York Minster with kids

I don’t know why but I thought it was free to get into York Minster. It isn’t, but I’m not surprised as it’s such an amazing building that they need the money for the upkeep of the place. I was also not expecting to spend quite as long in there as we did so it was well worth the entrance fee.

We paid £10 for myself, £9 for my Mum and Jamie was free to enter. You can also return within 12 months for free. Gift aid is included, take note places that charge you extra for gift aid! It also costs extra if you want to climb the tower. With a 3-year-old we decided not to do this as it didn’t look an easy climb. There is a shop on site but there isn’t a café. To whoever runs the place, please add a café. We’d have loved to have stopped for a drink here. I have also since found out that you can borrow explorer packs and download free trails. I am sure we’d have joined in, had we known.

York Minster with kids

York Minster – A Review

York Minster is the cathedral of York and is one of the largest, of its kind, in Europe. They have dated the first church on this site back to 627 AD. It was rebuilt for many different reasons throughout the years. The cathedral that you see today was started back in the 1260s and was declared complete and consecrated in 1472. There is a vast amount of stained glass windows. Some have been recently cleaned and restored.

Jamie has quite a fascination with churches and cathedrals so he was in his element visiting here. It is a stunningly beautiful building, especially the arches in the nave.

York Minster with kids

And of course, Jamie had to sit. We have never been in a church or cathedral where he hasn’t sat down at some point. He was in quite a rush after to be the first to discover something interesting next but we did just about manage to slow him down enough to take everything in.

My favourite part of the cathedral is most certainly the chapter house. The walls themselves support the roof. It’s an amazing design. Jamie’s flashing lights on his shoes seemed to light up most of the room. He was desperate to be noisy in there but we weren’t going to let him.

As it was and still is such a prominent place of worship there are some pretty amazing graves within the cathedral. Jamie wanted us to read every single one to him. This is probably one of the reasons we spent so long in there. But there is an awful lot to see. There’s displays, interactive displays and a lower down level to explore. Plus the tower, if you pay extra. And the recently opened undercroft which I will talk about below.

The screen Jamie is playing on above shows you all about the different aspects of the stained glass window in front of you. He didn’t have a clue what it was all about but must have spent close to 15 minutes on it.

The Undercroft at York Minster

This is the only accredited museum, belonging to a cathedral, in the country and it opened in 2013. I must admit it was a lot better than I was expecting it to be. It’s fascinating reading all about the cathedrals past. Starting back at how it was used during the time of the Romans right through until modern day. You can even see the remains of the Roman barracks through glass panels in the floors.

There are many interactive displays, most of which are aimed at children. Jamie really enjoyed playing with various tower building sets and especially loved the snakes and ladders set. There are also 3 interesting 3-minute films to watch at the end.

We spent so long in here we actually didn’t have as much time as we thought to head on over to the National railway museum. For us, the visit was well worth the money we paid to enter the cathedral. For further reading please click on this link to find out about more things to do in York.

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York Minster with kids


  1. I haven’t visited York Minster since I was a child, and it looks as though they’ve done a lot to make it more of an interactive, family-friendly experience. Your shots are beautiful. I love this post. It would be perfect for my #CulturedKids linky, live the first Friday of every month. I’d be thrilled if you wanted to link up!

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