All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World

Here is a list of all the rides across the four Walt Disney World parks that have no height restrictions. This means that anyone can ride on this ride regardless of age. But does that also mean that these rides are appropriate for all ages? Read on for a brief description of each ride and find out their suitability.

Riders for Everyone – Walt Disney World Florida


Astro Orbiter (Tomorrowland) – This ride goes quite high in the air and goes round and round and up and down. It doesn’t go especially fast and you can control the height with a lever.

All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World
Astro Orbiter (in the distance)

Buzz Lightyear’s Space ranger Spin FP (Tomorrowland) FP –  You sit in a moving cart and you can shoot a laser at targets to earn points. It’s basically a spinning point and shoot game. I’m sure younger kids won’t mind if their score isn’t great and will still have fun on the ride.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Fantasyland) FP – They have two of this ride and it is quite similar to a few other Disney rides, although this was the first!. You basically control it going up and down while it travels around in a circle a few times. It’s not fast and certainly not scary.

All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World
Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Haunted Mansion (Liberty Square) FP – Although anyone can ride on this if your kids scare easily then this isn’t for them. You sit two in a carriage and it is dark and it is spooky but nothing like as scary as some ghost trains in the UK. There’s no moment where we had something pop out in front of us. My four year old wasn’t spooked in the slightest. The dark rooms and corridors that you go through before you sit down are probably scarier!

All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World
Haunted Mansion

It’s a small World (Fantasyland) FP – Avoid if you don’t want to be singing the song all day long. You board a boat for a sedate journey around the world. It’s cute but I wouldn’t queue for long for it. It could seriously get on your nerves but young kids will love it.

Jungle Cruise (Adventureland) FP – This is a really good riverboat ride with a jungle and animal theme. The commentary is really funny and filled with jokes. The ride lasts for at least 10 minutes, if not longer. A great ride for all.

Jungle cruise

Liberty square riverboat (Liberty square) – Enjoy a leisurely river cruise on the Liberty Belle.

Mad Tea Party (Fantasyland) FP – This is a teacup ride and you control how fast you spin. Without spinning the teacup yourself it can be a pretty sedate ride.

All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World
Mad Tea Party

Magic Carpets of Aladdin (Adventureland) FP – This is a very gentile ride which is very similar to Dumbo. The queue quoted 20 minutes wait yet we virtually walked straight on the ride. It goes up and down and you can control how high.

Magic carpets of Aladdin

Peter Pan’s Flight (Fantasyland) FP – Fly above the streets of London and Neverland on this magical ship. There are a few darker elements to this however nothing too scary.

Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland) FP – This ride could scare smaller children. It is in the dark and there’s explosions and a drop, although not a big drop. This is a water ride, but we didn’t get wet.

All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World
Pirates of the Caribbean

Prince charming regal carrousel (Fantasyland) – This carrousel seats a lot of people so you rarely have to wait long. It gets a bit chaotic and we nearly lost our horses next to each other. It’s like a standard merry-go-round where the horses go round a few times relatively slowly and move up and down.

Prince charming regal carrousel

The Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Fantasyland) FP – This is a really lovely ride. You move about quite a bit which feels like you are on a boat. There were a few darker elements that may scare younger children.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority, PeopleMover (Tomorrowland) – Dubbed as the transit of the future this is a sedate ride around Tomorrowland (think mini monorail). You get your own transit to sit in and the queue goes down relatively quickly. We really enjoyed this and it was a welcome break from the heat and the chaos.

Tomorrowland People mover

Under the sea Journey of the Little Mermaid (Fantasyland) FP – The queue for this ride is rarely long. It is a continuous ride where you sit in shells and journey around a world under the sea. This is a lovely ride. We sat all three of us in a shell together.

Under the sea, Journey of the little mermaid

Walt Disney World Railroad (starts from Main street USA) – This train is so handy. We used it a lot to help us get around the park. It takes a lot less time to wait for a train than it does to walk from one side of the park to the other. It stops at Main Street USA, Frontierland and Fantasyland. It’s worth a ride for at least 1 stop even if you don’t really need to use it.

Walt Disney World Railroad



Kilimanjaro Safaris (Africa) FP – Basically this ride is like going on Safari in Africa. You board a safari Jeep with lots of other people and you go for a ride around the Savannas of Africa. The safari lasts at least 20 minutes. The guide was very good and left me feeling in awe that they must have to do this many times a day. We saw so many animals. Highlight was when we had a Rhino run past the back of the Jeep where we were sat. We also saw lions, elephants, giraffe, alligators, hippos and much more.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Na’Vi River Journey (Pandora) FP – This is a sedate boat ride through the world of Pandora. It is set in a bioluminescent rainforest where you can see characters and scenes similar to that from Avatar the film. The ride only lasted a few minutes.

TriceraTop Spin (Dinoland USA) – This was pretty much a Dinosaur version of Dumbo. It lasts just a few minutes and you can control how high up you can go. We went on it a couple of times as the queue was always around just 5-15 minutes long.

Triceratop Spin

Wildlife Express Train – Over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch (Africa) – We stumbled on this train while waiting for our FP for Kilimanjaro. It’s a lovely authentic African train with things to see on what we took as a round trip. You can get off half way to explore Rafiki’s planet watch.

Wildlife Express train



Gran Fiesta Tour Mexico World Showcase – Hidden within Mexico you will find this relatively long and sedate boat ride around Mexico. We literally walked straight onto the boat. It was one of Jamie’s favourite rides.

Gran Fiesta Tour World Showcase

Journey into Imagination with Figment FP – This usually has a relatively short queue in the morning. We had a FP for this first thing but we did not need it and walked straight on. It’s another relatively slow and educational ride hosted by a character called Figment. There is also an interactive play area once you are finished on the ride.

Journey into Imagination

Living with the land (Future world West) FP – This is a sedate boat journey which teaches you all about how we live off the land. It was a little boring but Jamie seemed to find it interesting. Because the ride is so close to Soarin’ it always seems to have a relatively long queue. It was mostly around 30-40mins long and we were glad of our FP as although it’s a relatively long ride it’s not worth queuing for.

Living with the land

Spaceship Earth (Future World East) FP – This ride is within the iconic silver globe itself. You board a continuous carriage up and around and down throughout the history of mankind. As you are heading back down your face is super imposed onto people on a screen in front of you which then tells a story involving yourselves.

Spaceship Earth

The seas with Nemo and Friends (Future world west) FP – This is a non stop ride with carriages that you sit in for a journey with Nemo and all the characters from this popular film. We liked this ride but I did think that the graphics could have been better. It is a slow ride.

The seas with Nemo and friends


Toy Story Mania – FP – This queue can get really long so try and get a FP if you can. We were very glad of ours as a lot of the queue is outside and it could be too much on a hot day. The ride is a 4-D shootin’ game where you are transported to various targets which you have to hit with your laser to score points. It was great fun. Smaller kids won’t aim as well but they will still love it (and the over sized glasses).

All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World
Toy Story Mania

This is the only no height restriction ride at Hollywood Studios.

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All the Rides that Everyone Can Go On | Walt Disney World

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