Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK Tour | Family Ticket Giveaway

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We had such a fabulous day out last year when we saw Disney on Ice Presents Passport to Adventure. You can read my review over here: Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment Jamie was beyond desperate to go again and his wish has been kindly granted again. We are going to be reviewing their new tour for 2018, Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment. Not only that but I also have a family ticket for a show from the tour, of your choice (2 adults and 2 children), to giveaway right here for all you lovely readers. Please read on regarding rules of entry. The giveaway is totally free and simple to enter.

We are beyond excited as this year will see Disney Pixar’s Cars on ice and the much loved characters from Toy Story. Plus other Disney favourites such as the Little Mermaid and Frozen.

Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK Tour | Family Ticket Giveaway

Where can you see the tour

The tour starts on the 15th March and runs until the 18th March at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. It then moves to Leeds to the First Direct arena from the 21st March until the 25th March. Birmingham is next on the schedule where it stops at the Genting Arena from the 28th March until the 1st of April.

After that it heads to the SSE Arena Wembley in London from the 4th until the 8th of April. The tour then heads back up north to Liverpool where it will be at the Echo arena from the 11th until the 15th of April. The tour then heads down to Nottingham and is at the Motorpoint arena from the 18th April until the 22nd. Finally it finishes in Aberdeen at the GE gas and oil arena from the 2nd May until the 6th of May.

The tickets for my giveaway are available from any date from the 28th March onwards. That’s Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Nottingham and Aberdeen. I’m afraid you will not be able to chose a date from the Glasgow or Leeds tour dates.

Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK Tour | Family Ticket Giveaway

Ticket information

Tickets are available to buy right now from www.disneyonice.co.uk

Pricing varies. There are different pricing options also available at each arena.

About Disney on Ice presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK Tour

“Rev up for non-stop fun with four of your favourite Disney stories when Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment comes to the UK from the 15th March until 6th May 2018.

This action-packed ice spectacular showcases beloved characters from Disney Pixar’s Cars, Toy Story 3, Disney’s The Little Mermaid and the Academy Award®-winning Frozen. Plus, don’t miss the chance to warm up alongside Disney On Ice stars at the Fit to Dance pre-show!

Get ready to enter a dazzling world of Disney magic, live on ice where Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew of Disney Pixar’s Cars perform high-speed stunts and race across the ice like you’ve never seen before! Be amazed and join Ariel as she dives into the underwater kingdom of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and other favourites from the Toy Story gang as they try and escape from Sunnyside Daycare in one of their most daring adventure ever from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 – proving that the toys are back in town!

Then enter the wintery world of Arendelle with sisters Anna and Elsa from the BAFTA and Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen. Join valdiazep.com Anna as she embarks on an epic journey with the hilarious snowman Olaf and rugged mountain-man Kristoff to find her sister, the magical Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.

Even before this magical journey begins, Disney fans will get moving and shaking alongside Disney On Ice stars during the new, high-energy Fit To Dance pre-show to get the crowd fit and active whilst having fun!

“Worlds of Enchantment connects classic and new Disney stories,” says Producer Kenneth Feld. “Audiences will be blown away in Radiator Springs when they encounter the unforgettable crew of animated cars, built to scale and live on ice. They will see their all-time favourites like The Little Mermaid and discover world of Arendelle with Frozen.”

From wheels to waves, icy wonderlands to infinity and beyond, see some of your family’s favourite Disney moments come to life in Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment!
Family package tickets are now available for selected shows.”

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Family Ticket Giveaway –

Your chance to win a Family ticket

for 2 Adults & 2 Children

It is So Simple to Enter:

Please enter by answering the question below, in the comments ‘’Who is your favourite Disney character and why’?‘ This is mandatory. Anyone who enters without answering this question as a blog comment will be disqualified. Once you have entered more options to increase your chances of winning will be made available. Please read the rules of entry below.

