40 Ultimate Summer Bucket List with Kids | Free Checklist

I have updated our summer bucket list for 2020 and made it more Covid 19 friendly. This list is a bit more realistic for the current climate. I hope you all have a happy and safe summer creating memories that we all deserve.

This list was mostly made by our now nearly 7-year-old. I have added a few myself afterwards but these are mostly his ideas and I feel they work pretty well for just about all ages.

This is a UK based list of all the ultimate summer bucket list things to do with your kids. Chris Evans once said that you shouldn’t go abroad until you’d explored all that the UK has to offer. Now I’m sure he doesn’t stand by this but he does have a point.

We have broken up for summer today on the 10th of July. Summer runs until the 23rd September. Let’s see how many we can get ticked off. Are you going to join us? We’ve tried to keep this as outdoors based as much as possible. Let’s try not to spend the summer indoors, even if it rains.

  • Bake a Cake
  • Create a Family scrapbook
  • Decorate Biscuits
  • Feed ducks somewhere
  • Fly a Kite
  • Go Boating
  • Go Bug Hunting
  • Go Canoeing
  • Go Glamping or to a Caravan Park
  • Go Crabbing
  • Go on a Trail somewhere
  • Go on a Treasure Hunt with clues
  • Go on lots of walks
  • Go Paddling
  • Go Swimming and have cake after
  • Go to the Beach: There is so much to do and enjoy at the beach. On our list we have: Dig a hole, build a sandcastle, paddle in the water and body board. Plus have a ride on a donkey, take the metal detector and eat some fish and chips.
  • Have a movie night with home-made pizza and popcorn
  • Pick Fruit
  • Make Ice-Cream/lollies
  • Play in the Sprinklers or a Paddling pool
  • Play Mini Golf / Crazy Golf
  • Put up a Tent in the Back Garden
  • Ride on a tourist Train
  • See animals at a Zoo or Farm Park
  • Take a Picnic somewhere full of treats
  • Visit an Ice-Cream Parlour
  • Visit a National Trust Property
  • Visit a Splash park or outdoor paddling pool
  • Visit a Stately Home with a Big Outdoor Playground
  • Visit an English Heritage property
  • Visit somewhere we’ve been meaning to go to for ages

I’ve left a couple blank for you to add your own.

Family Summer Bucket List

Click on the image below for a Printable Checklist

Family Summer Bucket List

Where will our Summer for 2020 take us

We certainly don’t have as much planned for 2020 as we had originally hoped. However, lockdown has taught me a lot and that is to appreciate everything this fine country has to offer. I have a HUGE list of places to visit and we will be busy in Yorkshire, the East Midlands, Northumberland and Wales this summer. I will include links to all our adventures this summer as they happen below.

In the meantime here is what we got up to in summer 2019.

40 Ultimate Summer Bucket List with Kids | Free Checklist

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40 Ultimate Summer Bucket List with Kids | Free Checklist

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