Halloween at White Post Farm – Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire

We have been to White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, many times over the past few years. It is such a full day out and every time we’ve visited we haven’t managed to do everything in one day. It’s been a couple of years since we visited for Halloween and this year has surpassed our last spooky visit. I wasn’t going to write a review but we had such a great day that I wanted to share all about it.

This is a review previous to 2020 – some aspects may not be the same this year. Please check their website.

I will save my main post/review of White post farm for another day. Today I will mostly focus on everything Halloween. There was so much on for Halloween that we didn’t manage to do it all, let alone do all the usual things.

Halloween at White Post Farm

The Decorations

They make a really big effort with their Halloween decorations. They are just about everywhere and anywhere, even the staff are dressed up! As soon as you arrive you are greeted by pumpkins (which they sell for £2 each) and a spooky mini graveyard. Through the main entrance, there were many Halloween photo opportunities and decorations. The kids loved it and were squealing with delight and mock fright at everything and everything. It was lovely to see them so excited and clearly enjoying what they were seeing.

Halloween at White Post Fun - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire
Some of the spooky decorations and photo opportunities
Halloween at White Post Fun - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire
Spiders webs
We loved all their painted hay bales
Halloween at White Post Fun - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire
They even made their tractors look seasonal

Go Active-Falconry

Once you have been through the shop, where you pay to get in, you will come across Go-Active Falconry. They are here for Halloween and have brought many beautiful birds such as little owls and eagle owls with them for everyone to see. This is something that white post farm doesn’t normally have.

Go-Active Falconry

Interactive theatre show

We had joined in with so much in the Wicked Wigwam tent that we sadly couldn’t make the show as the boys were desperate for their lunch. It’s an interactive theatre show by the renowned BeBops music Ltd. The show takes place in the indoor play/show barn next to the soft play and sledge run. I believe it was on at 1pm on the day that we visited.

Wicked Wigwam Tent

There is so much on in this tent. It’s the first time I’ve seen an activity tent at white post farm and I have to say that I think it’s a great idea. They have bales of hay for the adults to sit on and plenty for the children to get involved with.

Halloween at White Post Fun - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire
Wicked Wigwam Tent (next to the outdoor playground)

They had….

Broomstick school

Make sure you get to the tent early so your children can have one of the apprentice broomsticks. Two entertainers take the kids through some not so gruelling tasks to learn to ride and control their broomsticks. Jamie was a little shy and insisted I stood with him at the back. He loved it though and joined in plenty when they all went for a practice fly outside. What’s not to like? They had to pretend to trump and waft them away and fend of attacks from pigeons, learn an emergency brake, how to signal and more.

The two entertainers from Broomstick school and Potion making – they wanted their own photo shoot!
Broomstick school

Potion Making

Each child was given a test tube. The two entertainers then put various brains and other such ‘disgusting’ body parts in the kids tubes to help them make a spell. They were all bunged up and then had to say what spell they had trapped inside. They had realised that Jamie was a little shy and soon encouraged him to say what he had when they spotted him with his hand up.

Halloween at White Post Fun - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire
Jamie with his potion

Sam the entertainer

We had already met Sam the entertainer earlier in the day. He spent so much time chatting to our boys. It was lovely to see them so engaged and clearly fascinated with A. the fact he was so tall and B. why did he have 4 knees. (he was on stilts!). So when he came into the tent to entertain the kids with some tricks we knew we had to stay. The tricks were mostly circus tricks and Jamie was clearly taking it all in. So I’d better beware of him trying to plate spin, balance things on his nose, wobble on boards and more.

Sam the Entertainer

Plus creepy crawlie club (twice a day), a disco, and a fancy dress parade. Sam the entertainer, broomstick school and potion making are all on twice a day. Although the farm was clearly busy we didn’t find the activities too over crowded.

The Haunted House

In the play barn, next to where they normally have small animal holding, they now currently have a walk through the Haunted house. I thought this was well done as it wasn’t scary for the little ones but it was still fun. The most impressive thing was their two-way mirror. The boys went through many times and almost had to be bribed not to go in again.

Haunted house – dare you enter?
Inside the haunted house
The spooky mirror

Halloween Stamp Hunt

When you arrive at White post farm you are given a small piece of paper on which to collect 5 stamps from different stamp stations. The stamp stations aren’t hard to find and their locations are clearly indicated on the paper. If you collect all 5 you can use the voucher to return to White post farm for just £7 per person. (Up to 4 people and valid until the 25th December). We will certainly be using this as we are hoping that if they can do Halloween as well as they do then hopefully Christmas will be equally good.

Halloween crafts and pumpkin carving

In the same area as the Halloween stamp hunt you will also find pumpkin carving and Halloween crafts.

And don’t forget to….

If you’ve got time during all your Halloween fun don’t forget to buy a huge bag of 4 legged food for the animals. For just £1 you can feed them on your travels. After all you are having a day out at a farm park. One thing White Post farm has a lot of is animals and we always enjoy going on their big animal paddock walk. There are sheep, goats and llamas to feed plus other animals to see.

Halloween at White Post Fun - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire

There’s also plenty of opportunities to hold or stroke an animal. Look out for all sorts of different reptiles in the reptile house and mice, guinea pigs and chicks in the baby animal holding currently next to soft play.

Jamie loves all animals but he especially loves snakes

Important Information about White Post Farm

If you know the date you want to visit it’s always an idea to purchase your tickets online in advance. We always buy ours the night before and it says us 10% on the ticket price. I paid £8.95 for myself and £8.77 for Jamie. While it is considerably more than our local farm park I always feel that the cost is more than justified.

You are allowed to take picnics to white post farm and they provide a large barn for this purpose. You can purchase food from their indoor tea room and during peak times from their lunch barn with outside kiosk.

Their Halloween event is running until the 29th of October. Don’t miss out!

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Halloween at White Post Farm - Fun Day Out in Nottinghamshire

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