Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children

Disneyland Paris – Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children

Before we booked to go to Disneyland Paris for three days I googled like mad to find out if it was truly worth taking our nearly 3 at the time toddler. My husband and I went many years ago with friends and I didn’t have too many memories of there being loads of rides for the little ones. I was wrong. There is plenty for them to go on. Plus if you stay at a Disney resort you get access to the park 2 hours before the general public. Not all the rides are open but plenty of the rides for the little ones are and we went on so many rides.

Click here for my Top 15 tips for Disneyland Paris with toddlers / young children. I also have a detailed guest post which is well worth a read – How to Prepare for Disneyland Paris with kids

I will now write the post that I wish I’d found before we booked/came to Disneyland Paris. Just which rides are suitable for toddlers / young children?

Disneyland Paris is split into four areas – Discoveryland, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Frontierland. When we went a few of the rides were shut for maintenance. They are now open but there is currently two shut that were open when we were there. It is a good idea to check Disney’s website for closures. I will also include the rides at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Main street Disneyland Paris

You enter Disneyland Paris under it’s closest hotel the Disneyland Hotel. You enter a square where there are photo opportunities with Disney characters. Or you could take a ride on a tram, wander the shops or simply head straight for the rides after strolling down main street

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children
The start of main street
Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children
Take a ride on a tram
Disneyland Paris - Visiting with a Toddler - Top Tips
And don’t forget your photo opportunity.

Head off to your right and you will come to


AutopiaMust be 81cm+ to ride and 132cm to drive yourself – Two to a car and the driver must be 132cm+ but children 81cm+ can ride on this ride. Jamie was certainly tall enough. You steer your way around what can be best described as a 1950s style scaled up Scalextric.


Buzz Light Year Laser BlastAny height – This is a sit-down ride with 2 to a carriage. You have a laser gun and you have to shoot at targets and your score is displayed in front of you. Jamie (nearly 3) struggled to aim but loved the ride itself and asked to go on again. Jolts you about a little bit, but is not scary. It’s mostly dark so the neon lights show up.

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

OrbitronAny height – Two to a rocket. It goes up and down and round and round. It’s tame but not too tame for a toddler. You can control if you go up and down so if the little one isn’t enjoying it you don’t have to over do it.


Also in this area is Les Mystères du Nautilus. You walk down into a submarine and explore it’s rooms and corridors. Jamie was not tall enough for Star Wars Hyperspace mountain which is also in Discoveryland – riders need to be 1.20m+.

Straight on from main street is


Here you enter via Sleeping Beauty’s castle. In the castle, you can climb the stairs to see stained glass windows, tapestries and books telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. Down below the castle there hides the dragon. This may scare younger children. You can also give it a go getting the sword out of the stone, good luck!


Rides in this area for little ones are as follows:

Snow White and the seven dwarfs Any height – You can sit 4 to a carriage. This ride may scare some children as there are a few scary elements such as the witch. The ride itself moves fast but is not scary. Jamie does love the dwarfs from snow white and said he enjoyed the ride and wanted to go straight back on. We did go on again the day after.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Les Voyages De PinnochioAny height – This is very similar to the Snow white ride above. It’s not scary and is fine for all.


Le Carrousel De LancelotAny height – The horse and cart carrousel is like any fairground carrousel. It’s a very pretty and is a very well maintained carousel. Jamie at 2 wore a strap around his middle and was safe and secure, his Daddy still sat close to make sure. If you aren’t confident with your child sat like this there are carts to sit in too. Jamie tried both.

Carrousel cart for the smaller or less brave little ones

Peter Pan’s FlightAny height – This was shut when we went. Quote from the Disneyland website “Swoosh through the sky in a magic galleon over starlit London before sweeping through Never Land, where mermaids, Indians and pirates await.”

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Any height – This ride sits two to an elephant. It basically goes round and round and up and down. I saw quite a few children bottle this one at the last minute. I guess it could look scary to them as it’s a bit more of a thrill ride for them than most of the others in this area. Jamie was fine on it though and we went on it at least 5 times.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Mad Hatter’s tea cupsAny height – This one is mostly controlled by you. The more you turn the table the faster you spin round. If your child is nervous of fast rides it may be an idea to not spin the table. Jamie had no issues and actually helped each time to spin the table. Kids don’t really mind going dizzy. We seated all three of us with no issues in one tea pot.

