Go Ape Tree Top Adventure | Locations & Discount

Go Ape is an outdoor adventure company. They run tree top adventures with an exciting range of activities. You can choose between Tree Top Adventure, Tree Top Junior, Forest Segway, Park Adventure, Nets Kingdom and Zip Trekking Adventure. Please see below for further information on these activities.

*Please note – This post contains affiliate links. They will cost you no extra to book via my links.

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure | Locations & Discount
Go Ape Tree Top Adventure | Locations & Discount

Discounts at GoApe

There are currently no extra special discounts for GoApe. However, if you do book online you can benefit from 20% off Tree Top Challenge (formerly Tree Top Adventure).

Tree Top Challenge

Duration – 2-3 Hours
Activities – Climb in amongst the trees at heights of up to 30 metres. If you’re a little nervous there are staff members that will help you along the course. Each of the 31 different locations has a different course.
Age/Height Restrictions – Designed for adults. Children over 10 years old or 1.4metres can participate.  For every two 10-15 year olds, one adult (18+ year old) is required for supervision. Max weight: 20.5 stone (130kg)
Price without any offer – 10-15 years from £25. 16+ from £33.

Tree Top Junior

Duration – One hour
Activities – “Go Ape Tree Top Junior is a jam-packed hour of wobbly bridges, intricate crossings and an awesome zip wire finale.” Available at 22 locations
Age/Height Restrictions – Is for anyone over 1.1metres tall with an easy to use safety system meaning you are always attached. For every two under 6 year olds, one adult (18+ year old) is required to participate for supervision. On your first visit, we recommend one adult for each child under 6. Those aged 6-15 must be supervised on the course or from the ground.
Price without any offer – From £18 per person.

Forest Segway

Duration – One Hour
Activities – “Heavy duty all-terrain Segway + spectacular off-road trails. After you’ve aced our training and off-road Segway introduction, get ready to enjoy a Segway safari inspired thrill bursting with a mix of twists, turns and straight open paths – you may also catch a glimpse of the local wildlife if you’re lucky.”
Age/Height Restrictions – For anyone who is a minimum 7 stone (45kg) and under 19.5 stone (125kg). One supervising adult (18+ years old) is required for every three people aged 15 years old and under. 16 and 17 year olds can supervise themselves but not others.
Price without any offer – From £35

Park Adventure

About – “Park Adventure features the latest harnessing technology that keeps you continuously attached, leaving you to focus solely on having a great time with your Tribe. Park Adventure can be found at Temple Newsam, Leeds and Alexandra Palace, London (currently level three only).”

Go Ape Tree Top Adventure | Locations & Discount

Nets Kingdom

About – “We dreamed of tree houses linked by netted walkways 30 feet above the forest floor, with tree top nets full of inflatable balls and slides to get you back to the ground in style. This all sounded like a whirlwind of fun, so we decided to build it at Black Park Country Park and Sherwood Pines. All of the nets are completely enclosed – the jumbo hammock-like netting will keep you all as safe as treehouses and absolutely no specialist equipment is required. All ages are welcome”
Price – Adults and children ages 5-15 are from £15. Toddlers aged 1-4 are £10.

Zip Trekking Adventure

About – “A 3km zip wire day out in the Lake District. After the safety brief, your outdoor zipline adventure begins with an uphill blast aboard a 4×4 allowing you to soak in the hilltop views, but don’t get too comfortable… Before you know it, you’ll be whizzing past the Douglas Firs with Grizedale’s fresh forest air rushing by. Let’s see how many zip line rides you can land on your feet.”
Price – For 13 years + from £55.

Locations of Go Ape Across the UK – Find your nearest Go Ape

Not all locations have all the activities available. Please check each link for further information.

