Bucket list idea – Ride on a pirate ship – Gran Canaria

When we arrived at our hotel the Marina suites in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria we could see a pirate ship from our balcony. Our son is pirate mad. He’s over 3 years old now and has been into pirates for as long as we can remember. So you can imagine his excitement when we spotted it sat in the harbour and the possibility of a ride on a pirate ship for another tick on our bucket list.

The Timanfaya pirate ship – A Review

Ride on a pirate ship, Timanfaya Gran Canaria. Our bucket list lives idea

One of the first things we went to look at was when and if it was sailing. There was a board outside the ship that mentioned a few different cruises and a phone number to ring if you wanted to book. We posed with the pirate for photos and made plans to ring as soon as we got back to the hotel.

On our way back someone we had been talking to earlier said you must ppre-bookwith them or through a tour operator as you may risk being turned away if you just arrive prior to departure.

So we ended up booking through one of the tour operators that we found via google. We booked with OK Gran Canaria. The tickets weren’t cheap, for a 3 hour cruise it cost us 39.00€ for each adult and 23.00€ for Jamie. It also included hotel pick up from tourist resorts, except Puerto Rico and Included: open bar (beer, soft-drinks, sangria and water), snack (sandwiches).

Our Pirate adventure

We were welcomed on board by the 3 pirates and we posed for a photo with them that was later sold as either a magnet or a photo in a presentation card. And off we set.

The cruise itself doesn’t last very long. You go up and down the coast a little way and then most of the time is spent anchored at sea where people have the option of jumping into or climbing down into the sea. Some of the pirates jumped from the riggings which Jamie thought was marvellous.

There is almost constant entertainment from the pirates. They speak in Spanish, English, German, and Dutch so all the children are involved. Some of the kids managed a few mock fights with the pirates (Jamie had bad timing), they made hats (bad timing again as the stapler broke), they are given balloon swords (again bad timing for Jamie as some kids had taken more than one, balloon was eventually sorted), colouring (joined in just fine), dancing (too shy) and telescope making (with my help).


Jamie certainly got a lot more out of the pirate ship than we did. If you ask him now what his favourite thing was on his holiday to Gran Canaria he says the pirate ship.

We were a little bit disappointed for what we paid. Especially with the sandwiches, that were included, as it looked like a small child had made them in the dark. The quality was not great either. For the price, they could have done so much better. But it was a day to remember and another one crossed off the bucket list. Jamie loved it and that is what’s important. For further days out ideas please see – Top 12 things to do with Kids in Gran Canaria.

The ship itself is fabulous and everything that even an adult expects a pirate ship to look like. It felt very authentic. If you liked my review please comment, share or follow us over on social media.

Bucket list idea - Ride on a pirate ship - Gran Canaria

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