Handmade Burger Co – Much More Than Beefburgers – A Review

I was looking for somewhere new to eat, somewhere we’d never been before. We were going to Sheffield to watch Disney on Ice and I noticed that there’s a site nearby called Centertainment. There are so many places to eat there and things to do such as bowling, laser quest, crazy golf and there’s even a cinema. I chose the Handmade Burger Co and they did not disappoint. (there is also a restaurant at Meadowhall)

The thing about Centertainment is they have more people visiting than spaces in the car park so if you can travel on public transport to the site please do. We were lucky to get a space in the car park.


Handmade Burger Co  – Review

So who are the Handmade Burger Co? Well, they are a chain of around 22 restaurants across the UK. If any of my east midlands based readers are reading this there is also a restaurant in Lincoln, Leicester and Peterborough. They pride themselves on hand making their burgers on site from fresh and natural ingredients since 2006.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review

Our Visit to the Handmade Burger Co.

We were soon greeted at the door by one of their friendly members of staff and shown to our table. We were offered drinks right away but decided to choose in a short while as we’d only just stopped off for a drink.

First thoughts were that the restaurant has nice high ceilings and feels spacious. Tables weren’t set too close together and in general everywhere looked clean. We were sat in a booth that overlooked most of the restaurant.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review
Inside the Sheffield branch of Handmade Burger Co

They have a few of their ‘mottos’ on the walls around the restaurant. There is also a huge sign with their menu on the wall.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review
The large menu on the wall


The Menus at the Handmade Burger Co.

Main Menu

For myself, and my Mum, the word ‘burger’ just automatically conjures up the idea of a beef burger. So we were surprised to see so many other choices on the menu. Yes everything on offer as a main is mostly a burger, they have a few salads. But you can choose between an extensive list of chicken or beef burgers, with a few lamb burgers on offer plus vegan and vegetarian burgers.

The choice of beef burgers is as long as the choice of chicken burgers

What I was really impressed by was the choice of vegan or vegetarian burgers that they had. 5 of them are vegan/vegetarian plus 1 more vegetarian. They have a nice long list of extras for your burger so vegetarians can easily add cheese to a vegan burger (8 kinds of cheese on offer). Most burgers are just under £10. I thought this was a little cheap, I hadn’t realised that it didn’t include fries.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review
There’s a good choice for vegans or vegetarians

The choice is vast and it took me quite a while to choose my burger. You can go spicy with a hot chilli or Mexican burger or choose something a little different such as peanut butter and bacon. With Cajun and peri peri available from the chicken selection.


Kids Menu

Kids are given their own menu and some crayons. For £4.95 they can choose from 6 mains and 5 sides. Free refill drinks are included such as cordial with still or fizzy water. Dessert is ice-cream with a sauce.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review

What did we order?

We never felt ignored during our visit and the two waitresses that served us were attentive and helpful. There were only a few other people in when we were brought our food and our meals came in a timely manner. We noticed that when it was much busier later on customers were still receiving their food in a decent amount of time.

It hadn’t dawned on me that they don’t do starters. It wasn’t until after I’d ordered that I twigged. I guess this is unusual. We didn’t want any starters so we weren’t bothered and generally if I know I’m having a burger I know that I don’t need a starter.

I went for a beef burger with stilton and bacon, plus a side of onion rings. The burger was £9.75 and the onion rings £3.35. I have had burgers with Stilton in the past and not been able to taste it. I could in this and the flavours were really good. It came with a tasty red onion relish and a blue cheese mayo spread on the bap. The burger and indeed the bap tasted homemade. It was one of the best burger baps I’ve ever had, so light and fresh. Even my Mum ate most of her bread and that is almost unheard of.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review
Onion rings side
My Beef burger with Stilton and Bacon

Jamie opted for a plain beefburger which on the kids menu includes chips. It was a really good portion and he ate all his burger and chips and was especially in love with the chips. Mum also said that they were really good chips.

Jamie’s kids beefburger with a side of chips

Mum opted for a beef burger as well, it is after all what we were going there for. She went for a cheeseburger classic with an extra of a large flat mushroom plus a side of chips. The burger was £7.95 mushroom £0.75 and the chips £3.25. She was very pleased with her meal and said it was all very tasty. We would all certainly eat there again. Service and food were both very good. You could tell that the burgers and the bread were fresh and handmade.

Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review


To be honest we were rather full and couldn’t really manage a dessert. I had a look at the menu and they had a choice of a few ice-cream sundaes which I’m sure would have been tasty as they had all sorts in them but honestly, I was too full. If you do want dessert it may be an idea to skip having a side dish.

Jamie can eat for Britain and wanted his dessert, after all, it was included. He had three scoops of vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce. It tasted very fresh and home-made. I’m not sure if it is but it did taste good.

Happy boy with his ice-cream…he sort of shared!

A big thumbs up from us all to the Handmade Burger co. It may have been my first visit but it won’t be the last. I didn’t feel hungry for the rest of the day.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a complimentary meal in exchange for my review. All words, photos and opinions are entirely our own.

We were in Sheffield to see Disney on Ice presents Passport to Adventure. You can read all about it here.

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Handmade Burger Co - Much More Than Beefburgers - A Review


  1. Yum yum those photos are making me hungry! We haven’t been to Handmade Burger for ages so think we are due a trip back. I know Centertainment and the car park is a nightmare! I’ve spent hours (or what felt like hours) trying to get a space there.

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