. It is a small place but my goodness was it popular. This was to our benefit though as my son made lots of friends and he had a great time playing in the indoor and outdoor play areas with them.

When you arrive you pay at the same counter for the food and drink, plus the gift shop. At first, I thought this would be an issue as the queue did get long at times. The lady behind the counter was so efficient though and no one ended up having to wait long. I was impressed that she was just there to take the orders. She didn’t waste time making teas or coffees. Instead, that was left to the kitchen staff.

Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster
Looking towards the shop from the cafe

We were also offered animal food at 50p for a bag of four legged and 50p for a bag of two legged. We only really needed the four legged though as the chickens and turkeys were far from interested in the food we were offering them. Although with their pens covered in the same food who could blame them.

Soft Play

I didn’t get a photo of the soft play area as it was always busy. I don’t believe I should photograph other peoples children for the sake of a photo on my website. It is small but it is relatively new and perfectly formed. It is just for children under 8 years old. At first my son came grumpily back to us declaring it to be for babies (he is 5). I sent him back telling him it was for 8 years and under. We had to persuade him out of there 3 times after this. He loved it. He kept coming back all hot and chatty about the friends he’d made in there.

There’s also a small soft play area for babies. The cafe is also in this area so there’s plenty of tables for sitting at while your little ones play. They also have plenty of tables outside. You are allowed to eat your picnics on the outside tables but only food and drinks purchased on site must be consumed inside.

Outdoor Play Areas

At Boston Park farm they have a small bouncy castle that is only really for toddlers. There is also a small indoor sand pit with a small slide and playhouse. Again these were too busy to take photos of.

Wooden maze next to the animal trail
Wooden maze next to the animal trail

Outside there are two playgrounds with relatively new equipment. The set nearer the cafe is more suited to younger children. However, the play equipment at the end of the animal trail is suited better to older children. They also have swings and a cargo net. All the kids loved playing on the giant haystacks, my son especially!

Part of the playground near the cafe
Part of the playground near the cafe
Playground at the end of the animal trail
Playground at the end of the animal trail

Next to this area there is a nature trail which seems to go around the outside of the field. We didn’t spot many people going on the trail.

Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster

The animals at Boston Park Farm

It states on their website that it will take between half an hour to an hour to walk their animal trail and feed their animals. I feel that they are being a bit generous with their estimation. We took two bags of food and it couldn’t have taken us much longer than 15 minutes. I wasn’t especially impressed with the enclosures for a lot of the animals. A lot of them seemed too small for all the spare space that the farm seemed to have. This was a shame.

Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster
Feeding the animals at Boston Park farm

We were also quite upset to see parents allowing their children to feed the lambs right next to a Please do not feed sign. They had lambs, sheep, calves, alpacas, pigs, goats and some adorable kid goats. Plus chicks, chickens and turkeys and a few other small animals. They also allowed the children to help bottle feed the lambs twice a day. There were no other animal handling sessions which again is a shame as that is pretty standard at farm parks.

Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster
Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster

Maize Maze

During the summer months there is a maize maze at Boston Farm park. Which I believe opened before the actual farm park. It opens for 2019 on the 13th of July and will stay open until the end of October.

“When entering the Maize Maze you have to find the four flag poles, which are hidden throughout the maze. At each flag pole there is a clip so that you can mark your sheet to show you have found that flag. Also lost in the maze is Maize Maize, she doesn’t have a flag pole so is a little harder to find! If you find all five then you win a lollipop!” The layout to the maze changes every year.

To visit both the farm park and the maze the price does increase to £6.00 for an adult and £6.00 for a child aged 3+. Children aged 1-2 are £3.00 each.

The Cafe/ tea rooms

The cafe at Boston Park farm has a good selection of hot and cold food. I opted for a jacket potato with bacon and mushrooms. My Mum had a ploughmans and my son a kids lunch bag. Plus two drinks I spent £15.00. They have a wonderful selection of cakes and we can all highly recommend a slice. The tearooms are open every day from 10 am until 4pm and 5pm during the summer holidays,

Cake at Boston Farm Park
Mmmmmm cake

Sunnybank Gardens and the Yorkshire Ice-Cream Farm

When I told my son that we were meeting his Grandma at a farm park he asked if there was any crazy golf. I had to say no. But on our way home just a few seconds drive from Boston Farm park we passed Sunnybank gardens. There was a big sign outside advertising ice-cream, a play barn and yes you’ve guessed it crazy golf. So next time we are in the area we are going to pay this place a visit and I will report back.

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Boston Park Farm | Day Out Review near Doncaster

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