Mad Hatter’s tea cup

Alice’s Curious LabyrinthAny height – This is actually a maze not a ride. It’s lots of fun though and you get to see lots of the Alice in Wonderland characters along the way. There’s some fun photo opportunities near the labyrinth’s entrance too.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

It’s a small worldAny height – Can you read that without singing it? This is a gentle ride on a boat through a world of nationalities and countries. With moving and singing characters dressed in their national costumes. It grated on my husband so much he only went on once but Jamie and I loved it. It’s a guaranteed smile on your face ride if you like that sort of thing. There’s room for quite a few people sat together.

It’s a Small World

Casey Jr Le Petit train du CirqueAny height – This is quite a fast train ride. So much so I didn’t take any decent photos. There is a few clips of it in my video at the end of this post though. We all really enjoyed this ride. It wasn’t a scary train ride but it was faster than most Disney rides. You can get two sat next to each other.

Casey Jr Le Petit Train

Le Pays des Contes de FéesAny height – This is another gentile boat ride. This time around miniature fairy tale settings. There is lots to see and spot on this ride and Jamie was rather taken with it all. All three of us managed to sit together.

Le Pays des Contes de Fées

Left of main street is


Thunder Mesa RiverboatAny height – Due to the Thunder mountain renovations while we were there this gorgeous-looking Paddleboat wasn’t operational. Such a shame as it’s something we all would have loved to go on. Luckily you now can.

Phantom manor Any height but certainly not for everyone – This is a haunted house. It is not for children who get scared easily and/or don’t like the dark. Even walking to the ride can be scary. Jamie loves things like this so he thought it was marvellous but I’d proceed with caution. He even wanted to go on again! Jamie is not necessarily normal.

Phantom manor

Above Frontierland is


Pirates of the Caribbean Any height – Any height but Jamie really didn’t like this ride. It’s a water ride a little like a log flume. You have one descent but it’s not particularly long or steep but Jamie did not like it at all. We couldn’t persuade him back on and he LOVES pirates. I think it was the not knowing that he didn’t like. I bet he would love it now. All three of us sat on the same row.

Pirate GalleonAny height – This is a large pirate ship that kids of any age, and their adults, can play on. This and the following three things we did not go on while we were there. I’m not even sure they were built as we didn’t notice them.

Adventure IsleAny height – Quote from Disneyland website “At Adventure Isle keep a watchful eye on what’s ahead as danger lurks beneath crisscrossing suspension bridges, beside narrow pathways and within spooky caves. Following the map of the Adventure Isle and deciphering the mind-boggling smugglers’ runs rewards you with spectacular daytime views of the whole land. And after nightfall, hanging lanterns supply an altogether different feel”

Pirate’s BeachAny height – Quote from Disneyland website “Maraud deep into Adventureland® through dark caverns and past Davy Jones’ Locker to Skull Rock. Once at Disney Pirates’ Beach, you’ll unearth two pirate playgrounds loaded with rope ladders, slides and even a plank that’s sure to keep little rapscallions in check.”

Swiss Family Robinson Tree HouseAny height – Quote from the website “Climb high in this magnificent tree house that the Swiss Family Robinson call home. Here, you can ascend an intricate series of walkways and stairs that lead to a layout of beautifully detailed rooms, including a kitchen, library and some bedrooms”

Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril is also in this area. This is for people 1.4m and over, certainly not for little people.

Disneyland railroadAny height – runs in a circle around the perimeter of Disneyland Paris. Anyone can ride on this authentic steam train. It takes 20 minutes to do a full circle. It conveniently stops at Main street, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. We used the train a few times to get about. You can sit quite a few people in each carriage.

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children
Catching the Disneyland Railroad

Rides Jamie (3 years old measuring just over 1m) couldn’t go on were :

Star Wars Hyperspace mountain. 1.2m and over in height. I have been on this before and it is high speed so I can totally understand the height restriction.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril1.4m and over in height

Big thunder Mountain – 1.02m and over in height- This was shut and being renovated while we were there. I’ve been on this before and loved it. It’s a really fun runaway train. If your little ones are tall enough but seem a little unsure wrap an arm around them and they won’t be bashed about too much.

