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We have been to Blackpool a lot over the past few years but until recently we had not visited the Blackpool Tower itself. The Blackpool tower is synonymous with the town and you can’t fail to spot it, should you head to this seaside town on Lancashire’s coastline.

The Blackpool tower has always been a tourist attraction and originally opened back in 1894. Visiting it is one of the strongest memory from my childhood. Mostly because Jungle Jim’s even existed back then and it was the first and only soft play that I ever went to back in the 1980’s (it was revolutionary back in those days!). Now today the Blackpool tower is home to five tourist attractions which is pretty amazing considering its size.

The Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool tower is actually a smaller copy of the Eiffel tower. It’s not an exact copy but it is very similar. When it was first built tourists were allowed to take a ride up to the top in the lift for sixpence for admission and sixpence for the ride. The circus even existed back then, which it also does today. Due to lack of care the tower did actually get rebuilt in the 1920’s so the structure you see today is not actually the original.

7 Blackpool Tower Attractions | One Big Ticket

The Blackpool Tower is on the main promenade of Blackpool’s seafront. It does not have its own car park, however, there are a few car parks nearby. We usually park in the car park adjacent to Coral Island whenever we visit Blackpool. If you can’t arrive by car then why not take a tram? There are quite a few tram stops near and opposite the Tower. The tower is close to the shops, amusements and some restaurants. It takes just over 10 minutes to walk from the train station to the tower. I will talk about entrance prices at the bottom of this post.

7 Blackpool Tower Attractions | One Big Ticket
The Iconic Blackpool Tower

The 5 Attractions at the Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower Eye

This Blackpool tower eye is the top of the tower! The eye is at a height of 380 feet (120 m). It is the highest observation deck in North West England. Merlin Entertainments carried out a major refurbishment just a few years ago of the Tower and most of its attractions.

My Top Tip for visiting the Blackpool Tower eye is to get there as early as you can. The earlier the better. We had aimed to arrive at 10 am when it first opened but due to my son taking ages to choose a prize in the local amusements we didn’t get there until a quarter past.

We already had our tickets which I recommend you purchase in advance. Because of our lateness, there was already quite a long queue. We saw signs warning us of a 2-hour wait from a certain point which really concerned me as we had family waiting for us. I enquired about this and I was informed it wouldn’t be that kind of wait at that time of day.

To help break up the queue a little they have a photo session that you can take part in. We viewed our photos at the end but didn’t purchase any. You then queue to pick up your 3D glasses and enter a room where they have a 4D film about Blackpool. Top Tip stand at the back! You will leave the room quicker and that means less of a queue for the Tower lift.

The 4D film was fun and it was a lovely tour of the town with a few 4D effects. The floor moves a bit and they spray fine spray at you.

Going up to The Eye

After that, we had to queue for the lift. There was only one of the two lifts working and it was a long wait between each lift. We were relatively near the front and we had to wait for at least four lifts before we could fit in. The ride to the top will be tight on a busy day. You can see out of the lift on the way up.

Looking out of the lift on the way to the top
Looking out of the lift on the way to the top

The lift then stops at the ‘Eye’ level where there is a glass floor looking right down below you. My son was so brave and not at all bothered by the height nor the glass floor.

Looking out the glass window on the first 'eye' level of the tower
Looking out the glass window on the first ‘eye’ level of the tower

He was soon asking to climb up to the other levels, of which there are two more floors which are exposed to the elements at the sides. They have also installed signs, on th eye level, with interesting facts and tablets which show you different places that you can try and spot. It didn’t feel at all crowded. The public can’t go right to the very top of the tower.

One of the tablets and fact boards
One of the tablets and fact boards
Out on the second level up
Out on the second level up
Climbing down from the third level
Climbing down from the third level

This attraction is suitable for anyone that isn’t bothered by heights.