Terms and Condition for entering the Giveaway

  1. Open to UK residents only. Anyone entering from outside the UK will be disqualified
  2. The successful winner will be drawn on the 21st March 2018. I will contact you via email and I will need your full name and email address for the tickets. I will need your confirmation within 24 hours, including the tour date you wish to attend (from the 28th March until the 6th May 2018). So please make sure you check your email around this time. Anyone who doesn’t respond within that time will forfit their tickets and another winner will be randomly selected.
  3. Your entry will require you to enter an email address. The winner will be contacted via email.
  4. All entries by 11:59PM 21st March 2018 (London)
  5. By submitting an entry through Gleam all entrants are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions for the giveaway.
  6. Each Gleam entry is a single entry into the giveaway and stands alone as such.
  7. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will be disqualified.
  8. The competition may be added to a number of sites for the purposes of promotion.
  9. The winner of the family ticket will be chosen at random by Gleam. 
  10. As mentioned above your first entry will be answering the question ‘Who is your favourite Disney character and why’?‘ This is mandatory. Anyone who enters without answering this question as a blog comment will be disqualified.
  11. Other chances to win will be offered once you have answered this question. This will give you extra chances to win, thus increasing your chances.

Good Luck!

Family Ticket Giveaway Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK

Disclaimer: This post is in Collaboration with Disney on Ice.

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Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK Tour | Family Ticket Giveaway

Disney on Ice Presents World of Enchantment 2018 UK Tour | Family Ticket Giveaway


  1. Belle is my favourtie disney character because from a young age she taught me that its okay to be different. Not everybody is the same and if you accept that then wonderful things can happen. I love how the character portrays such elegance and intelligence in both the animated and real-life story. Looks are on the inside and personality can be much more beautiful than anything someone can show you.

  2. My favorite character Is Belle, she’s strong and confident and is always true to herself even if everybody else thinks she a bit weird.

  3. I think i like Woody from Toy Story, so loyal and also who hasn’t been jealous when we’ve been replaced in someones affections, like when your child suddenly quotes their teacher says all the time in stead of what you say!

  4. I love Anna because she has such loyalty and sisterly love and her strength in character at not giving up.Shes also funny and cute.

  5. My favourite is and always will be Mickey, classic Disney stands the test of time and appeals to all generations

  6. My favourite character is Minnie Mouse as my daughter loves her so much and it make me happy knowing it brings her such joy!

  7. Simba in The Lion King- probably my most favourite Disney film and I just loved his cheeky character and the journey he goes through to become a young adult

  8. I loved Ariel The Little Mermaid when I was growing up. I longed to have as many sisters as she had and to have her beautiful red hair!

  9. My favourite Disney character is Belle as she is so kind and caring and I loved Beauty and the Beast when I was a little girl .

  10. So tough to choose! My all time favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast so I think I’d have to go with Belle. She’s a strong, independent woman who is confident in being herself.

  11. Cinderella – I wish I could be more like her -she is still kind to her stepsisters after they had been horrible to her.

  12. Hallo from The Jungle Book – the original animated version. Just soooo laid back.. forget about the troubles and strife, as long as you have the bear necessities….

  13. I love Moana. Shes so brave and strong willed a bit like myself but also very different to the other disney princesses

  14. My favourite is Stitch from Lilo & Stitch as I love the motto to te film and how he just wants to fit in and be loved with a family like all of us do

  15. I think my favourite would have to be Belle. She is happy, creative, a dreamer, strong willed and I love the fact that she’s happy being just the way she is regardless of what people thing of her. Plus she is very loyal to her family (father) which is so important to me x

  16. I love the Beast from Beauty and the Beast simply because everyone deserves to be loved and get a second chance 😉 Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

  17. Im old school so it has to be Pluto as its the only Disney character That I can do a decent impression of.

  18. Bella from Beauty and The Beast is my favourite. Especially now they have made it into a film and musical.

  19. Mickey Mouse. He’s been my hero since I was 10 and visited WDW for the first time – and I had my first dance with him at my wedding reception in Disney [except for my husband of course]!

  20. Pluto
    He was my eldest son’s favourite. He was a tad scared of the real life characters but pluto was the only one he trusted

  21. Minnie mouse – i adored her as a kid and i love to wear my red polka dot dress and feel amazing just like she does. she’s just so glamorous always.

