8 Great Things To Do at Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire

Tattershall Farm Park is located at the end of a long farm track on the outskirts of Tattershall in Lincolnshire. It is a great place to visit if you are staying at the nearby Tattershall Lakes. For us it’s just a few minutes drive from our house and we have had a pass there almost since we moved to the area in late 2014.

The first time we visited wasn’t long after the current owners had bought the farm park. We have seen a lot of improvements and development since then and the farm has been taken from a failing business to a very successful one. The change in visitor numbers has also changed greatly. We don’t get to visit as often now Jamie is at school which is a shame as we both miss the place. We spent many a happy day out there. Here is my list of 8 great things to do at Tattershall farm park.

Things to Do Tattershall Farm Park

#1 – Stroke An Animal

Every day there is the opportunity to stroke an animal in cuddles corner, located next to the shop. One session is with reptiles and the other with cuddlier animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The massive white rabbit loves it’s head stroking and will fall asleep if you stroke it.

Some of the outdoor animals also like to be stroked (such as the ponies and sheep) others don’t (like the Alpacas and goats).

8 Great Things To Do at Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire
Stroking a bearded dragon in Cuddles Corner. We have stroked every animal going here over the years.
The resident cat – look out for her she’s adorable

#2 – Feed The Animals

You are allowed to feed the animals at Tattershall farm. Food can be purchased upon arrival and they sell bags of 4 legged and 2 legged food plus carrots for the bigger animals. Animals you can feed are the deer, donkeys (be careful), ponies, sheep and rams, chickens, cows, goats. If you’re not careful the rabbits will pinch your carrots. The farm had quite a few new arrivals last year with some gorgeous young donkeys, deer and ponies added to the list of animals at the farm.

They rotate who lives where. So sometimes some of the animals are indoors in the big barn and other times they are in the paddocks and pens dotted around the park. Make sure you go on the animal trail as there are usually a few animals to meet here.

8 Great Things To Do at Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire
We always buy or bring a carrot for the donkeys
8 Great Things To Do at Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire
Jamie loves feeding the sheep and ram

#3 – Visit The Soft Play Barn

The soft play barn is continually seeing improvements. The equipment itself is a decent size with lots to explore. They have added a big seating area so you can eat picnics here or food bought onsite. There is a small bouncy castle plus an area for under 4’s. They now have a circuit for ride ons as it got a bit chaotic with them all riding between the tables.

In the soft play barn
There’s plenty of seating in here and it is heated in the colder months
There is an area for under 4’s and a bouncy castle for anyone small enough

#4 – Play In The Sand

As well as two sandpits outdoors they have a huge indoor sand area. This is great in the bad weather, especially as it is heated on colder days. With no water, the sand is very fine but Jamie has still spent many happy times in here.

#5 – Meet All The Birds

I can never quite decide if I like the Rhea’s or not. They used to have a cheeky one that would bite any hand that came near. Luckily their two new ones are more laid back.

In 2017 Fixters Falconry arrived at the farm. They are located next to the animal trail and house a variety of birds such as owls and birds of prey. They offer falconry experiences (including junior experiences) for an additional cost. You are allowed to look around at no extra cost.

The chicken barn is full of a large range of chickens and cockerels. There are all sorts of different breeds to be spotted and don’t forget to buy some 2 legged food so you can feed them. There is also often a selected time(s) in the day where you can help collect the chicken eggs.

#6 – Browse In The Shop & Visit The Reptiles

I love the shop at Tattershall farm. There is a really wide choice of gifts and toys and I sometimes visit here just to buy something for someone. Jamie has also been bought a fair few things as it’s reasonably priced.

This is one of the best well-stocked toy and gift shops around. I sometimes visit here just to shop!

Next, to the shop, there is a little room that’s worth a visit. This houses the reptiles and a few rabbits. We visit here every time we go.

Don’t forget to pop in to see the reptiles
Saying hello to the tortoises
The friendly rabbits and guinea pigs

#7 – Bounce On The New Giant Pillows

Summer 2017 saw two new giant bouncy pillows added. One really big one for kids over 4 years old and a smaller one for the little ones. Needless to say, they have been a massive success and are heaps of fun.

New Giant Bouncy Pillows

#8 – Visit On An Event Day

Tattershall farm holds many different event days throughout the year. They have birds of prey experiences, Christmas, Easter and Halloween special events. Plus exotic animal encounters, free pony rides and more. Their Facebook page is a good place to keep up to date with what’s on.

Jamie met an owl on one of the farm parks event days

Other Facilities at Tattershall Farm Park

Not only is there everything mentioned above to do at the farm but there is plenty of other things I haven’t mentioned. They have a large outdoor adventure playground with an obstacle course, trampolines, zip wire and a bouncy castle in the summer. Indoors there is a heated and recently upgraded toddler room packed full of toys. There is a large and really fun outdoor area to play instruments and throw bean bags through targets. Inside there is also a swing barn with slides. There is also now pond dipping.

You can eat at the onsite café which is next to the only toilets on the site. The cafe has a small indoor play area for smaller children. This is great if your children aren’t into sitting and waiting for their food. The toilets are my only criticism as everyone traipses in and out with muddy shoes and the café floor does suffer for this. I’d love to see an outdoor toilet block for 2018.

They have plenty of picnic benches/tables inside and outside for picnics.

A Few More Photos

Chatting to the sheep
RIP Jeffrey – The friendliest Highland cow that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet
The very large chicken and animal barn

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Important Information about Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire

This is the best bit about Tattershall Farm park – It doesn’t cost the earth to visit. There are a lot of farm parks in the east midlands much smaller than Tattershall and they charge an awful lot more. The price has remained the same for a few years now and adults and children are just £5.50 each. Under 2’s are free and a family ticket for four people is just £21.00. An individual annual pass is £50 and £150.00 for an annual pass for up to four people. The farm park is open for all but 3 days a year. Click here for up to date pricing information, how to find them, opening times and more.

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8 Great Things To Do at Tattershall Farm Park, Lincolnshire

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