Frugal Traveler Guide – 5 Tips For On-Budget Traveling

“If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.”

Most people love the idea of toting around the world, exploring new places, finding breathtaking views and simply finding themselves while looking at what the earth has to offer. Unfortunately for many, traveling seems like a costly option, and they never get to realize their dreams. But what if you could find ways to travel frugally? Sounds like a dream doesn’t it.

It’s really not – some of the most frequent travelers in the world have found some amazing tricks that can make the whole system faster, easier and inexpensive to navigate. You can definitely travel around the globe without busting your bank account, and today we’ll be sharing 5 useful tips you can use to travel on a budget!

1. Book Your Transportation

One of the biggest expenses you’ll face while making plans for traveling would always be transportation – whether it’s booking a flight or intra-destination traveling, you’ll need to get smart with how to deal with this situation. First off, you’ll need to cash in all your miles and book the cheapest flights you can find to get to your destination. It’s always good to make plans in the offseason because flights are always cheaper then.

Moreover, here’s a pro-tip from some professionals – book your tickets for either Tuesdays or Wednesdays around 3 to 4 weeks in advance. Weekends are always peak times for travel and tickets cost much more during those days.

As for moving to your destination when you’ve arrived, it’s always best to avoid cabs and go for mass transit whenever possible. Make use of your smartphone GPS and learn to navigate the local public transport – it’ll be one of the best parts of your experience.

2. Be Frugal With Your Lodging

The second way you can save up while planning a trip is by being frugal with your lodging. If you want to stay in 3-4 star hotels, then make sure you have enough people in your company who’d be willing to share the price with you. If you’re traveling alone, you can book a bed in shared hostels for a few nights, or you can even opt for the ever popular “Couchsurfing” trend, where travelers connect with friendly locals who allow them to crash on their couch. It’s definitely an interesting and interactive way to lower your lodging expenses.

Frugal Traveler Guide - 5 Tips For On-Budget Traveling

If that’s not your thing then don’t fret – you can always leverage discounts by booking in advance your hotel online, for example on Amba Hotels. Most of the people do not know the possibility of further saving by using discount codes, which add a discount to already active promotions. But where can we find these discount codes? On,for example, which is a completely free site for discount codes. Just take the code of 25% on the page dedicated to Amba Hotels, apply it in the final purchase step of Amba Hotel and you’re done! With the money saved you could make your holiday longer or choose a destination that was out of your budget!

3. Stock Up On Snacks

Food is another big budget buster when you’re traveling – from buying super expensive snacks from the airport tuck shops to going nuts on long layovers, food can be a major expense that you need to avoid. You can pack smarter by stocking up on dried snacks like nuts, berries and dried jerky in pre-assembled bags. This way, whenever the munchies hit, you can simply take something out of your back-pack to chase them away without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

As far as eating out at your destination matters, you need to be as minimal as possible. Don’t go for large, expensive restaurants – instead, try local markets and convenience stores for the cheapest, yummiest and globally delicious snacks.

4. Be Smart With Currency Exchange

There are various going rates for different objects like tipping, taxi fares and more, so you need to know and find the best exchange rates before converting your currency. You can do so with the help of an exchange bureau like Western Union, or even your home bank before you start your trek. Once you’ve found the best rates, you can withdraw a lot of cash to keep from paying the service fee over and over again. However, make sure to keep this cash safe – there’re a lot of muggers out there. You can divide it up into your luggage and keep an emergency stash in the back of your smartphone cover.

5. Intra-Destinations on the go

Lastly, it’s always best to book on the go when you want to see intra-city destinations. If you book in advance, it’s definitely going to cost you more than when you book on the go once you are in the city. It’s a good way to improvise, go with the flow and stay within your budget at the same time. Doing a research on ins’ and outs’ of the destination can come a long way.

So these are some tips on how you can travel frugally around the world. We hope some of them inspire you to start up on your vacation and dig out those latent vacation plans once again!

Disclaimer: This post was written and provided by Andrea Boffo (images were also provided)

Frugal Traveler Guide – 5 Tips For On-Budget Traveling

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