Anderby Creek Beach – Lincolnshire – Beautiful and Peaceful

The one thing that we have a lot of in Lincolnshire is beaches. Some of them are at resorts such as Skegness, Mablethorpe, Chapel St Leonards, Sutton on Sea and Cleethorpes. Others are quiet and peaceful beaches such as Anderby Creek, Huttoft, Sandilands, Moggs eye, Chapel six marshes and Saltfleetby. We live in Lincolnshire and I haven’t written about our beautiful beaches enough, nor are we yet to visit them all. It’s time for that to change.

I have already written about the busy beach resort of Mablethorpe. Today I am writing about a beach completely the opposite in character at Anderby Creek. Jamie and I visited there last year as we kept hearing what a pleasant beach it is. So armed with a picnic, picnic blanket and a bucket and spade off we headed.

Anderby Creek

Anderby creek is located on the Lincolnshire coastline in between Chapel St Leonards and Sutton on Sea. There are no busy and noisy arcades here, no donkeys and no other attractions. It’s quite simply a lovely peaceful place to pass some time without having to spend any money. This will never change because Anderby creek is protected by a protection order. If you want to stay here there are 5 nearby caravan parks to choose from and there is a small café and store.

Parking at the beach is free. There is limited parking, but enough parking. There is also a toilet block in the car park. Anderby Creek beach does not have a lifeguard.

Shop and café next to the car park at Anderby Creek

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Between September and March dogs are allowed on the beach. You must clean up any mess that they make. Outside of these months dogs are only allowed on a limited area of the beach. Please read here for more information. The instructions sound complicated however according to the sign dogs aren’t allowed on the south area from March to September.

Will you be able to spot any wildlife?

The sign says yes, we sadly saw nothing aside from a few seagulls. We did, however, forget our binoculars. They have a roundhouse a little along the beach to the south of the car park for spotting wildlife. It is quite some distance from the beach but also looks out over farmland.

Anderby Creek Beach - Lincolnshire - Beautiful and Peaceful
Anderby Creek Beach - Lincolnshire - Beautiful and Peaceful
Walking up to the roundhouse heading south along the beach

The Cloud Bar

As well as walking down the beach to the roundhouse there’s another installation to explore near to the car park. On your walk to the beach, you will see a big wooden structure on your left. We didn’t have a clue what was there but heading up the stairs we found the UK’s only purpose-built cloud spotting platform. It is called the Cloud bar but it is not actually a bar.

Heading up the stairs
Introducing the cloud bar

There’s a big sign explaining what to do and what to look out for. Next to this is a series of mirrors to help you get a better look at the clouds. I was actually quite impressed by the mirrors and how clearly they showed the clouds.

Britain’s only cloud bar

Also up here, you will find a few cloud sculptures which Jamie enjoyed playing in.

Cloud sculptures

On the Beach

The south beach at Anderby Creek – plenty of dunes to shelter yourselves from the wind

There was plenty of shells for Jamie to find once we were on the beach. The sand was quite soft and we had to dig down deep to find sandcastle building sand. He had a great time finding shells to decorate our sandcastles with. We found a lovely spot between some dunes to sit for lunch and dig some holes. It was so sheltered that we hadn’t noticed the wind picking up. By the time we left the temperature had really dropped but we were completely oblivious to it. We hardly saw anyone the whole time we were there and the people we did see were very friendly.

Hunting for shells
Our spot in the dunes for lunch
Anderby Creek beach is so beautiful and feels like you are miles from anywhere
Busy making sandcastles

Structures on the Edge

Anderby Creek has two artist installations as part of Structures on the Edge (SOTE), running along the Lincolnshire coast. There are a few other SOTE structures to be found and I believe more are hoping to be installed soon. The Cloud bar and the Round and Round House are the two at Anderby. There isn’t much up to date information online and most of what I can find is back from around 2010-2014. If anyone knows of an informative website about all the installations please let me know as we’d love to find them all. The Lincolnshire gov website linked above is the most up to date as it has a piece published in January 2017.

From the local government website –

“SOTE has provided a series of semi-remote coastal locations for artists and architects to realise permanent installations and interventions that will enhance our relationship with the natural environment of the UK coastline. The potential sites on the 10 mile stretch of coast between Chapel St. Leonards and Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast.

SOTE could be platforms, landings, hides, shelters, havens, lookouts or other structures designed by artists and architects for the appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the coastal environment. They may have a specific purpose such as wave watching; cloud spotting; star gazing or climate observation, they may react to or interact with the natural elements in dynamic and surprising ways or they may simply provide a shelter or contemplative place for quiet appreciation.”

Find Somewhere to Stay near Anderby Creek

On reflection

We passed a lovely few hours at Anderby creek. We spend so much of our time at busy attractions, usually spending a lot of money. It was perfect for us to get away from it all and have a free and peaceful day out.

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Anderby Creek Beach - Lincolnshire - Beautiful and Peaceful

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