#80dayschallenge 80 days out in one year

#80dayschallenge Our Days Out Challenge for 2019

We have a challenge for 2019. My blog is now two years old and I think it’s about time we set ourselves a challenge for the year ahead. So for this year, we are going to attempt at least 80 days out. That works out at more than once a week. With a 5 year old in full-time school, this could be quite a challenge but we are going to give it a good try. It was a new years resolution of mine to spend more time out and about with our son. I felt like I failed him in 2018 and I wanted to make this year more of an adventure for him.

I know my son had many amazing adventures in 2018 but I still feel like I let him down. The first half of the year started really well with a 3 week holiday to Florida. We returned back home with the aim of putting our house on the market in the spring. We managed this and our house sold reasonably quickly – to the wrong people! They pulled out of buying our house 4 times, yes 4 times. They took us for total idiots. I have had to try and learn to forgive them and move on but it’s been hard. A lot of our summer holiday was spent packing our house up into boxes which wasn’t how I’d wanted to spend our precious summer holidays with our son. But we were aiming for exchange when he started school in September and everything was on course.

We put our son in a new school where we were supposed to be moving to. Exchange never happened and a few weeks after he started there our buyers pulled out for the third time. It had been two minor ‘pulling outs’ in the early days but this was a lot longer down the line and we were sure everything was going to plan. We had no home up here so we committed to what we thought was 1-2 weeks in a holiday let with my husband staying at our home because he had to work. We were devastated when they pulled out and had to try and buy a house without the proceeds from our house sale. They cost us thousands in rent etc. Not to mention all the time apart from his Daddy and myself from my husband.

Just as we’d made an offer on somewhere smaller and more affordable, with diminished funds, we received a phone call to say that our buyers had reconsidered and that they wanted to buy our house still. We were literally begged to sell it to them. The fools that we are we said yes. We pulled out of our smaller house purchase and excitedly told the vendor of our house that everything was back on again. Big mistake. 4 days later our buyers pulled out again. We were devastated. Not long after my son had to face the death of his other Grandad and our family was in even more turmoil, upset and worry.

We had a to find another home and fast but that took longer than expected as our solicitor just didn’t put the purchase through quick enough. We spent half term packing and repacking to suit a smaller house and we were given the keys in late November. We have since been renovating and this meant the Christmas holidays also saw us stuck at home for most of it while renovations went on. We are nearly at a point now where the house is finished and life can continue again. We will move from here perhaps in a year perhaps in a few months but there is no way that a house move will take up our lives like it did last year. Hence the challenge. Life will be fun again and full of new adventures. Because life is for living. Not for waiting around for people who are happy to ruin your lives. Next time I’ll pay someone to pack for us!

Hopefully we will sell this time round to buyers who won’t mess us around. But I won’t let it control my life like it did last year.

I have a hashtag for our challenge #80dayschallenge. You will know if it’s a new post / review / vlog because I will use the hashtag. We’d love for you to follow our adventures and see where our 80 days out take us. We are aiming to visit places in the UK and overseas so hopefully we can bring plenty of days out and holiday inspiration. Can we complete the challenge? I hope so! Every Wednesday I will publish a review and a vlog of where we’ve been. If it’s been a busy week there should hopefully be more than one review. I will continue to write up outstanding reviews (there’s a few) and other posts but the challenge will go up every Wednesday.

If anyone wants to join in please do. We’d love to hear about your days out ideas. Ideally I’d just sack the whole year off and travel the world but sadly that can’t happen. Maybe one day lol.

Have a fabulous 2019. Love Suzy and family.

And don’t forget that some of the best days out can be the ones that cost you nothing

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The reason my heart beats


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