Lincoln Boat Trips – A Journey on the Brayford Belle

I have around 30 drafts waiting to be written from days out in 2017. I need to get a wriggle on and get these posts live before it’s too late. One of them I am writing now and that is all about our trip on the Brayford Belle in Lincoln. This is a tourist cruise boat that goes from the waterfront down at Brayford. It’s something that we’ve been meaning to do ever since we moved to the area. We even once attempted it only to find we were a week too early. Luckily last year we finally fitted it in and I was glad we did as it was a lovely ride down the local canal.

About the Brayford Belle

The Brayford Belle is a lovely looking two storey boat. It’s perfect in any weather as there is shade up on the top deck. Or you be completely enclosed, and heated, down on the bottom deck. That said they are a fair weather boat and only run from Easter until the second weekend in October. If it is a particularly bad weather day then they do not run. It is always an idea to ring ahead if they are your sole reason for visiting Lincoln. It’s also worth checking that they’re not fully booked for a group booking. The boat sails 5 times a day starting at 11 am with the last sailing time at 3:45 pm.

Lincoln Boat Trips - A Journey on the Brayford Belle
The Brayford Belle parked up at the Brayford waterfront

The boat is boarded at the end of a pontoon next to Wagamama at Brayford Waterfront. There is a very handy car park at Lucy Tower street or it’s a few minute walk from the train and bus station. Please bring cash for your ticket(s) and if you want to purchase any refreshments. They have hot and cold drinks plus snacks. There is also a toilet on board.

Adults are £7.00, senior citizens £6.00, children £4.00 4 yrs-15 yrs, 2 and 3 years old are £2.00 and under 12 months are free. A family ticket is £19.00, this is for 2 adults and 2 children under 15 years of age.

Our Cruise

Our cruise on the Brayford Belle lasted just under 1 hour. It was a relatively warm day so we were able to sit out on deck. There was a person commentating for most of the trip which was easy to hear and certainly very interesting and informative. There was a lot of information about the area plus the Old Fossdyke canal that we were cruising along. The staff on board were friendly and helpful and made sure that everyone was comfortable.

Lincoln Boat Trips - A Journey on the Brayford Belle
Leaving the Brayford Waterfront to cruise down the Fossdyke Canal

You start the cruise alongside some of Lincoln’s relatively newly built townhouses and University. Then as you journey along the canal you start to see a wide variety of house boats.

What an array of houseboats
It felt like we were in another country at times

We had no idea that so many people live along this stretch of canal. If you’re a wee bit nosey then this is the boat ride for you. We were in our element spotting the boats and seeing how well or how badly kept the boats were. What an array. There was even a houseboat that was sinking into the depths of the canal. Let’s hope no one was living there!

Lincoln Boat Trips - A Journey on the Brayford Belle
Uh oh!

The boat trip takes you out into the countryside where you can still peek glimpses of the great City of Lincoln in the distance. After about half an hour it does an about turn and travels back down the canal to whence it came. It was a lovely little journey and if you are in Lincoln I would recommend a trip on the Brayford Belle.

Arriving back where we started

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Lincoln Boat Trips - A Journey on the Brayford Belle

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