Why Families Should Charter a Yacht for Their Next Holiday

Have you ever considered a sailing holiday on a yacht with your family? I would imagine a lot of you would reply with ‘not really’. Well I’m here today to bring some inspiration for your next family holiday and why you should consider a yacht. A yacht charter is a great way for families to travel from island to island seeing new places and experiencing views that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

Why Families Should Charter a Yacht for Their Next Holiday

What does chartering a yacht involve?

Firstly you will not have to do an intensive yacht sailing course as you will have a skipper with you on board that will be unobtrusive and offer you as much privacy as you wish. If you want to learn yacht sailing skills from them then that is up to you and it can be offered to you should you want it. Even with the smallest amount of experience you can have a go at sailing your chartered yacht.

Because your sleeping accommodation will be on the yacht you can also choose where to stop and for how long. If you don’t want to decide on where to stop then just ask your skipper. Tell them what you want to do, what you enjoy doing and they can decide for you. You can simply sit back and enjoy while sailing around. Your skipper will be fully qualified and an expert on the area that you are chartering your yacht in. Your skipper will need their own cabin so don’t forget to include a bedroom for them when you decide on a yacht to charter.

Why Families Should Charter a Yacht for Their Next Holiday

Where can you consider for a sailing holiday?

The Greek islands are a perfect destination for island hopping with your chartered yacht. In fact the mediterranean is perfect for exploring. Not just the Greek islands but Croatia, Italy, Spain and Turkey are all great sailing destinations. You can benefit from the beautiful warm weather, calm seas and stunning places to visit and stop off at. All within just a short flight from home. The waters are safe and clear.


Greece is the perfect destination for island hopping and is considered to be the number one destination for a sailing holiday. You can take your time going from port to port and taking time out to swim in the beautiful bays. The north and south Ionian islands offer the easiest sailing with the gentlest of the winds. This is perfect for families. In the north Corfu makes a great stop off plus Paxos and Parga. There are many charming fishing villages in Corfu which are filled with character. Paxos and Parga boast some stunning scenery including ancient sitadels.

The south Ionian islands can be explored with a start from Lefkas. This is a charming place to visit with some great port facilities. Another great island to visit is Kefalonia. This offers some stunning coves that you can explore. There’s plenty of other islands waiting to be explored in the south Ionian islands. Some are mountainous and others have hidden bays with tavernas serving traditional greek food.


Croatia isn’t a country that I would have thought of as a great destination for a holiday on a yacht. It actually has a stunning coastline lined with bays, views and a perfect climate during the summer months. There’s so much on offer at the different ports such as nightlife, shopping, markets or quiet bays. The Croatian coastline also has over 1,100 islands which offer thousands of safe anchorages and harbours. It’s a perfect destination for those wanting peace and quiet or those wanting to be able to join in with a bustling lifestyle.


Italy is split into four different sailing areas. These are the Tuscan Islands, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Sardinia. Each are unique and offer you so many different experiences. One of the main draws for a yacht holiday around Italy is the amazing food that you can sample along the way. Mooring fees in Italy can be costly so please keep this in mind if you choose Italy for your sailing holiday. The Amalfi coast would be my choice as the views from the yacht of the Cinque Terre region would be second to none.


A holiday on a yacht to Spain would give you a great opportunity to explore the Balearic islands. You can visit the quiet islands of Formentera or the busier holiday destinations of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. But even these islands have secluded bays and offer stunning views. Mallorca has some of the best shopping and dining of the mediterranean. There’s also many coves and towns with crystal clear waters.

A visit to Ibiza also doesn’t have to mean busy and a full on nightlife. It also has beautiful beaches and unspoilt towns. Menorca has many historic sites waiting to be explored plus rock jumping and a great choice of activities and places to visit for families. Finally Formantera is the smallest of the islands and makes for a perfect and tranquil place to stop.


The Turkish coast is ideal for cruising and offers plenty of exciting places to explore. The coast line is covered in ancient ruins from the proto-Greek period to the Byzantine period. If you visit you can also arrange to go on guided tours which will help you to get the most out of your visit. The food in Turkey is also thought to be some of the best in the mediterranean. The shopping can also provide you with some unique experiences in their many markets and bazaars. As the weather is warmer in Turkey the sailing season is also the longest and runs from May until October although July to August can be considered too hot for some.

Fun Activities from your Yacht

If you spot a pretty beach or an interesting town or village with a port you can decide to stop and enjoy. The view from the yacht can give you a whole new perspective on many places that normally you would only see from the land. Your skipper will be able to advise on where to stop, where to eat and more. You can anchor at a port or row your dinghy to a beach of your choosing.

One great activity from the yacht is fishing or diving, snorkeling and swimming in the surrounding seas. There’s plenty to learn from helping to sail your yacht such as map-reading, navigation, tying knots, route planning, anchoring and adjusting the sails. It’s not just about pointing the yacht in the right direction.

A lot of the places you can stop off at also offer activities such as windsurfing, jet ski-ing, kayaking, bike hire or even activities linked to tourist attractions such as historic monuments and more.

The Benefits of a Family Sailing Holiday

The main benefit to families is having a flexible holiday. You can choose to be as active or as inactive as you wish. If you enjoy a drink you don’t have to worry about who drives you back to your accommodation. It’s a perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy some family time together. It’s also a great opportunity to learn new skills.

With fully equipped catering on board you can choose to eat on board or visit a local restaurant. The choice is up to you. This can help with whatever your holiday budget is. As you are visiting new islands or destinations you don’t have to waste time waiting for everyone else to be transported to where you are visiting. It’s just you! You also don’t need to worry about packing or unpacking which you would have to do if you were visiting your chosen stop offs using accommodation such as hotels.

I hope you are feeling inspired to enquire about a yacht holiday for you and your family.

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Why Families Should Charter a Yacht for Their Next Holiday

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