South EastAlice Holt, Bedgebury, Black Park Country Park, Bracknell, Leeds Castle, Moors Valley, Southampton, Thetford Forest, Tilgate Park Crawley, Wendover Woods, Woburn Safari Park

South WestForest of Dean, Haldon Forest Park,

LondonAlexandra Palace, Battersea Park, Chessington world of adventuresCockfosters,

MidlandsBuxton, Cannock Chase, Coventry (under construction), Sherwood Pines, Wyre Forest

North – Dalby Forest, Delamere ForestGrizedale Forest, Newcastle Matfen Hall, Normanby Hall, Rivington, Temple Newsam and Whinlatter forest park

WalesMargam Country Park

ScotlandAberfoyle, Crathes Castle and Glentress Forest

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Go Ape Tree Top Adventure | Locations & Discount


  1. Go Ape my favorite day out teaches us all core values and if we work together we all end up at the end in the same place. Something that enhances our moral compass no doubt

  2. Anything outdoors where my daughter will forget about having her face in her phone and actually have good, honest fun!

  3. 2019 is our do something different each month year. I certainly think these guys fit the bill! Can’t wait to start planning our next adventure

    1. Warwick castle. Its great being surrounded by history and theres so much there for the little ones!! Xx and we love to take a picnic

  4. Tbh any family days we get, I cherish as my husband works a lot of hours and is not always around at the weekends or holidays. Our best day out was at Paradise park, any day that includes nature and animals is always a great time for our tribe.

  5. My Favourite day out is going to the local farm westlodge rural.They have really good events on and the effort they make for them is fantastic.Their christmas event is so magical and it’s done beautifully.They also have a bonfire night event without any fireworks.They roast marshmallows around the fire,re-enact the gun powder plot and lots of other activities.The kids love it so much.

  6. our favourite family day out is to the beach, the dog loves it too and its a good excuse to warm up with a hot chocolate in a cafe after (or a beer)

  7. We had a day out to watch the 20/20 cricket last year. It was a sunny day, the seats were great, and the match was amazing. We all loved it. Would very much like to do that again.

  8. One of our favourite days out for years has always been Moors Valley Country Park. We love the play trail, tree top trail, parks, miniature steam railway and have even hired bikes there. The only thing we haven’t done yet is Go Ape so we’d love to try it out!

  9. The beach is a family favourite of ours! Sea air, kite flying and sandcastles keep the kids happy 🙂

  10. Visiting a National Trust property. So many of them now are packed with things for children to do, they are much less stuffy than they were a generation ago. And there’s always the promise of tea and cake in the tea room!

  11. Our favourite thing to do as a family is to walk with our dog in Bowmont Forrest near Kelso. We love walking through the trees, and we love the view of the amazing hills.

  12. The Zoo, because we have one right on our doorstep (Blackpool) and locals get discount so we get a great day out for less and the kids love the animals

  13. Being outside with kids, somewhere they can let of steam, be active and forget about work/school. Anywhere outside, but always great to find a nice coffee shop to get some cake!

  14. anything that involves adventure!!! we have done trampoline parks, wall climbing, play centres, the beach, new trails where the kids invented their own game called explorer 1 and 2… my 10yo stepdaughter is explorer 1,my 8 yo stepdaughter is explorer 2, their dad (my husband) is master explorer and I am explorer 3 – the one that always hurts themself… Lol this would be an awesome new adventure for our little family 😀 we would love to go to delamere

  15. Love the beach! Anytime of year, can beat walking the dog along the sand dunes and watching our boys run around none stop!

  16. Our favourite family day out is hiking, in one with nature, backpack full of food and drink that we can have at the destination point.
    There is nothing better than rosy cheeks, tired but happy faces and beautiful views!

  17. We are never happier than at the seaside – one of our favourites is a day at Weymouth, picnic & playing on the beach, fish & chips on the harbour wall and a go on the slots in the penny arcades to finish!

  18. Walking in the Peak District. It’s the only activity that seems to interest every member of the family as we have big age gaps, we bring a picnic or have a yummy pub lunch and even the dog can come along.

  19. We love adventure days out like this, either hiking or exploring a new area. We have never done anything like Go Ape though! We would love to.

