10 Great Cruise Destinations from Southampton

Is flying not for you? Are you looking to arrive at different destinations without the hassle of a busy airport? There are many wonderful countries that you can sail to from Southampton. Including many cheap cruises from Southampton. So just where can you sail to and where is the right destination for you?

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Cruises to Belgium are a popular short break. There is lots to see and do in this compact northern European country. Bruges is a particularly picturesque city with a famous cruise port. Belgium is also famous for its chocolate and beer.

10 Great Cruise Destinations from Southampton

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a great year-round destination especially when it comes to sunshine. There are popular port destinations in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife with plenty of magical places to explore. The islands are great places to try out watersports.


Denmark is a country with a history of Vikings and castles. Not to mention it’s one of the greenest, cleanest and friendliest countries in Europe. There’s a great variety of attractions in Denmark and plenty to suit everyone.

10 Great Cruise Destinations from Southampton


The coastline of France is an incredibly varied destination with a great diversity of scenery and things to do. It is also a destination with perhaps the largest number of cruise ports in one country. There is the opportunity to try wonderful food, visit tourist attractions, lounge on wonderful beaches and enjoy the glamour down in the south of France.


A cruise around Iceland is a great way to experiences its varied stunning landscape. It’s actually quite an affordable way of seeing this famously expensive country. It’s also a great way to see the wonderful wildlife that lives around the coastline of Iceland, you may even get to see the northern lights.

10 Great Cruise Destinations from Southampton


Ireland is a relatively small country with beautiful landscapes, a fascinating history and a friendly welcome. There are many must-see attractions and a good variety of things to do. There are not that many countries that you can sail all the way around.


Why not discover imperial Rome, marvel at the leaning tower of Pisa or unwind on the stunning coastline of Portofino. Italy is truly magnificent and a cruise is a great way of exploring its history, spectacular views and history.

10 Great Cruise Destinations from Southampton


Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the world and more fjords than anywhere else on earth. It’s a great destination to hopefully see the northern lights or the midnight sun, not to mention its rich wildlife.


Portugal has it all with beautiful beaches, idyllic towns and wonderful weather. It’s an exciting country to explore with its rugged cliffs and unspoilt terrain. Portugal is a great destination for dolphin watching and watersports.

10 Great Cruise Destinations from Southampton


Spain has an extensive coastline with a great variety of scenery and things to see and do. There really is something for everyone with mouth-watering cuisine, a rich history and stunning beaches. You can also enjoy the gothic architecture of Gaudi including the Sagrada Familia.

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