6 Top Tips to Surviving a Long Haul Road Trip with Kids

I won’t lie we have struggled in the past with a long haul road trip with our son. He was two years old at the time and we travelled 13 hours in the car in two days with just a short ferry crossing and a nights stop in between. He was an absolute nightmare and the journey was pretty horrendous from start to finish. But we learnt from our mistakes and long-haul road trips have been a lot easier since. Below I am sharing mine and other bloggers top tips for survival. Good luck!

6 Top Tips to Surviving a Long Haul Road Trip with Kids

Top Tip #1 – Plan lots of Stops

We will often plan our long drives around lunch time so that we can stop for a while for some lunch and if there’s a playground or soft play on site then that is a major bonus. Having the chance for little ones to run around should always be taken into consideration.

Tracey Kifford from Pack the PJ’s recommends “Stop every 90 mins for a leg stretch, drink, to ‘use the facilities’, have a snack – maybe swap drivers. Treat each restart as a new journey.”

Top Tip #2 – Stay Safe and be Organised

If you are relaxed during a car journey then the kids will be relaxed as well. One way to make sure everything runs smoothly is to invest in a Dashcam. There’s plenty to choose from at TadiBrothers as well as cameras to help you to see when reversing.

Emma Maslin from The Money Whisperer has this great idea “A bin bag tied to the headrest of the front seat for the kids to deposit their empties in to – there is nothing worse than getting out at the other end and having a car full of wrappers and crisp packets everywhere!”

Top Tip #3 – Have plenty of activities for them

Debbie Sharratt from My Boys club says “Have car-friendly games, books, crayons and paper where they can easily teach them”.

If you are wondering what to buy or take along then this post is packed full of ideas. They are great for long-haul car journeys and flights.

6 Top Tips to Surviving a Long Haul Road Trip with Kids
My son loves his tray table for the car

Top Tip #4 – Use Travel DVD Players

Katie Louise Mulford from Mum of 2.5 recommends “Use travel DVD players. Most movies are at least an hour long and if you use headphones you’ll have peace and quiet too!”

My son loves to watch movies, especially Disney. He could happily watch a couple over a long car journey. Why not pop along to a car boot sale. There’s usually plenty of DVDs on offer at decent prices.

Top Tip #5 – Think of some games that you can play

Louise Jemma from Thimble and Twig is well aware of the need for games during travel she recommends “11 Boredom busting travel ideas for children – Hopefully, sharing this list will help prevent some meltdowns in your car this summer. So, if you have a long car journey ahead with little ones…. here are a few things to stow up your sleeve (or in your glove compartment).”

My son loves to play eye spy. He was able to play it from the age of 3, albeit his own version of it. We also play a game where we set a challenge to be the first person to pick a car of a certain colour. Yellow and pink are usually fun ones to spot.

Top Tip #6 – Have some audio books at the ready

Jemma Yorke from Have kids will travel recommends audio books, she says “Audiobooks make the journey interesting for the kids, ours love some of the ones we have and are so quiet when listening!.

6 Top Tips to Surviving a Long Haul Road Trip with Kids

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