My Bucket List Day Out – Guest Post #2 – Woman In Progress – Crystal Maze

I am excited to be bringing you the second guest post in my bucket list day out series. Today the lovely Laura from has joined me to tell me all about her bucket list day out to The Crystal Maze. At first I was confused I hadn’t realised this was something the general public could actually go and do. Now you actually can in Manchester and London. What fun it sounds too. Laura explains more below.

Will you start the fans please? A day out at the Crystal Maze

The 90s were my formative years. Hollyoaks was good. The Spice Girls were mega. The Body Shop was an obsession.

1990 to 1995 was also the heyday of The Crystal Maze, Channel 4’s quirky game show on at tea time.

If you don’t remember the Crystal Maze (and as of Friday last week there is also a new series), a quick recap. It’s a gameshow which takes place across four zones: Medieval, Aztec, Futuristic and Industrial. Contestants in a team take on a different games (mental, mystery, physical and skill) to try and win a crystal. Each crystal you win gets them a precious five seconds in the Crystal Dome. More of which later. It also had an epic theme tune.


I went with a group of friends to the faithfully recreated Crystal Maze in Islington. You can get individual tickets, but really this is much more fun as a group (teams of 8) – ideal for hen or stag parties I’d imagine, but we had an amazing time just as a girls’ day out.

It’s very authentic to the original show. There is your very own ‘Maze Master’ who does his best Richard O’Brien impression. All the zones are there with the theme music playing as you climb over and under things between them.  Mumsy is always watching.

The games themselves are exactly like the ones on the show. Only funnier because your friends are trying whilst you shout incoherent instructions through the windows, or harder because you are yourself trying to work something out in very limited time. As with the TV series you can get locked in – but you’re released immediately for a crystal or if you solve a puzzle in the same zone (which isn’t hard).  Friendships don’t have to end over it!

My Bucket List Day Out - Guest Post #2 - Woman In Progress - Crystal Maze

And of course at the end is the Crystal Dome. Every hard-won crystal gets you a measly five seconds in the Dome – in which you have to grab as many gold tickets as possible while the dome’s fans blast them around you. The team (4 compete simultaneously in the Maze) with the most gold tickets wins (no prizes just pride). (We won by the way – although only after another team was disqualified for picking up tickets from the floor – shocking).

All in all it’s a great day out – and with a new Maze just opened in Manchester, and a new series on Channel 4 on Fridays, I can heartily recommend it. I can’t wait to go again!

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