Family Sledging at Snozone Xscape Castleford Yorkshire

My son has got to almost 6 years old and has only been sledging twice in his life. Both times in Lapland and both times not for very long. We have always lived somewhere flat and when it snows we can never get our car out to drive to somewhere with a hill. We had a few wet days during the May half-term holidays so what do you do when it’s rainy outside? You go and enjoy a family sledging session. We were invited by Snozone to try out their family sledging session and to eat in their restaurant. Snozone is located within the Xscape building at Castleford West Yorkshire, just off the M62.

This is part 1 of day 29 of our #80dayschallenge to have at least 80 days out in one year.

Xscape Castleford
Xscape Castleford

Snozone Xscape Castleford

The entrance to Snozone is on the ground floor of Xscape. If you head left and just keep walking you will pass the climbing walls and Volcano falls adventure golf. Snozone will then be straight ahead.

As well as family sledging sessions Snozone also offer Indoor Skiing or Snowboarding. Plus Skiing and Snowboarding lessons. They also have a Snozone in Milton Keynes. Adult lessons start from £59.99 and Junior lessons from £49.99

Family Sledging at Snozone Xscape Castleford Yorkshire
Main entrance to Snozone

Review Family Sledging session at Snozone in
Xcape, Castleford

What to wear for a Family Sledging Session at Snozone

They have a great summer offer on right now for family sledging. A 45-minute session is currently just £4.99 per person. You can also book adult and child clothing hire. This includes a waterproof jacket and trousers. This is £9.99 per person. Because I hadn’t booked online I hadn’t realised that gloves weren’t included in the clothing hire.

We had to buy some there which cost £25 for two pairs which was more than I wanted to pay, all things considering. So please I urge you do not forget to take gloves for everyone. You can not go sledging without gloves. We weren’t the only people who hadn’t brought any gloves. You will also need to bring some waterproof shoes. I recommend high boots or wellies.

Family Sledging at Snozone Xscape Castleford Yorkshire
Slope Ready

You can pre-book your session online in advance. This is pretty much essential as then you will guarantee your time slot. They may have slots available on the day but it can’t be guaranteed. Once you have checked in you can head over to the lockers and changing area. Here you can get changed into your waterproofs, gloves and shoes. You then move into the waiting area where you will need to choose your helmet. Anyone going on the slopes must wear a helmet. The hire of the helmet is included in the £4.99.

Our Family Sledging Session at Snozone

Just before your family sledging session, you all assemble by the entrance to the ski slope. We spotted a load of sledges hanging from the walls. They are relatively small sledges. We were each asked to take a sledge and one of the two men in charge of our session ran through a briefing of how to stay safe and how to use the sledges. We were all then led to the sledging area on the ski slope.

The sledge at Snozone
This is the sledge that we each had

This area is roped off, so to speak, with crash barriers at the bottom of the slope. I was surprised by how small the slope was in comparison to how many people were in our session. There must have been at least 30 people. It turned out that it wasn’t too much of an issue as it took different lengths of time for people to walk up the slope and then slide back down again.

The Slope for family sledging at Snozone
The Slope for family sledging at Snozone
Family Sledging at Snozone Xscape Castleford Yorkshire

For the first two sledges down I found it difficult to stop as the snow was so flat and compact. The more people sledged down the easier it got to stop as the snow was easier to stop in. As you have to ride a sledge by yourself I would recommend family sledging for children aged 5 and over. All the smaller children weren’t as good at controlling their sledges and ended up in a few minor accidents.

The children 5 and over were just fine and had a great time. My son is 5 and he had such a fun time. He didn’t want the session to finish. As soon as he’d sledged down he was heading up again for his next go.

One thing I did notice was the sledging session at lunchtime was a lot quieter than ours at 11:15 am. So if you do want to take young children I’d recommend the lunchtime session or the first session of the day as that is bound to be quieter. The snow on the slope was really good quality and felt like real snow. I believe that they use fresh ‘snow’ every day.

Lunch at the Alpine Kitchen

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult during the family sledging sessions. If you have anyone with you that wants to watch you sledging they can do so from the gallery windows up at the Alpine Kitchen. You can also see the slope from the Soft Play area. They have tables alongside the gallery window and also a lot of tables without a view.

Alpine Kitchen at Snozone
Alpine Kitchen at Snozone

You take a table and then order at the bar. They have a choice of hot and cold food plus hot and cold drinks. They also have a licence to serve alcohol. The food at Alpine Kitchen is fresh and home-made. My Mum chose a Tartiflette which is very ‘Alpine’. It looked amazing and she said it was delicious. I chose a home-made burger which was excellent and my son had a kid’s hot dog which he also enjoyed.

Family Sledging at Snozone Xscape Castleford Yorkshire
Alpine Kitchen homemade burger

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Disclaimer: We received a complimentary family sledging session plus clothing hire of waterproof trousers and jackets. We also received a complimentary meal. All photos and opinions are my won and must not be duplicated.

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