Camel ride in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria – bucket list tick

I must admit I was rather excited when I saw that you could go on a camel ride on the sand Dunes in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. I knew it was something we should do as Mark and I had successfully ridden on a camel in the Sahara desert some years ago and our animal loving boy was bound to enjoy it. They are far less likely to bolt like a horse for one and spitting is a bit of a myth. The camels that is!

Camello Safari Camel Rides Review

We hired a car through our hotel and off we set. We didn’t use any sort of sat nav and just basically drove in the direction of Maspalomas and followed the Camello safari signs. All easy to follow, even for us. We parked at the end of a street and followed their signs…and followed…and followed. I must admit we were beginning to wonder if we were going the right way.

Just as we were about to turn around and abandon all hope, OK it felt like that but who would do that to a 3 year old?, an oasis of camels appeared before us. We arrived around 10:30am and seemed to be the first people of the day.

Our bucket list lives, completing have a ride on a camel, bucket list

There was a slight panic when we realised that there was a weight limit but they decided that the camel would cope with the 3 of us. Although I must admit I was slightly panicked again at the thought of a tall and rather heavy three-year-old sitting on my lap for the camel ride.

After parting with 12euros each and 8euros for Jamie. Which I do feel was money well spent. We said hello to our camel Pepe and waited for a few other people to join us. Yes, that really is me blowing the camel a kiss. You have to be friendly right! Plus I was rather taken with his long eyelashes.


And onto Pepe’s seats we sat. They took a couple of photos and we purchased one at the end in a nice presentation card.

The thing about camels is they don’t get up nor down very easily. But if you had legs and a body like a dromedary then you wouldn’t. We had a rope across us and I had to hang onto dear life to Jamie as Pepe stood up. It was a little hair raising but we coped and we were still seated.

Off we set into the dunes. The ride lasts about 30-35 mins and you can check out my wobbly video of snippets from our camel ride here. YouTube even detected my shaky video. Thanks youtube!

Jamie was utterly adorable stroking Pepe and telling us how soft he is, chatting to him and talking to the people behind us. He loved every second. I didn’t half struggle to keep him on my knee though. I had to hoist him back up about every 30 seconds.

It was good fun swaying along while looking at the sand dunes. The sun was shining and it cast a lovely shadow of us all. When the journey was nearly over Pepe actually picked up some speed. I think he was relieved to be back.

I knew going down was going to be a challenge for us all. The memory still remains from our camel ride in Tunisia. Sadly I wasn’t as prepared as I’d hoped though and as PePe went down on the other leg Jamie and I were basically left suspended (think Oblivion at Alton Towers). I tried my best to stop the rope digging into Jamie but I couldn’t stop the strength of gravity. Poor kid was so upset. But you know what he soon cheered up and asked about 1,000 times when we were going back to ride on the camels again. Hopefully one day my little one. For now, we have a whole list of dreams to complete.

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Camel ride in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria - bucket list tick

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