The Tower Ballroom

The original Tower Ballroom was destroyed by fire in 1956. The ballroom today still looks authentic to its original construction date. It even hosted the BBC’s Strictly come dancing for some years. You can actually have a dance yourselves on its unique sprung dance floor or you can take afternoon tea while other people dance. The interior of the ballroom is a sight to behold in itself. Please check their website for opening times and special events. The ballroom is more for families with older children.

7 Blackpool Tower Attractions | One Big Ticket
Photo courtesy of Theblackpooltower.com

Tower Circus

The circus is at the base of the tower and is one of the original attractions of the Tower. The circus has never missed a season at the tower. It even has a floor that lowers the ring into a pool of water allowing for Grand Finales with dancing fountains. Its clowns are named Mooky and Mr Boo and you can expect comedy plus amazing stunts and acrobatics from the circus performers. They have a variety of different pricing levels for circus tickets. The circus is great for families.

Photo courtesy Theblackpooltower.com

Jungle Jim’s Indoor Play

Jungle Jim’s soft play area is based on a lost city. Children can complete a series of adventures and go in search of treasure. It is just over 2,500 square metres in size. There’s plenty of slides, swings and various other fun things to climb on. You have to take your ticket to their reception and prebook on a timed session.

This is something I wish I’d known beforehand and will teach me to pay more attention to websites. Timed sessions are on a first come, first served basis so book early. Booking before you go up the Tower would be a good plan. Jungle Jims is not open all year round and shuts during mid week out of season.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

This is part of a chain of Dungeon experiences owned by Merlin Entertainments. It opened just after the refurbishments which were completed in 2011. Although they do introduce an element of humour into their shows they are also scary and not suitable for young children or those that scare easily. There is a “Drop Dead” drop tower that simulates being executed by hanging and basically drops you 26 feet! eek!

Photo courtesy Theblackpooltower.com

Dino Mini Golf

New for 2018 is Dino Mini Golf. This is accessed via level 5 in the lift (or the stairs) and then you just have to walk up a short flight of stairs. It is a 9 hole mini golf course themed on yes you’ve guessed it, Dinosaurs. They have ‘realistic’ sounds and there are a few dinosaurs placed around the holes. It’s all very new looking and a few of the holes are quite challenging. This experience is great for families with children from approx. 3+.

Dino Mini Golf at the Tower
Dino Mini Golf at the Tower
Dino Mini Golf at the Tower

Be sure to see the Blackpool tower lit up at night and read some of the many jokes on the pavement opposite the tower.

Reading some of the many jokes opposite the tower

Blackpool Tower Ticket Information

You have all sorts of ticket purchasing options for the Blackpool Tower. The best value ticket includes all 5 attractions that I have mentioned above. There is a HUGE saving if you buy online in advance. For example an on the day ticket for the 5 Tower attractions is £56.45 for an adult. Online (at least a day in advance) it’s just £31.00 this is for people aged 15+. Children 3-14 online are £26.50 and toddlers (under 3 years) are £8.95. This ticket gets you in to all 5 Tower attractions but please make sure all are open before your visit as some attractions are seasonal.

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Terms and conditions: The more you see, the more you save. Valid for 90 days from purchase date. See all 5 of our amazing attractions inside The Blackpool Tower. Please note, tickets purchased online for same day pick up’s must wait a minimum of 60 mins for their tickets to appear on our systems. Walk up based on individual attraction prices.

There are plenty of other ticket options such as a 7 ticket price including Sealife and Madame Tussauds. Plus 2 or 3 ticket options or tickets just for one of the tower attractions. Please see this link for further information.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary Tower Pass for the purpose of this review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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5 Blackpool Tower Attractions | One Big Ticket


  1. We are thinking of visiting Blackpool next year as we have never taken the children before, this sounds like a great pass and I think we need to invest in a one when we go. I haven’t been to Blackool since I was a child so really should revisit with my own children as it looks like lots of fun x

  2. Oh wow I had no idea there was so much to do at the tower! We are planning to visit Blackpool for the very first time next year for my husbands 30th so will definitely be doing some of these, thanks for sharing!

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