  20. We love a forest walk and the youngest is now tall enough to do the junior adventure at go ape so I’ll guess that will be a trip for the Easter holidays

  21. Sunshine through the trees
    Biking over the roots and leaves
    Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring
    Days out cycling are our favourite things

  22. My two boys aged 5 and 8 love the beach we visit Redcar for a Lemon top and Whitby for fish and chips. We are going away tomorrow Sunday before February to Chester Zoo for the first time. We love days out

  23. Our new year’s resolution for 2019 is to get to visit new places once a month as a family. So, in January we headed to York for the first time and loved it! February took us to The Heights of Abraham, which was also spectacular! However, our very most favourite place to visit as a family is back down south (where we originate from) & it’s called Mersea Island. We love it there as we could take the dog, play in the water, look in rock pools and breathe the fresh air! We’re hoping to find somewhere to rival it now we’re up here in Lincolnshire!

  24. Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I’m doing with my husband & grandchildren as a family. Been outdoors is best.

  25. Although we’ve had many our favourite and most memorable day out was in 2017 it was The Crocky Trail in Chester.
    It was a last minute decision and took us by surprise how great it was. As well as different, thrilling and fun rides there was a long trail with different challenges along the way. We can’t wait to revisit this year now our boys are a bit older.
    It was certainly a fun adventure.

  26. We love exploring castles. We love walking in the footsteps of our great predecessors and learn about their lives. Whilst learning about the castles history and having fun dressing up and exploring all the nooks and crannies x

  27. My favourite family day is Sunday because we all meet up for Sunday lunch and it’s brilliant having everyone together.

  28. I love to go out locally and do the park, library, a couple of errands and charity shops with the kids- they don’t like long journeys.

  29. We are so lucky we live about 10 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from Haldon Forest . We love walking in the forest with the family with my sons and grandsons. The dog loves playing in the river too. We take a picnic and enjoy the time together and the fresh air and I like to talk to my grandsons about the plants and wildlife, we spotted frogspawn last weekend

  30. We love to our local beach/seaside town .. The girls get a chance to travel on a train which isn’t a everyday way to travel for us .. No matter what the weather we always find something to do there sitting on the beach or playing in the arcades or a spot of shopping but no matter what we always have to visit our fave ice cream parlour for a yummy icecream sundae

  31. Kids and I love Go Ape best but daddy doesn’t so whole family outings are usually either cycling or swimming; if we cycle we try to take in a park. There’s one in particular near us that is designed for bigger people – not just toddlers – so even I get to go ont he slide and have a swing there!

  32. Anything with animals involved – as long as they’re being well cared for. My youngest currently wants to be a vet and loves all things nature!

  33. about 10 miles from home there is a farm that let’s us walk with Alpacas and llamas. It’s a lovely day out because we get to spend time with these lovely creatures. They are so calming and so gorgeous. We like it because not only is it close to home but it doesn’t cost us a fortune!

  34. Going for a walk with the kiddies and our littke dog out in the New forest. Gets the kids out the house away from the tv, once out though they enjoy it and especially ecploring new routes and trails

  35. we love going to west mids safari park get to see all the animals up close and feed them and then after that there is a theme park

  36. I love a trip to the beach with my family, nothing like the fresh air, skimming stones and eating seafood on the sea front

  37. a day at the seaside because when it’s sunny you can’t beat a day on the beach with the family, digging sandcastles, rock pooling and eating a picnic

  38. We love to visit a red squirrel habitat that is about a 20 minute drive from us here in North Yorkshire; the squirrels are so tame and will often eat from your hand. It’s so lovely to see them in the wild and they are such a beautiful colour.

  39. We love any adventure day! I haven’t taken the boys to Go Ape as I was waiting until my youngest was big enough – but now he is we’d love to visit!

  40. Dalby Forest is one of our favourite days out, I used to go with my parents when I was little and now take my own children there.

  41. Our current family favourite day out is visiting the beach, but we are trying our best to go to new places and try new things x

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