Best Sunscreen For Kids and Adults | Great for Sensitive Skin

I am in love with a Sunscreen. We were sent a bottle of Evy Sunscreen Mousse to try out and also one to giveaway to one lucky reader. (Please see the end of this post to enter). At first I thought the RRP of £25 seemed a little steep but my goodness does this go far. You really do get what you pay for and more. The mousse is highly concentrated, so when the product comes into contact with the air it doubles in size. It not only can cover twice as much but it can last up to three times longer than regular sunscreens. It also lasts twice as long as most other products on your skin as one application can last up to six hours. Even a swim in the pool won’t shift this sunscreen. Evy sunscreen mousse is available from online retailers.

One 150ml bottle actually produces enough for about 10 full adult body applications: that coupled with a 6 hour protection actually makes it reasonable value for a 5 star UVA rated sunscreen. If it were 150ml of regular lotion, that would only give about 4 applications if you are using the amount you are supposed to.


Best Sunscreen For Kids and Adults | Great for Sensitive Skin


Reasons to love Evy Sunscreen

How does Evy Sunscreen work

The sunscreen formula is unique in that it distributes through the entire top layer of the skin. It protects the skin for up to 6 hours. The sunscreen strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin. Because the mousse is easily absorbed it doesn’t wash off when you go in the swimming pool. The light mousse doesn’t leave any residue and doesn’t clog the pores. Evy is matte, smudge and oil free so it can even be used on the scalp.

Protection for up to 6 hours

Rather than clogging the pores on your skin EVY’s formula is absorbed futher down into the skin layer. It doesn’t wash off when swimming or sweating. Thus providing you with extra long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Developed for Sensitive Skin

The EVY products are allergy tested and they prevent and calm irritation. Despite being allergy tested some people might in rare cases react to even small amounts of an ingredient. To further minimise the risk of allergies EVY is free from preservatives, perfume or any other substance that may irritate the skin. EVY products have been developed for the most sensitive skin, but also naturally suit all skin types. It is also suitable for people with eczama, acne or people who suffer from sun allergy.

Best Sunscreen For Kids and Adults | Great for Sensitive Skin

Easy to apply the right amount

About 35-45ml of cream is required for an adult body. As the mousse is distributed throughout the skin it becomes saturated when it has received enough mousse. You can then either wash off the excess or you will soon become used to how much your skin can absorb.

Best Sunscreen For Kids and Adults | Great for Sensitive Skin

High UVA Protection

EVY products benefit from a high UVA protection of over 90%. This makes it extra suitable for children.

Perfect for kids – Our Opinions on the Mousse Sunscreen

Did you know that the skin of children is up to 5 times thinner than an adults? Their malanin protection is also not as developed. Even children with a darker skin tone and those already tanned by the sun must be protected. EVY is suitable for children from 6 months of age. The light creamy mousse is great fun for kids and they will love to help you rub it into their skin.

We loved how the product is dispensed easily from the container. It soon expands into a lovely and soft bubble of mousse. This was easy to apply to our skin and it didn’t leave my hands sticky at the end of it which is also a bonus. I have always disliked how stronger factors of suncream can stain children’s clothing. This has not been the case with this sunscreen. It has no odour which again is a big bonus as it means that the product has had nothing it shouldn’t have had added to it. I also love how one small container contains twice the amount of regular sunscreen. I’m sure this will go much further and be better value for money than our usual sunscreen.

Best Sunscreen For Kids and Adults | Great for Sensitive Skin

It is So Simple to Enter:     Your chance to WIN a 150ml EVY Factor 30 Sunscreen Mousse – your chance to try this great and fun product.

Please enter by answering the question below, in the comments ‘’Where is your favourite holiday destination’?‘ This is mandatory. Anyone who enters without answering this question as a blog comment will be disqualified. Once you have entered more options to increase your chances of winning will be made available. Please read the rules of entry below.

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Good Luck!

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Win a £25 5 UVA* Sunscreen Mousse


  1. Australia or the Lake District – this would be perfect for my trip to southern Italy this summer

  2. Out of the places I’ve been either Florida or Ibiza. Hoping to go to Mexico for the first time this year so my favourites could change!

  3. So far the best holiday we’ve had was to Marrakech, the market is amazing, and the hotel we stayed at was wonderful, with great helpful staff and friendly guests! xx

  4. Benayes in France, great people, amazing food and lots of space for my little ones to play and explore

  5. New York was amazing, so many wonderful places to see and things to do, I really want to go back.

  6. Anywhere sunny. We love Devon and Cornwall in the UK or Canary Islands if going abroad.

    1. Bali, we married there 13yrs ago infront of close friends and family xx amazing place going back this month for the first time

  7. Altinkum in Turkey.. Last ever holiday we had with my late mother and absolutely loved it.. If things were different, we would of actually bought a villa out there…….

  8. I don’t really have a favourite! There are so many places I would still love to visit and I’ve enjoyed most of the places I’ve been on holiday in the past too for lots of different reasons!

  9. in uk as a family butlins abroad as a family disney or spain abroad as adult eygpt and hawaii

  10. I went to florida before I had children and I would just love to go back there now as a family so currently saving up to treat them!

  11. I have never been abroad so I love durdle door in Dorset but would love to visit Egypt and see the pyramids one day

  12. perranporth in cornwall been going for years lovely place and still have dogs on the beach and town which is great

  13. I love going to the lake district with my family … sometimes you don;t need sunscreen however!!

  14. Sydney, sitting on Circular Quay watching the ferries coming and going and view across the harbour framed by two iconic landmarks, to the left the harbour bridge and to the right the Opera House.

  15. I’ve only ever gone on holiday to the east coast, but I do have a long-standing dream to visit South Africa someday.

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