Star tours – 1.02m and over in height. Quote “After a friendly welcome from the ship’s captain, Rex, you’ll blast off at lightspeed to your destination. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it’s Rex’s maiden flight and, without warning, calamity after calamity ensues as he fumbles his way through asteroid belts, space debris and spinning ice fragments.You’ll barely have time to catch your breath as you shoot past the moon of Endor and into the clutches of an Imperial Star Destroyer’s tractor beam”

Children need to be 81cm or over to ride on Autopia.

Walt Disney’s Studio Park

Which rides did we all go on in Walt Disney’s Studio Park? Read on below….

Flying Carpets over AgrabahAny height – Otherwise known as the Tapis Volants. This is a ride the little ones can control. There is a handle at the front that can take you up and down as your carpet flies around and around. Jamie loved this, especially being able to move us up and down. You can fit two in the front and two in the back.

Flying Carpet

Cars four wheel ralleyAny height – Otherwise known as Cars Quatre Roues Rallye. Hmmmm I wasn’t convinced this ride is for any height. It throws you about quite a lot. You may notice in the photo below that I have my hand on the bar in front. This was to stop Jamie bashing into it. He was not keen and I think needed to be a bit bigger for the ride. This is another ride that you can fit two in the front and two in the back on.

Cars four wheel rally

Toy soldiers Parachute drop81cm + in height – This is a ride we could have gone on but no matter how much we asked Jamie he just did not want to go. It’s an 82 foot drop so I wasn’t surprised that he said no as he’s not keen on rides like this.

Ratatouille – The AdventureAny height – We sat eating our lunch watching people get on this ride. We all really wanted to have a go but whenever we looked at the ride wait time it said anything from 120 minutes to an even more staggering 180 minutes. If it’s a busy day go early and get a fast track pass. This is a 4d ride.

Slinky Dog Zig Zag SpinAny height – Maybe Jamie was now tiring but he didn’t seem to like the rides in the Studios as much as he did in the Disneyland park. This ride spun round in circles fast and basically up and over small hills. He asked to get off within seconds. We queued for quite a long time which was a shame he didn’t like it. He now adores rides like this. All three of us were able to sit together.

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children
Slinky Dog

Studio tram tourAny height – Hop on board this long tram for a ‘behind the scenes’ look at a studio. Watch out for a very big surprise. Jamie’s reaction was priceless on this ride. You must hit record on the camera when you stop right by a large set. There was room for at least 4 people to sit together.

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children

Armageddon – Special effects tourAny height – This is similar to the tram tour in that you need to be prepared for a few surprises. A few of the younger kids were a little scared but Jamie took it all in his stride. It’s a walk around tour and the idea is that you are immersed in the drama.

Art of Disney Animation Any height – We ran out of time for this on our visit. Quote “Here, you’ll be whisked into the world of Disney animation in a cinema presentation with classic clips and animation demonstrations, where you can watch Disney Characters from all eras take shape. You can even try your hand at crafting some magic yourself to complete the interactive experience”

Rides Jamie (3 years old measuring just over 1m) couldn’t go on were :

Crush’s CoasterHeight 1.07m and over. This ride sounds a lot of fun. Quote “board a turtle shell and prepare for a ride through memorable moments from the movie. Sit tight, as your shell dives into the ocean and begins its incredible journey”

RC RacerHeight 1.20m and over. Quote “Once you’ve climbed into the huge remote controlled car, sit tight, as Buzz and Woody ramp up the speed and launch you on a thrilling ride of steep ups and downs. Over and over again”

Twilight zone tower of terrorHeight 1.02m and over. I thought I had read that this ride was being replaced? I can’t see anything about that on their website though. I have heard that this ride is pretty terrifying and not for the faint hearted. Quote “Going Down! Shriek in terror as your elevator freefalls down the abandoned shaft then unexpectedly changes direction and launches back up the hotel” (and that’s just a small part of it).

