Disney on Ice Presents – Passport to Adventure – Review

We were very lucky to be invited to review Disney’s current UK tour in 2017, Disney on Ice Presents Passport to Adventure. I wrote about the tour back in July which you can read here – UK Tour Information. Tickets are still available for the final dates of the tour at London’s O2 arena, on selected dates, from the 20th – 30th December.  You can also buy tickets for their next tour Worlds of Enchantment, starting in March 2018. My boy would be beside himself with excitement as it includes Lightning McQueen from Cars and characters from Disney’s Toy story, plus much more.

Our day out – Disney On Ice

We arrived in Sheffield at mid-day and enjoyed lunch at The Handmade Burger Co. at the nearby Centertainment complex. We thought we had left enough time to get to the arena by car but we were faced with a massive queue to get out of the car park and then again on the roads to the arena. Luckily we still arrived with 30 minutes to spare. We picked our tickets up from the box office which meant we were able to go in a much shorter queue to get in.

Sheffield arena now has strict rules on bags and what you can and can’t take in. You are not allowed to take in any bag bigger than A4 and all bags are checked. This means big queues at the doors pre-show. I’m all for this, but please remember these rules as they apply for any big arena now. I urge you to arrive with plenty of time for parking and for queueing to get in.

We checked out the merchandise stalls and took our seats. We had a fabulous view from up high and I think the arena is a perfect size for such a show. I was expecting to be really cold because of the ice. However, we all ended up a bit overdressed and rather warm. I have read reviews where people have said they were also warm whereas in the past for Disney on Ice they have been cold. So layering is the way to go.

Disney on Ice – Passport to Adventure – Review

Pre Show

Fit to Dance is a pre-show warm up with the two main characters from Zootropolis. They had a lot of the audience up out of their seats and dancing around. Jamie was in an ‘I just want to watch’ mood which I wasn’t going to persuade him out of. He often does this but I don’t mind because he is simply taking everything in. How do I know this? Because he then goes home and acts out virtually everything he’s seen. This kid honestly adores shows and even after the show, they leave a lasting positive effect with him.

Disney on Ice Presents - Passport to Adventure - Review
Fit to Dance with Zootropolis

In the Beginning

The main event then starts with some beautifully choreographed ice skating from what I assume was most of the Disney on Ice cast. They are dressed in outfits from around the world to represent all our different nations. It was a stunning opening.

Disney on Ice Presents - Passport to Adventure - Review
The start of the show – Dancing and dress from around the world

Then Mickey and Minnie Mouse entered the arena to a massive cheer. They were dressed in their Safari gear and I wish I hadn’t had my big zoom lens on my camera at that moment as Jamie’s face was just a picture. He loves, and I mean loves, Mickey Mouse. He would have been happy if the whole show was just Mickey skates to Frozen! Don’t get me wrong he has watched Disney films a LOT. He may well have seen Frozen 40 times, Little Mermaid at least 10 times, Peter Pan perhaps the same and many other Disney films many times over (Toy story, Cars etc.). The major films that he has seen don’t even have Mickey Mouse in them but he adores him and gets excited whenever he sees him on something.

Mickey and Minnie mouse were soon joined by their friends Daffy Duck, Daisy Duck and Goofy. For a bit of fun and Goofy’ing around.

Disney on Ice Presents - Passport to Adventure - Review
Jamie’s star of the show. He adores Mickey Mouse
Mickey and Friends

The Lion King

Once they left the ice we were off on our journey around the world. First, we visited the Lion King in Africa. There was some spectacular skating in this part of the show. Some ‘tricks’ I hadn’t even seen before and the audience were gasping in parts, including us. What a fabulous start to our passport to adventure. Circle of life, Hakuna Matata, I just can’t wait to be king were all played and it was lovely to hear some of the kids singing along (and parents).

Disney on Ice Presents - Passport to Adventure - Review
The Lion King

Pumbaa was by far our favourite character skating around the ice.

Peter Pan

Mickey and friends came back onto the ice after the performances from the Lion King. This time they took us on a journey to London.

On a journey to London

This could only have meant one thing, it was time for Peter Pan. Jamie knows all the characters well from the film and loved spotting them as they came onto the ice. I do think Peter Pan went on for a little bit longer than the others and lost it’s way slightly in parts. I appreciate that it’s a long story however with the sound not that amazing, up where we were sat, I noticed a lot of the children were getting a bit bored.

Wendy and her family – Peter Pan

Luckily as each main part to the film was acted out there was another amusing surprise that soon had us laughing along and joining in. It was all performed exceptionally well and we loved Hook’s pirates dancing together, especially the ballet section.

Captain Hook and his pirates

I really loved seeing Peter Pan being chased around the ice by his shadow. It was a fabulous piece of timing and choreography. Jamie was thoroughly convinced by it all.

