How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Toddlers | TravelSnug

Sleeping on a plane is not my thing. I have been on more flights than I can remember and some of them have been overnight. I am yet to manage more than one hour of sleep on any of these flights. My son does not function well on little sleep so I was incredibly anxious about our return flight from Florida. I did a lot of research and flying back meant flying at night. There was no other thing for it, if I wanted us to go to Florida it had to involve an overnight flight back home. Well aside from staying that is but America doesn’t allow that for too long.

The main thing for me about trying to sleep is the lack of comfort. Flying economy means a seat that is not sleep inducing. I was gifted a product to help with this in return for a review and I am so pleased to tell you that Jamie slept for virtually the whole flight. He was comfortable and I put that all down to our TravelSnug.


What is a TravelSnug?

TravelSnug is basically a very soft and fleecy carry on cushion that your child sits in. I say ‘in’ because when sat down the TravelSnug was just a bit bigger than Jamie. It has cushioned sides almost all the way around for them to rest their heads on. Plus it has been designed so that it is easy to still put their lap belt safely around them. The TravelSnug basically helps shrink the seat down to their size as it envelopes them in their own comfy environment.

The TravelSnug is lightweight and easy to carry. There is a carry strap that goes around the blanket with a loop that makes it easy to carry. It also comes with a lovely soft blanket for them to have over themselves, which rolls up inside. We did struggle to get the blanket to roll back to how it looked before we opened it. However, with the carry straps, I just rolled it up and tightened the straps on it. 

How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Kids | TravelSnug
It stayed with him at all times. He didn’t want anyone to take it!
How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Kids | TravelSnug

What about baggage restrictions?

Virgin allowed us to carry it on with no baggage restrictions (we all had our own bigger hand luggage to carry on each). I can’t speak for other airlines however I understand that there have been no issues with this as it is an aid for children.

If your child is going on a short haul flight and you want to take this with you it does roll up small enough to count as their hand luggage. However, I doubt they will let you take it as a second piece of their hand luggage, for short haul flights. Which is crazy as they are going to be sitting on them and not putting them up in the luggage rack.

How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Kids | TravelSnug
Carrying his TravelSnug through the airport. He was allowed on our long haul flight with both pieces of hand luggage in this photo.

What Ages are the TravelSnug blankets for?

Jamie is four years old and he had the size for children aged approximately 3 to 6 years. This is Size 2. It does not come any bigger than this, which is a shame. I’ve even had some adults ask me if there is a version big enough for them. The TravelSnug in Size 1 is for children aged 12 months up to 3 years.

(There is a handy guide on their website to help you choose which size is more appropriate for your child or children).

How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Kids | TravelSnug
Travel Snug in Size 2

How did the flight go with a TravelSnug?

It went much better than I could even imagine. We immediately sat him in his TravelSnug and he kept moaning that the lights were too bright. Luckily I’d brought a spare eye mask along with me so he soon settled down with it on and looked super comfy. He was asleep in no time at all and stayed that way until breakfast which was served some hours later. I honestly think that with just the airline pillow and blanket for comfort he wouldn’t have gone off to sleep so fast. Our flight was at 8pm which is his normal bedtime, however, he can easily stay up much later (and did all holiday).

What a blessing! He found it so comfy that he has asked to have it again even if he’s not going to sleep on a plane.

How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Kids | TravelSnug
How comfy does he look!!

Where else could you use a TravelSnug?

I would totally recommend taking a TravelSnug on your next coach trip or even on a train journey. Anything to help your kids to be more comfy. Happy child = happy parents.

And finally best of all the TravelSnug can be washed in a machine – it can even be tumble dried.

If your kid likes to sleep in the dark take along n mask for them. Even if you think they won’t wear one take one. I never thought Jamie would tolerate one and he did.

How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Kids | TravelSnug
TravelSnug on an airline seat – Photo courtesy of TravelSnug

Disclosure: We were gifted a TravelSnug for the purpose of this review and for Jamie’s comfort. All words and opinions are entirely my own.

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via our website it will not cost you anymore if you click to buy.

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How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Toddlers | TravelSnug

How to Help Kids Sleep on a Plane | Flying Long Haul with Toddlers | TravelSnug


  1. That looks fantastic, we have only flown once with our children which was just a short flight but would definitely consider something like this if we were flying further afield.

  2. It looks really good and would certainly keep your little one comfy but I would be worried if the airline would allow it on, as it is quite a size. I love that there are so many designs to choose from too. Mich x

    1. long haul flights are very different to short haul and don’t tend to have the same restrictions that you get with short haul 🙂

  3. That looks brilliant! My children slept last time we did a night flight, but they looked so uncomfortable. I would definitely buy a Travel Snug for next time we do a long haul flight.

  4. This looks great. No long haul overnights in the future for us but am wondering if it might not be a great addition to our normal flights. Thanks for sharing!

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