Rock n roller coaster starring AerosmithHeight 1.20m and over. Quote “Every electrifying riff is met with more g-force than an astronaut experience, blasting you through lightning rigs, hairpin turns, heart-stopping drops and loops. It’s everything you’d expect from the amped-up, neon-lit, smoke-filled excess of a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle”

At both parks they have various shows on throughout the day. Pick up a guide when you enter the parks and this will list what’s on and where.

We only managed one show. This was the Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular. It was perhaps for older children as Jamie struggled to follow what was going on. The stunts were good though and the end was worth the wait for Jamie.

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children
Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

The rides you can use your fast pass on are : Peter Pan’s Flight (can see the biggest queues), Ratatouille (we most certainly saw the biggest queue), Buzz lightyear and  Flying carpets (we did not queue for long for either of the last two). And for the big people Space mountain, Indiana Jones, Big thunder mountain, Rock n’ roller coaster and Twilight zone of terror.

You can watch our holiday Vlog here



If you have time to visit Paris when you are in the area why not check out this great Mini Guide to Paris with kids by Travelling with our kids.

If you enjoyed my post I’d love a comment below please. Have you been? Did your little ones enjoy all the rides? We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and would love a follow or share please.

Disneyland Paris - Suitable Rides for Toddlers / Young Children

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  1. Thank you for this fab post! I’m taking my tiny in December for his 1st birthday and was wondering if he’d be able to go on anything. We realise he’s a bit young but it’s more for mummy 😂


  2. those ‘rides’ you mentioned in adventureland are built, they are all walkthrough areas, and you actually went to adventure isle while walking, the big skull next to pirates of the caribbean is part of it and you have to walk around it to get to the pirate ship, i cant say i have been to pirates beach before so cant say exactly where that is, as for the tree house, its exactly what it says its a house hidden in a giant tree, again depending on how you get to/from the pirate ship play area you will walk past the entrance for it =]

    as for the tower, it has been changed in california to a guardians of the galaxy theme but as of yet (and as far as i know) there is no announcement of that change coming to paris

  3. Thanks very much. Really helpful. I am taking my little one this summer who will be almost 3 then. I was really wondering exactly as you if I made the right choice for the holiday. Now, after reading this article I am happy with my choice. Thanks again & keep writing.

  4. Thank you for this. We’re going at the end of the year with a 3 and a half and 1 year old so glad to see there will be lots to do. We have 4 days to fill!

  5. This was exactly what we were looking for, thank you so much it’s been a great help. So glad I found it in my search.

  6. Fantastic, thank you the information, we’re taking a 9 year old and a 18month old so were worried we’d have to tell our eldest that there’s lots she’ll have to miss out on but you’ve shown me there’s loads we can do as a foursome and the fast/scary ones she can do with daddy 😉👍

  7. Thank you so much for this, I went about 10 years ago before I had kids and can’t remember what there was for the little little ones! Going this year with a 3 year old and 1 year old and this is exactly what I was looking for 😊

  8. Thanks for your great recommendations. Do you think we could do Disneyland Paris in 1 full long day? we have a 4 yr and 6 yr old. thanks Kate

    1. Hi thanks for your message. I’d say yes you can in 1 day. You won’t be able to do everything but you could do enough to satisfy what your kids enjoy doing. It would be pretty tiring and it would also be an idea to grab a quick bite for lunch rather than a long sit down meal. Have an amazing time if you go 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for this post! I’m almost 50 years old, but I have some inner ear issues. Your descriptions have given me the insight I need! Your son is absolutely adorable. 😉

  10. Hi, this post is amazingly helpful! I am going in September with my under 100cm 3 yr old.
    It will be 3 of us (daughter, myself and husband).
    I’m not sure if you still check msg on this post but I was hoping you could help me with this question?
    On the rides only 2 were to a cart/car did you and hubby take it in turns to go on with your son and the other wait at the end, or did one of you go on a 2nd cart alone so you could still experience it ‘together’ as such? And did you still all queue together on the 2 people rides or 1 wait at the other side for it all to finish? Just trying to acertain what the 3 people families do as the norm? Hope this makes sense.

    1. Hi We would take it in turns to ride with our son and the other would ride by themselves so we’d all queue together 🙂 Makes sense. Have an amazing time. Glad you find my post useful x

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