  22. Moana because she goes after what she wants and is very headstrong. I think she’s a great modern ‘princess’ for young children today!

  23. I love Mrs Potts. Shes like the Grandma/Mum of all Disney. Love how sweet and loving she is.

  24. I love Mrs Potts. Shes like the Grandma/Mum of all Disney. Love how sweet and loving she is.

  25. I love Mrs Potts. Shes like the Grandma/Mum of all Disney. Love how sweet and loving she is.

  26. I love Ursula the seawitch! – She’s a diva mamma in a little black dress who won’t be body shamed!

  27. Its all about Snow White for me. Any woman who can remain THAT positive, kind and happy while cooking, cleaning for and living with seven men has got be admired!

  28. I love Anna from Frozen because she never gave up on helping her sister ,proving that family is the most important thing x

  29. I love piglet. We waited in line for 2 hours to get his autograph when we went to Disney as kids

  30. My daughter and I both love Mulan because she doesn’t give up against all the odds and is funny and loyal.

  31. My favourite Disney character has always been Minnie Mouse she is just really girly like me and she is soooo cute x

  32. My favourite is Aurora/Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty. She always has been since I was tiny – I just thought she was THE most beautiful princess and loved how kind and sweet she was.

  33. My fave is Ariel the Little Mermaid.

    She has red hair (so do i), she was released in 1989 the year I was born, and she saved her prince from drowning… I saved my own Prince from harm…. So I can relate to the Princess x

  34. Mickey Mouse is my all time favourite and brings back fond memories of my grandparents taking us to Disney World!

  35. It has to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast as she sees the inner beauty of people and doesnt care what people may think she fights for what she loves. Amazing prize i have my fingers and toes crossed ?

  36. rapunzel- because she is so much like me, she is adventurous and excited but then worried at the same time! Plus I love her and Flynn together- couple goals!!

  37. Sully from monsters inc. he’s cute, funny, I love his character and him and mike together are fantastic. He was Disneyland when I was and my husband was embarrassed about how excited I was to meet him!!

  38. My favourite Disney character is Belle. She was a bit different from the other villagers but found her Prince in the end… Just like me!

  39. Alice from alice in wonderland. It is my all time favourite disney film and Alice is a bit like me always following her curiosities

  40. My favourite Disney character is elsa. She has anxiety issues that I can relate too. She is a deeply flawed human being but still manages to be likeable and relatable.

  41. My favourite is Belle, because she loves her dad to the point she sacrifices her future to save her dad and also because in the end she shows that you can love someone different … reminding us that the inside of someone is more important then the outside.

  42. Disney has a very big and magical place in my heart and I love all the characters and films but I especially adore Boo from Monsters Inc. as she is a mini-me! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  43. The Beast from Beauty and the beast because although he looks and acts scary he is warm and caring inside

  44. My favourite has to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid <3 Such a lovely film about getting to where she wants to be and does everything in her stride to get there x

  45. I love Dory, she’s far from perfect but she is warm, lovable and determined. My girls love her.

  46. Ariel – the little mermaid was my favourite Disney film as a child and still is. Whenever I’m feeling down that’s my pick me up film.

  47. My daughter loves belle because she is string she has her own mind and believes in finding her prince and my daughter is the same this would be such a magical dream to take her to see this

  48. Tiana from the frog princess because she has amazing work ethics and doesn’t just win the prince over because she is magical or has a magical freind, in fact she is not tollerant of him at first because of his lack of work ethics so it’s nice to see that they unite over learning that you have to work to get anything out of life and that they both learn something as a result of their unity which brings them happiness. It’s also extremly funny and the music always gets my kids up and dancing which is always amusing.

  49. Maleficent played by Angelina Jolie. I love the way the film tells the other side of the story and that people only see one side of Maleficent (the side they want to see) without trying to understand her. I related to the character so much.

  50. Mine is Elsa because my daughter adores her and every night we dress up and have the frozen show she’s beautiful strong and caring

  51. My favourite Disney character is The Little Mermaid Ariel as she’s beautiful & has a beautiful singing voice

  52. My favourite character is Ariel from the little mermaid… I watched this nearly every day when I was little…. I loved all the songs she sang and I loved Flounder and Sebastian too!

