Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire – A Bucket List Day Out – Guest #7

Today I welcome Helen Miller from Talking Mums. She is telling us all about her bucket list day out to Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire. I actually went to university near here and I never made it in to the gardens, but then I guess it’s not something students think of doing. But a trip to a good park is something I’m sure most families love doing. This is guest post #7 in my series and you can find other posts here. Guest Series Bucket List. As well as my own reviews I’m hoping to bring you a wide selection of reviews from across the UK and beyond.

Guest Post #7 – Trentham Gardens – Bucket list day out

Trentham Gardens has to be on everybody’s bucket list of days out. We have visited many places over the last few years with our kids, some of which we were glad to leave behind but many that we would thoroughly recommend. I’ve only been twice but both times we loved every moment. It has everything you need for a fab day out.

Ok it’s outdoors and the British weather can be miserable at times but that shouldn’t stop you getting out. This place is pretty in all weathers. All you need are waterproofs and off you go. I love anywhere that has open spaces where kids can run around and you feel safe letting them do so.

Trentham Gardens has an abundance of activities to keep all ages entertained. Best of all are the adventure playground and the barefoot trail. Shoes off and walk over stones, through mud and through a babbling brook. Spot the fairy sculptures as you wander, ride on the miniature railway and take a walk around the lake. If you are after more fun you can always take a walk through the neighbouring Monkey Forest too. I have really fond memories of visiting this beauty and I’m sure you will have a brilliant time too.

Fairy scultpure trentham gardens

Trentham Gardens – The Review

I have to start off by saying that this place is stunning and what’s more it’s fabulous for kids. Based near Stoke it’s only 5-10minutes off the M6. It’s just such a lovely place I wanted to share the experience with you all.

Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire - A Bucket List Day Out - Guest #7

Trentham gardens forms part of the Trentham Estate. Also part of the estate is The Monkey Forest which we’ve still to do. The main attractions are the extensive gardens and lake. Amongst the gardens there is a children’s playground. But this isn’t just any playground. It’s a place for little kids and big kids. Climbing frames, rope swings, obstacle courses and best of all the barefoot trail.

The barefoot trail is what is says on the tin. You take off your socks and shoes and commence the circular walk in your bare feet. You walk over stones, through water, mud, soil and gravel. I think the mud bath at the end is an absolute favourite by gathering of little people in it. At the end you have the opportunity to wash your feet with cold water in a purpose made shed. Granted it was a lovely day when I went but there were numerous kids stripped down to their pants to have a wash! Be sure to come in old clothes and bring a change of clothes too if your kids are keen on mud!

Trentham gardens, girl barefoot in mud

There are walks throughout the gardens, the main one being around the Capability Brown designed lake. The walk is made magic by the grand fairy sculptures that stand proud as you explore. You can pick up a checklist to tick them off as you spot them.

At one side of the lake is the miniature railway which Pops begged to go on but we’ve saved that for another visit.

Just outside the gardens is a shopping village with a few shops and cafes. Perfect to stop for a bite to eat and a nosy around.

My advice would be to bring a picnic as with most places these days it can be a bit on the expensive side to eat out and on a busy day you could have a wait. Saying that the restaurant looked clean and well managed. One of the days we went was lovely and sunny and they had a grill stand outside the restaurant with burgers and hotdogs. Like I said a tad expensive but very delicious.

I think this is a firm favourite because it’s so child friendly. Happy kids result in happy parents too after all.

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Some thoughts

Trentham gardens sounds like a day out that Jamie would love. He adores being outdoors and if there’s an opportunity to get mucky then all the better. The barefoot trail sounds so much fun. We would certainly take a picnic and most definitely a change of clothes. Thank you Helen for sharing your bucket list day out. We are sold.

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