Sealife Centre Great Yarmouth – A review – Guest #5

Today I bring you my guest post #5 in my bucket list day out series. This post is written by Lyndsey O’Halloran from Me him the dog and a baby. The Sealife centre in Great Yarmouth is somewhere we would like to visit one day. I had a few holidays to Great Yarmouth when I was growing up and we still haven’t had the chance to take Jamie.

Why the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth?

I grew up in Lincolnshire but we were a family who didn’t drive so we didn’t go on many days out. For some reason, I loved going to see the fish and the Sealife Centre was my favourite place to go, even though it was a rarity. I was determined to get Erin out more than I ever did and also to share my love of aquariums with her. We’re lucky that we have one so close by in Great Yarmouth. We still may not be able to drive but we manage just fine on the bus. It also makes a good reason to have a full day out as a family at the same time.

Lyndsey’s Review

We arrived at Sealife Great Yarmouth at about 11am on a Wednesday. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too busy as schools hadn’t broken up for summer quite yet. I was wrong though! As we were getting our tickets, we noticed 2 or 3 school groups gathered in the first room of fish tanks. We were lucky though as they seemed to move on quite quickly, leaving us nearly alone in a large room with a very excited daughter!

The minute Erin realised where we were, she was so excited! She ran around in circles, howled (yes, she howls) into the air and went straight for the biggest tank she could see! The first area is quite small but luckily, the crowd thinned quite quickly and Erin could spend ages looking at the fish.

Sealife Centre Great Yarmouth - A review - Guest #5
Erin is definitely a free spirit and she really doesn’t understand that you’re supposed to do things in order yet. She kept running back and forth from one thing to other was just a bit mental to be honest. We soon worked our way through to a much larger area where there was space for Erin to run around some more.

Sealife Centre Great Yarmouth - A review - Guest #5
Strangely, Erin was much more fascinated by a map of the UK showing where all of the Sealife Centres are. There were buttons to press to light up each one and Erin spent ages doing this. We had to try to coax her back over to the tanks, which she wasn’t happy about!

This area was one of my personal favourites because of the rays. I love how they bob their heads out of the water to seem like they are saying hello. There was also a lovely little hidden area where me and Erin could sit down together and talk about the fish in the tanks. Well, I spoke and she said ‘wow’ a lot.

Next up was the penguin area, which I think was Erin’s favourite. Unfortunately, this was because she loved the big plastic penguins and wanted to hug them a lot, rather than the real penguins. You can either look at the penguins from inside or go upstairs to an outdoor viewing area which was great. However, there are only steps up to this bit and a ramp would be much easier for everyone!

Sealife Centre Great Yarmouth - A review - Guest #5

We had so much fun exploring Sealife Great Yarmouth as a family. Both John and I got to spend some quality time with Erin in one of her favourite places. Erin may not be old enough to understand the difference between the different areas and the different fish but she gets so amazed at everything there is to discover.

Sealife Great Yarmouth has a lovely sized gift shop at the end and there is also a cafe and soft play area. We had other plans for lunch so we didn’t eat here and the soft play area was full of older children so Erin wouldn’t have been able to have much fun in there. However, I think this is a great idea and somewhere to keep the children busy if they’re not too bothered about sitting in the cafe!
We had such a fun day at Sealife Great Yarmouth. Not only did Erin have an amazing time but so did me and John. I loved to see Erin discovering so many new things and there was a lot of great fish to see!
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