Ride on a glass bottom boat – Gran Canaria

When we were staying in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria we saw quite a few glass bottom boats going in and out of the harbour. Then when we went to stay in the Puerto De Mogán area we again saw one of the glass bottom boats stop here so we decided to have a trip on one. The Lineas blue bird glass bottom ferry runs about once an hour.

The sunlight as the boat was coming into the harbour was simply gorgeous shining on the sea. One thing I do recommend for your holiday to Gran Canaria is sunglasses. The sun seems so bright here. I’d forgotten mine so we had to buy some pronto.

We booked a return trip from Puerto de Mogán to the furthest destination of Arguineguín. This cost 19.00 € per adult and 11.00 € for a child. Jamie is under 5 years old so he travelled for free.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the boat ride the most. It was a great opportunity to just sit and absorb some rays. Mark and Jamie, however, spent most of the time chasing the shade.


Best of all the captain of the boat let Jamie drive it for a few minutes. Jamie thought this was totally fabulous and actually did a rather good job. Plus he was allowed to press the horn. He took his job very seriously.

The captain dropped anchor for a few minutes so we could all go down to the glass bottom part to see if we could see any fish. It was rather hard to spot them and it was obvious he’d dropped some food into the sea to encourage them to the boat. Jamie loved being down there though and wanted to stay long after we’d started sailing again

The boat stopped at Puerto Rico, Anfi del Mar and Arguineguín. The last stop certainly looked pretty with all the boats that the locals must use.

It was too early for lunch though so we stopped off on the return journey at Anfi del Mar. This is basically just a large modern tourist resort. We had lunch at the outdoor hotel bar that you arrive by and it was all fairly priced and rather yummy.


We timed our meal well and caught the 2nd ferry back after our original one had dropped us off.



I am not entirely sure it was something that our 3 year old really enjoyed. He didn’t seem bothered about the view but he did love driving the boat. Had he not done that I’m not sure the trip was worth it for us as a family. It is a good way of seeing the south part of the island and a fabulous way of seeing different resorts if you don’t have a car, as you can just hop on and hop off. We did, of course, tick another thing off our bucket list.

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Ride on a glass bottom boat - Gran Canaria

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