Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham – Lunch and kids menu review

We love eating out. It has defined us for many years. I was lucky to eat out often when I was growing up and now we do the same with Jamie. Day 10 of his life, when we were finally let out of the hospital, he accompanied us for his first lunch out. OK so he mostly slept through but he was there all the same. There is so much more choice of cuisine now than when I was growing up and I’m keen for Jamie to experience as much as he possibly can.

We usually have a restaurant meal out twice a week with meals at attractions also being a regular habit. So far I have only reviewed two afternoon teas. I thought it was about time I started reviewing for our two main eating out bucket list tasks (see above). Because let’s face it there’s a lot out there waiting to be reviewed. So when we were in Nottingham to review Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom at the Theatre Royal I went on good old Tripadvisor to find a restaurant nearby. As the show started at 1pm we also needed somewhere that opened by at least 11:30am to be able to fit in a pre show lunch.

Revolucion de Cuba ticked all the boxes and I have to say my mouth was watering reading the online menu. None of us had eaten at a Cuban restaurant before so I booked us in and this is where we went. While you may not live near Nottingham or be visiting there anytime soon fear not because this restaurant is actually part of a chain and there are 12 other restaurants across the country. (Aberdeen, Cardiff, Derby, Glasgow, Harrogate, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Reading and Sheffield).


Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham – Lunch and kids menu review

We were soon greeted upon arrival by a friendly member of staff. We all needed to visit the facilities though so off we headed. I have to say I am not one to take photographs of the facilities but we were so impressed that it just had to be done. I can’t remember the last time I was in such an impressive restroom. Because it quite literally is a restroom. I also didn’t intend to start my review in such a way but well this is how it’s going to start.

Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham - Lunch and kids menu review

We were keen to get back upstairs because from the glimpses we’d seen of the restaurant it’s just as impressive up there than down in here. The lady was still waiting for us and showed us to our table. We had a lovely large table for three and the chairs were super comfy. Yes, I do like a nice comfy chair. It’s such a necessity when you want to relax and enjoy your meal.

Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham - Lunch and kids menu review

As you can see from my photos someone has spent a lot of money decorating this place. The bar is huge and one of the most well stocked I’ve ever seen. I wish I’d not been driving because I love a good alcohol containing cocktail. Cocktails are something that they are into in a big way here, there are even non-alcoholic ones for the kids and the ‘not drinking’ adults. You may be able to spot from the photo above that high chairs are available.

If you love cocktails you can also learn here how to make them. They run cocktail masterclasses with a variety of packages that you can read all about over here. As well as the restaurant and bar downstairs there is also a cocktail bar upstairs.

Revolucion de Cuba Lunch and Kids Meal Review, Nottingham. Blog review

I’m a big fan of maps so of course, I had to take a photo of the one on the wall behind me of Cuba. It’s somewhere I’ve never considered visiting. If anyone can tell me why we should please do so.

Revolucion de Cuba Lunch and Kids Meal Review, Nottingham. Blog review

Jamie was presented with a kids menu with activities on the back and a pot of crayons. Bonus, that was him happy. Plus we were happy because it was just £5.95 for a main course, a drink and a dessert for him.

The other bonus is that if you want your kids to eat healthily here then they can. The healthiest choice being the grilled chicken fillets with rice, plus peas or carrot and cucumber sticks. All meals also come with a kid-friendly salad. Or if you want them to be a bit more adventurous then they could have croquetas or vegetable quesadilla. Jamie chose homemade chicken goujons with rice and peas.

The food to me is a mixture of Spanish (tapas) and Mexican (tortilla based dishes). There is plenty of choice on the regular menu. As we were there on a Saturday we couldn’t make use of their midweek meal deals, such as a fast and fresh £6 lunch.

You can opt for Tapas as a starter, sharing starter or main. Depending on how many dishes etc. you go for. We chose to try 3 tapas to share as a starter for £14. For the mains there are large plates to choose from such as enchiladas, curry, paellas. All with a tangy sounding twist to them. There is also a good choice of burgers, burritos and sandwiches. Again all with a little something different added to them than what we are used to.

Mum and I chose to try the Iberico ham croquetas, Mojito prawns –  yes they are really made with a Mojito batter and chicken quesadilla for our sharing starters. We asked for three plates so Jamie could join in.

Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham - Lunch and kids menu review

Mum and Dad had a holiday home in Spain for quite a few years and she said she had never tried Croquettes as good as these. I had to agree they were deliciously tasty. I tried some in Gran Canaria while we were there in February and they also weren’t as good as these. The quesadillas were also very good, this was the only thing we managed to get Jamie to try. He really loved the chicken inside which reminded me a little of fajita spices. The prawns were fabulous. The batter was just heavenly. Everything was so fresh tasting. We were already discussing if they had a branch in Lincoln, sadly not (take note, hint hint!).

Jamie’s main course looked really good. I was really impressed by the look of it and the quantity of food. The homemade chicken goujons were his favourite. I think he found the rice a little dry as he didn’t seem to want to eat it, which isn’t like him. But the chicken was a class above the breaded chicken kids get served at some places.

Mum had gone for the Jerk chicken burger at £10. She’d never tried jerk chicken before and she is now officially converted. She had me try one of her skinny fries as she said the taste was good and quite different. She was right, they are yummy fries. Again portion sizing was really good for the money.

I surprised myself and I actually didn’t go for a burrito. Instead, I chose something similar which was a Chimicanga at £11. It has similar ingredients to a burrito but the rice and beans are served on the side instead of in the wrap. The tortilla is also fried. The meal was tasty, fresh and very different to what I’m used to eating. The guacamole was the best I’d ever tasted. If I was to make a comment then I’d have liked a bit more chicken and cheese.

Jamie had vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce for dessert as it was part of his menu. We all officially loved our visit to Revolucion de Cuba in Nottingham. I would highly recommend it, not just for the food but for the place itself. Please note all menus and prices will be subject to change.


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Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham - Lunch and kids menu review


  1. Oo I’ve not heard of this place before, but the food and décor look very appealing! Next time we’re in Nottingham I’ll keep an eye out for it 🙂

  2. Wow, you eat out twice a week? I am lucky if its twice in 6 months (but then we have 4 children in tow). I have never tried Cuban cuisine but if we are ever near one of their branches we would love to try it

    1. Yup sorry lol. We lived in France for 14 years and it’s a way of life over there. We can’t kick the habit. I would imagine that we wouldn’t manage this if we had 4 kids. I’d never tried Cuban food before. It was quite a nice mix of different cultures.

  3. Glad to know I can find this restaurant in Reading or Milton Keynes if I so wished. It looks and sounds like a lovely place with lots to offer

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