Woodside Wildlife Park Lincolnshire – Top 10 checklist what to see and do

Woodside wildlife park is situated in Lincolnshire, approx 15 minutes drive from the centre of Lincoln. It is a day out suitable for young and old. We had a full day out there not so long ago. There’s quite a few must sees while you are there which I will list below. Why not see how many of these you can tick off when you visit. Here’s my top 10 checklist of things to see and do.

Review Woodside Wildlife Park Lincolnshire


#1 – Feed the fish in the Tropical house

There’s quite a lot to see and spot in the Tropical house at Woodside Wildlife park. Jamie and I spent an age looking at the red ruffed Lemurs. But his most favourite thing to do was to put 20p in the fish food machine and feed the fish. Well try and feed them as the ducks also have a taste for fish food. Keep your eye out for the cockatoo and sometimes Poppy the green-winged Macaw is in there.

I was rather taken with the birds in there.


#2 – Visit the Crocodiles in the Recently Rescued Conservatory

Now I don’t know if the wobbly bridge is now finished as it wasn’t when we went but it was work in progress. The Siamese crocodiles are relatively new to the park and are situated in the Endeavour conservatory. The conservatory has been recently rescued and painstakingly moved to Woodside piece by piece. Even some of the plants were rescued and moved.

Inside the new Endeavour exhibit
Inside the Endeavour conservatory


#3 – See the Amazing Animals Show

This show is usually on around lunchtime. Please check their boards for show times.

This is a really interesting show as we were introduced to many species of animals that I either hadn’t heard of before or even seen before. They are mostly quite shy creatures but are tempted out by various food stuffs, especially egg. There’s also a surprise for those on the first few rows at the end which I won’t spoil.

Amazing animal show


#4 – Watch the tiger being fed

This was my highlight of the day. Jamie was pretty captivated too. We got there early so he had a good view but the keeper does walk around feeding the tiger. Their tiger was rescued a few years ago from a circus and she is fed meat through the bars so you can see just what an amazing animal she is. It was amazing to see how huge she looks stood up against her enclosure.


#5 – Handle a reptile

This usually takes place mid-afternoon at Woodside Wildlife Park. They have a large outdoor display area and you all take a bench and wait your turn to hold a snake and stroke a blue-tongued Skink lizard.

Jamie was very brave and did both. You can watch him holding a snake in my Vlog at the end of this post. It was a nice thing for him to be able to do.


#6 – Watch a bird show

In the same area as meet a reptile, they also have a bird show. For some reason, it wasn’t listed on the board but it was most certainly on when we visited. The show is more of a factual one than birds actually doing anything. But it was very interesting and hopefully taught Jamie something. I was a bit of a class swat I’m afraid answering all the keeper’s questions.


#7 – Play on the playground

Woodside Wildlife park is more about the animals than children having a play but they do have a relatively new playground for the kids to let off some steam on. Jamie thought it was marvellous that he could enter the lion’s mouth and then slide out of its bottom!


#8 – Hear the wolves howling

There is nothing quite like the sinister sound of a pack of wolves howling. And howl they did. We even had a really good view of them which I wasn’t expecting at all.

Woodside Wildlife Park Lincolnshire - Top 10 checklist what to see and do


#9 – Watch the otters playing

There is nothing more adorable than watching otters playing. The otters at Woodside Wildlife Park don’t seem scared of humans and were even sat right by where you stand. It was highly entertaining watching one of them play with a pebble. I can’t ever remember seeing otters so close and for so long.

Woodside Wildlife Park Lincolnshire - Top 10 checklist what to see and do


#10 – See a baby animal

The meerkats had recently had their first litter of the year, just before we visited. I have never seen a baby meerkat before and it was quite a treat. One of them kept trying to follow its parent up on to a rock but kept falling off. It wasn’t hurting itself but it was incredibly persistent. They are such characters.

There’s lots more to see than what I’ve talked about above. Here are a few more photos from our day out.

Giant Tortoises
Poppy the green winged Macaw
One of their many birds of prey

I have noticed from some of their reviews that a lot of people mention that the park isn’t very large. Well no it isn’t but we still spent a full day there. Because it’s not too big you don’t end up missing a show. You can explore while knowing it’s a short walk back to the next show. Perfect.


Important Information about Woodside Wildlife Park

Woodside Wildlife park is a year-round attraction. It is open every day except Christmas day. When we went it cost £10.95 for an adult and £9.45 for a child. Children under 2 are free and there are other pricing options. There is a café and gift shop on site.

If you’d like to see more why not watch our family Vlog below.

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Woodside Wildlife Park Lincolnshire - Top 10 checklist what to see and do

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