Fantasy Island – A fun family day out

Fantasy Island is most definitely on our bucket list. Why? Because it’s a theme park and we love theme parks in our family. Jamie has our love for rides and why we hadn’t been here any sooner I don’t know because Fantasy island exceeded our expectations. It truly was a fun family day out. Another quest crossed off our bucket list. Fantasy Island is in Ingoldmells, near Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Our visit – Review of Fantasy Island

“Is it time to go on the rides Mummy?” “How many minutes until the rides?” “Is it time to go yet?” “When are we going on the rides?”

I’m sure you get the picture. Jamie was beside himself with excitement. As soon as he knew we were having a day out at Fantasy island he wanted to be there that very second. As the rides didn’t open until 11am (low season) we headed out to their market which luckily opens at 9am. We only paid £3 to park in their car park for the full day. Which seemed like a really fair price to us. Wandering around the market stalls amongst the rides seemed to lessen the questions, ever so slightly! We had fun on the 2p slot machines and met some owls in one part of the market.

Fantasy Island - A fun family day out

With 7 extreme rides, 11 family rides and 10 kids rides (some that adults can go on too) there really is something for everyone. From the tame to the adrenalin rush to the slightly braver rides for kids plus many rides you can all go on together.

Fantasy Island - A fun family day out

Once armed with our electronically tagged wristbands and a map of the park we headed for our first ride. Admittedly we struggled a little at first to get our wristbands to beep with their super modern technology but we were soon pros and it was quite a fun and novel experience. It’s a technology that we hadn’t seen before.

Jamie measured just over 1.1m so he’s too small for the blue adventurer pass. The signage at the park is really easy to understand though. You are given a colour coded wristband and the signs state accordingly which colour wristbands can go on that ride. So there was no worrying about what he could or couldn’t go on. For us if it mentioned red or yellow then he could go on it.

It was safe to say that he loved every ride he went on. Although it was a busy day for March it wasn’t busy to the point that we had to queue. So if he liked a ride he stayed on and we scanned his wristband on the way out.

It was a shame that he wasn’t big enough for the dodgems or the pirate ride as he was desperate to go on both. But it wasn’t like there weren’t lots for him and us to go on. I am certain that we will return when he is a bit bigger.

Fantasy Island - A fun family day out

There are two adrenalin packed rollercoasters at Fantasy Island. Mark and Jamie headed off to sit and watch me on The Millennium. With 2 vertical loops and a sidewinder it was a really mad crazy ride. Typically they’d been sat watching the other rollercoaster The Odyssey and totally missed my act of braveness. Once we’d been on all the open family and kids rides outside we headed into the pyramid. We absolutely loved the atmosphere in here. There are more rides to be found plus a mountain with a projected show on the hour, every hour. Amusements and typical fairground games. Adventure golf and more.

My personal favourite was The balloon ride. It was like boarding Phileas Fogg’s balloon for a trip around the world in 80 days. Completely sedate and totally magical. Plus it gave you a really good view of half of the indoor area.

 Jamie especially loved the Seaquarium water ride and the jungle ride on a zebra. He insisted on all of these twice and also the aerial Toucan tours ride. Which reminded me a little of Disney. In fact the indoor area was very Disneyesque.

We would have loved to have eaten at a themed restaurant in this area. We love a sit-down lunch with good food and if I was to recommend one thing it would be to include that.


Once we’d been on all the indoor rides (most of them twice) we headed back outside again. We had missed going on the family rollercoaster, the rhombus rocket, as it was shut. It didn’t disappoint. It was the most high adrenalin of the family rides and we all loved it. My top tip for rides with little ones like this is to put your arm around them and keep them close. We made the mistake of not doing that a few months ago with Jamie and he hated the ride. I’m sure had we done what we normally do he would have loved it back then.


And not forgetting two more goes on the bouncing bug ride. Safe to say that this was his absolute favourite of the outdoor rides. As we were heading out of the park we realised that we’d forgotten the elephant ride. So he had a go on this too and loved it.

I thought the Fantasy Mouse ride for adults and bigger kids looked fun too but there was no time to try as it was time for us to head back to our caravan. All three of us left happy and content. It’s rare we all enjoy a day out as much as each other but Fantasy island left us all in agreement of a great day out.

Vlog – Watch our video of snippets from our day out

Important Information about Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is in Ingoldmells just up the road from Skegness, Lincolnshire. Opening days and times vary greatly throughout the year so you must check their Fantasy Island before visiting. We visited in late March on just the third day of opening for 2017. The day we visited was classified as Low season which means prices are lower and the park is open for less hours of the day. The website states that rides are operated on a rotational basis in low season but we only noticed two rides with rotational opening. As it was the weekend and the sun was out it was busy enough for most of the rides to be constantly open.

Recently bought out Fantasy island is most certainly on the up. With £3 million of investments including 6 new rides, new family entertainment centre, 10 pin bowling and 18 hole adventure golf. Their new indoor space means you can enjoy the park whatever the weather.

Low season is very good value for money at just £12 for adults and £8 for children. Other things such as bowling, crazy golf and arcades are at an extra cost. The park was open from 11am-4pm. (6pm for the outside rides). If you don’t have much time to spare you can also go on most of the rides on a pay as you go basis.

Fantasy island is surrounded by a large market. This is open from 9am-5pm (check calendar). You can buy a variety of products from clothes to toys and electricals to home and garden. During high season they also have a variety of entertainment on in their two themed bars. They also have a wet weather guarantee. Under certain terms, you could return again on another day for free if rain spoils your day. Full terms can be found at Fantasy Island .

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Fantasy island for giving us our wristbands for the day. All opinions and photos are my own. Please do not copy my images.

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Fantasy Island - A fun family day out


  1. Aw your photos have made me want to book a theme park day, it’s ages since we had one and so much fun! Mine are old enough for all the big rides now – just as I’m too old to want to do them!

  2. It’s been years since I went here it looks like it’s changed loads, I think I might have to make a visit with the boys.

  3. We go every year for a weeks holiday as got a caravan there. Had so many fab times even plenty to do in the rain. The beach is also great on sunny days. An all round place for kids and adults to have a little break, so much to do and all in one place. Pubs, restaurants, rides, amusements, entertainment (big top show bar), shops and the fab outdoors market. Please go folks you won’t regret it…

  4. I have never been here before but it reminds me very much of Blackpool which I have to say I do love, there is nothing better than a theme park with all the family on a sunny day. Thanks so much for linking up #Mondayescapes xx

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