Peter Pan and his shadow – One of my highlights

The crocodile makes a couple of appearances and both are highly entertaining and I have to say amusing. Someone put quite a bit of the show together with a good sense of humour.

He’s behind you……
Hook is eaten by the crocodile

The sets and staging for Peter Pan were very impressive. There was even a large pirate ship.

One very large pirate ship

Time for the Interval

The first half of the show lasted for almost an hour. Jamie was so engrossed he barely moved an inch. So come the interval we had lots to do. Toilet trip, drinks to buy and Mum had said that Jamie could choose something. A lot of the light up wands were £20 a pop and memorabilia such as soft toys being of a similar price. However, I’d spotted these big fun Disney mugs. They were priced at  £9 for a smaller princess character or £11 for a large Olaf. You can buy the lidded, almost tankard like, beakers and they are given to you filled with ice and flavoured syrup. Jamie was in heaven. The ice lasted forever. All through the second half and most of the journey home – until he spilt it over himself.

Beloved Olaf

The Little Mermaid

Time for a journey under the sea. We were so busy we missed the start of the second half. 15 minutes just wasn’t enough of an interval for us. By the time we were settled back down we perhaps saw half of the Little Mermaid. What we did see was fabulous. There were many characters skating around on the ice and a lovely routine by Ariel and Prince Eric. The sea witch arrives on the ice in quite an impressive manner. Look out for fireworks and her meeting her doom.

The Little Mermaid – So many characters!
Ariel and Prince Eric

Frozen – The Final Adventure

Jamie must have asked about 5 times when was it time for Frozen. One time he was asking me I heard another child eagerly asking her Mum when was it time for Frozen. It was very anticipated and it did not disappoint. You couldn’t help but join along and smile at everyone else in the audience singing along. We were swept up in the magic of Frozen and the final part of the adventure to Arundel.

Frozen – Anna
Frozen – Elsa

The story had been condensed down really well. All of the popular songs from the film were included. Jamie was a bit disappointed that Sven, Christoph’s donkey, wasn’t there. But it’s safe to say that he loved it. He didn’t stop talking about it in the car and when can he see Disney on Ice and Frozen again.

The performance of ‘Let it go’ by Elsa did not disappoint. The dancing on the ice was beautiful and they had lots of fireworks. The snow had actually fallen a few times before hand but it was just magical during Frozen. It was even falling on some of the audience sat down at the front.

Disney on Ice Presents - Passport to Adventure - Review
‘Let it go’ was fantastic

Of course it wouldn’t be Frozen without Olaf. I literally think the whole arena collectively smiled when he came on the ice.

Everyone’s Favourite Snowman
The Evil Prince Hans
True Love wins

Fabulous thank you Disney.

At the end of Frozen all the other main characters from the show come on the ice for a final dance and a final goodbye. It was time to depart and not without a big grin on our faces and some lovely lasting memories to take away. The second half lasted for approx. 40 minutes.

Disney Characters say Goodbye

All in all it was a really good show and lovely to see so many of Disney’s popular characters on the ice. The routines were very good and well thought out. The addition of snow and fireworks topped it all off.

Watch some snippets that I recorded from the show below

About the Arena

We had tickets for the 2:30pm performance at Sheffield arena (flyDSA). When Sheffield arena has an event on they possibly have a few other performances the same day. So parking at the arena is charged at a higher rate than a non event day and you can only book for a certain time slot around the performance that you are going to. If you book in advance it is £7 per car and £10 per car on the day. It is a good idea to book in advance as this secures you a place in the car park. We were allowed to park there from 1pm-5pm which was fine for visiting.

One word of warning. We were in Car Park A which didn’t exist on google maps as a selection. We got stuck in a lot of traffic trying to park. Please leave plenty of time for getting to the arena and also getting into the arena. Although we had only gone for lunch over the road at Centertainment we had to do a big loop to get to the car park and this was in very heavy traffic. I think had we planned a bit better we could have worked out a better driving route from lunch to the arena.

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.

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Disney on Ice Presents - Passport to Adventure - Review


  1. Aww my daughter would LOVE seeing the Frozen part of this show! We’re off to see the new film at the weekend and she is beyond excited 🙂

  2. I used to go to Disney on Ice every year when I was a teenager. I loved their shows. The ice skating plus Disney was always a love of mine when I was younger. I really glad they still put these shows on for kids around the world!

  3. Ohh, the kid in me is telling me to check this out and watch! Disney is my forever love and I wouldn’t get tired of visiting Disney theme parks! They never runs out of what to give to us!

  4. My favourite disney film is beauty and the beast. I’ve loved it since i first saw it on tape when i was 6. I loved the fact that Belle loved books and I’m such a book worm. I would live to take my children to see Disney on ice. To recreate the magic

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