  53. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, when she falls apart she stitches herself back together, she’s kind and resourceful and determined despite being so shy!

  54. So much choice but I just love The Beast. He’s so cute and funny, I’m actually quite disappointed when he turns into a Prince at the end!

  55. Sleeping Beauty, she gets to sleep for 100 years and gets a kiss from a handsome Prince when she wakes up, what more can you ask for

  56. my favourite is mickey mouse because as a little 7 year old girl i always carried my mickey mouse everywhere with me,i told him all my troubles and secrets,i still have my mickey mouse today and im 22 now

  57. So many to choose from but maybe Bambi of the old animal films but he has an innocent charm and is very endearing.

  58. I’ve always loved Ariel. I’m a massive water lover and love being in the sea or pool so something about being a mermaid has always appealed. Added to the fact she has a fish as a best friend, collects treasure and can sing.

  59. I have always loved Mickey Mouse he’s a childhood favourite and sometimes you just need to be taken back to your childhood

  60. Jake, from the Cat from outer space. Jake is a Cat from a planet Zunar J5, and has had no further need to evolve from a cat. Brilliant film, from, i think 1978. Memories of watching it with my grandpa when I was young

  61. Merida because she knows who she is and won’t let anyone force her into doing something she doesn’t want to.

  62. I love quasi modo and the whole hunchback or notredam movie. The underdog wins, the music is spectacular, what’s not to love! My young boys haven’t seen it yet so theirs would probably be Buzz Lightyear or Elsa x

  63. We love Merida. From an early age my daughter was told by everyone she looks like Merida. She has beautiful long curly red hair an loves the attention when she puts on her Merida outfit, complete with bow and arrow! 🙂

  64. Moana – she was strong and independent and didn’t let other peoples fears get in the way of what she wanted to do

  65. I like Remy from Ratatouille because he follows his heart with what he wants to do in life. He is smart and has a strong willingness to succeed despite any obstacles that are thrown his way.

  66. Cinderella – I loved the fairy tale ending as a child and as I got older appreciated that she still retained her dignity of character through life’s trials and that in the end – life came good for her!

  67. Belle from Beauty and the beast she teaches young girls that they can be whoever they want to be/it’s cool to be different and not to judge a book by its cover (in the case of the beast) 🙂

  68. My favourite is Jessie. She is so pure of heart and loyal. Her enthusiasm and zest for life is very refreshing. I hope I win for my family. My daughter would be over the moon.

  69. Cinderella as I always wanted to be her as a child, she was so beautiful and so very kind who always looked after everyone and she gets her prince. Love a happy ending ?

  70. So hard to choose just the one favourite as I have favourites in all my favourite movies!! Eeeeeek so pushed for one I would have to go Buzz Lightyear as he is simply epic and our favourite toy to play with!!

  71. Belle. She is not scared to be different, she is caring, and she follows her heart. Plus she loves reading, like myself and my daughter.

  72. Mulan because she went against the usual grain of a girl needing to be saved by a boy! I have nothing against that of course but I found Mulan refreshing & I like the fact that she was the only Disney Princess not to actually be one already! I am 40 & I still love Disney with a passion & just as a little bit of extra info I was actually Chosen to be Cinderella in Disney Paris as my boss at the then millennium Dome was also boss there & told me of the position but I didn’t speak French & couldn’t leave everybody behind but hey, I could have should have nearly was a Disney Princess! Hoping your winner will be me & ♡Thanks for the opportunity♡

  73. My favourite character is Belle because she is strong and confindent and she does not worry what other people think of her actions. She is caring and patient and see’s the beauty inside others.

    I think Belle is a great role model for young girls.

  74. My favourite disney character is Belle as she never needed a man to complete her and is a great role model for young girls.

  75. Mickey Mouse as he is adorable and has lasted all these years, so being one of the first ever Disney characters he has stood the test of time and is still going strong, every time I think of Disney I think of Mickey Mouse I’d love to take my gorgeous niece to Disney on Ice live as she adores Minnie Mouse

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