Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant Review | Disney Hollywood Studios

The Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant is located within Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park. You will need a park ticket to eat at this restaurant. This a fun themed Disney World restaurant and it was certainly a unique experience for us during our holiday to Florida. I’m not entirely sure my son was as impressed as myself as he spent most of the time engrossed in his ‘kids pack’ and moaning about the lack of light than watching the films and cartoons. However, I loved it and maybe one day he will appreciate it for what it was! If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Hollywood Studios Disney World then this is a great place to try.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant Review | Disney Hollywood Studios
Outside the Sci-Fi Dine-In restaurant
Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant Review | Disney Hollywood Studios

What is the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre restaurant like inside?

We had pre-booked for this restaurant and it was not full during our meal. We ate at 11:45am and we were shown almost immediately to our table. Which was a problem as we were in the toilets and they thought we’d left. We were shown inside by one of the servers. It’s a massive room which is incredibly dark. Why is it dark? Well because they are recreating an outdoor evening drive in theatre experience. The ceiling has lots of small lights which are meant to be stars in the sky. There are loads of cars made into tables and they all face a massive screen which showed classic cartoon and movie clips.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant Review | Disney Hollywood Studios
Inside the Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre restaurant

I was a little disappointed that with all the spare tables we didn’t get to sit at the front of a car. Instead, my son and myself were put on the back ‘row’ of someone else’s car. I regret not asking for a table change and I suggest if the same happens to you ask to move. You can see the arm of the person sitting in front of us in the bottom left of the photo above.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant Hollywood Studios

Our Meal at the Sci-Fi Dine-In

We had a very friendly waitress for the duration of our meal. She was very attentive and gave our son loads of attention. She also offered to take a photo of us both at the end which was a nice thing to do and a nice memento. It also shows you the other people sat in ‘our’ car.

In ‘our car’ at the restaurant

Some Disney dining plans are accepted in this restaurant. Your server will run through with you what is included in your plan.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre Restaurant Menu

There is a selection of around 6 starters (appetizers) all priced at just under $10 each. There’s a salad, chicken dish, onion rings and more plus a sharing dish. We were eating out that evening so we just had a main meal.

Main dish (entrees) are quite varied in price. There are a few burgers priced around $18, pasta around $24 and the most expensive dish was a flame grilled New York strip steak at $33. They had a couple of vegan options around $15.00. On the whole, it wasn’t a cheap meal for Disney world however they do tend to charge more in their themed restaurants. I guess you are also paying for the experience.

I opted for a Beef and Blue burger at $19.00. It was a tasty burger on a brioche bun topped with blue cheese, onion marmalade, bacon and salad plus a side of fries. It was tasty and I enjoyed what I was given. We both struggled to see what we were actually eating. The tables do have lights at them but they don’t give off much light. We waited around 15 minutes for our food to arrive.

Beef and blue burger
Our small amount of table light

We had no room for dessert. They have six options priced around $8-9.00 such as Brownies, cheesecake and fruit salad.

Kids Menu

Kids can choose from 3 starters (appetizers) for $3.00 each. They have some slightly more adventurous meals for around $12.00 with all sorts of healthy choices on them. I had no hope of my child eating this when I was having a burger. So he went for the chicken tenders at $11.00. This also included a drink and a dessert. Other meal deal options are macaroni cheese at $10.00 and a cheeseburger at $12.00. For dessert, they can choose either ice-cream, fruit salad or sliced apples.

The chicken was very tasty and a great sized portion. I must admit that I pinched some of it!

Kids meal – Chicken tenders with fries

It was certainly an experience eating here and I’m glad we went. The food was tasty, the ambience was fun and the service was spot on. Plus it was a pretty unique experience.

Here are a couple more photos from inside the Sci-Fi Dine-In theatre restaurant.

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Walt Disney World Tickets

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Sci-Fi Dine-in Theatre Restaurant Review | Disney Hollywood Studios

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