Lincolnshire Wildlife Park | Family Day Out Review

We recently visited the Lincolnshire Wildlife park, approx. 20 minutes drive south-west from Skegness. The park is formerly the Parrot Zoo. It is somewhere that is putting in a lot of investment into the park with improvements continually being made. Find out everything that there is to see and do there in my review of the Lincolnshire Wildlife park below.

Getting to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The park is seemingly in the middle of nowhere and be prepared for a very bumpy drive there. Although it is pretty much isolated it isn’t far from Skegness and Boston and is located between the two. We haven’t visited since it was the Parrot Zoo so it was interesting for us to see what has changed.

The park is actually a charity and is continually investing in the welfare of its birds and animals. It houses over 1,000 parrots which are well cared for and they are a sanctuary for many re-homed pets. We are the owners of two Macaws ourselves and so we know what a handful they can be. Because of this a lot of the macaws and parrots will speak back to you. Give them some of your time and you could end up meeting some really funny characters.

One of the recent arrivals to the park – we used to own one of these, they are very challenging!

A bit about the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, Future plans etc.

There is no mention online, well not that I can see, but they are currently building a brand new rehabilitation centre for their birds. This will see the birds being rehoused in a modern and up to date new development. They have changed how you walk around the park by making it all one way so it will be interesting to see how this then works with the new centre and the current cages being taken away. There is also plans for a new adventure playground. Both of these are expected later in 2018. Opening in Spring 2018 is mentioned below however, the centre was still in the stages of being built during our visit in late May.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park | Family Day Out Review
Coming soon…..

Rainforest Diner

A relatively new addition and one that wasn’t there when we visited last is their Rainforest Diner. This is a really fun and well-designed cafe with vivariums by some of the tables where you can sit and dine next to a lizard or two. If you are looking to eat in here arrive a bit before 12 pm. It was very busy during our time there and most of the tables had gone by just gone 12.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park | Family Day Out Review
The Rainforest Diner


The Parrots and Macaws at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park – Formerly the Parrot Zoo

Currently, there are many different cages around the park with parrots and macaws in. I hope that when they are moved to their new centre that the public will still be able to feed them monkey nuts. At the snax shack you can purchase monkey nuts at £1 a bag for the larger birds. £1 for some millet for the smaller birds in the walk-in enclosure. £1 for a small bag of maggots for the meerkats and £1 for some fish food for the walk around the lake.

The African greys patiently waiting for some nuts

We initially bought 1 bag of monkey nuts however there were so many birds that wanted feeding we ended up walking all the way back round to purchase some more. Some of the cages were a bit hard for my tall 4-year-old to reach however the back of the African grey cage is the best spot for the little ones. We spent a very long time feeding them and chatting to them. Birds like these crave attention.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park | Family Day Out Review
Feeding all the parrots some monkey nuts


The walk-in bird enclosure

There is a bird enclosure that you can walk in and feed the birds at the Lincolnshire Wildlife park. It was certainly a lot busier in there than our visit a few years ago. Quite a few people had birds landing on them for food, however, none were interested in us. Jamie did enjoy going up to the birds and feeding them his millet. They have over 200 free-flying birds in this cage which are mostly parakeets, smaller parrots and cockatiels.

Feeding the birds in the walk-in enclosure



The Tigers at the Lincolnshire Wildlife park have recently been built a massive new home. This is over past the lake (nature reserve) and is named Bengal gardens. It’s the biggest enclosure for tigers that I have ever seen. Sadly a few of them were indoors, however, we did spot one outside in the grass. She looked very content which makes a change to seeing tigers pacing about. They currently have 11 Bengal tigers.

Part of the Bengal Gardens enclosure
Walking to Bengal Gardens
One very content tiger


Other Animals

In the tiger’s old enclosure they now have a Puma and a black panther which we managed to spot during our visit. They also have some lemurs, Santa’s reindeer, monkeys, giant tortoises, Tapir, otters, Capybara and more. You are able to feed the fish in the lake and the meerkats.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park | Family Day Out Review
The meerkats didn’t want their photo taken, we loved the houses in their enclosure though
We spotted these geese our with their goslings over on the lake
There’s plenty of picnic benches around the park


Important Information

I am looking forward to visiting again once the new parrot centre is completed and the adventure playground is completed. The park is open and your visit will not be affected by the works being carried out.

You can save 5% by booking online in advance. Online an adult ticket is currently £10.36, children are £9.03 and a family ticket for 2 adults with up to 3 children is £42.75. If you tick the box to gift aid your entrance fee you will receive discounted re-admission for 12 months on presentation of your gift aid receipt. Under 3’s are free. You can also purchase season tickets. They are open throughout the year. Please check online for opening times. Our visit lasted for around 4 hours. If you don’t spend the time feeding the birds your visit could be a lot shorter.

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Lincolnshire Wildlife Park | Family Day Out Review

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