January-February 2017, Our bucket list accomplishments

What did we cross off our bucket list in January-February 2017?

2017 was when I actually went live, so to speak with our bucket list. After months of working on it and thinking about it I started blogging about what we were ticking off on our list. Going live with it meant we were now definitely committed to it because I was going to start talking about it right here.

If you haven’t already seen my posts about my Dad then you will be wondering why a bucket list for a family? Well firstly I think it’s a great way of setting life goals. We do see it more as a life list than a bucket list. But mainly I started this when we found out that my Dad had an incurable cancer. He very sadly died in October last year and I vowed we’d start on the bucket list in the New Year.

I have seen quite a few bloggers start their year with a small bucket list of goals/achievements for the year. I think this is a fabulous idea. It could be just little things like ‘Go to the beach’ or ‘Complete the Gruffalo trail’ or ‘Visit the theatre’. It doesn’t have to be anything major.


We started off the year with Jamie’s best friends birthday party. I am sure this will become a tradition for starting off our year.

We had our 1st completion on our list ‘Visit museum of Lincolnshire life’ in the City of Lincoln. This is a truly fabulous museum for young and old. There’s so much to see and do, with a café and a well thought out playground. Plus it’s free! This was also part of our ongoing tasks to ‘Visit at least 10 different museums’, ‘Enjoy lots of free days out’ plus ‘Visit as many family attractions in Lincolnshire as possible’.

January-February 2017 Bucket list accomplishments

2nd completion on our list was ‘Visit Sacrewell farm, a heritage farm’ which is also part of the ongoing challenge to ‘Visit as many farm parks as possible’. Sacrewell farm is near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Sacrewell has a mill onsite and is a non profit farm. Well worth a visit.

January-February 2017 Bucket list accomplishments

3rd completion on the list was ‘Go for afternoon tea somewhere’. This was Jamie’s very first afternoon tea and he loved it. He tucked straight into the chocolate ganache…with his hands (countless wet wipes were subsequently used). We went for afternoon tea at Stoke Rochford hall. Which is a very handsome hotel near Grantham.

4th completion we went away for the night and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and had a wonderful day out. We completed ‘Visit Woburn Safari park’ from our list. We had a truly memorable day out here. I’d highly recommend. We got so close to so many amazing animals from the comfort of our car. Woburn is in Bedfordshire, east Anglia. This is also part of our challenge to ‘Visit at least 10 different zoos’

5th completion, just before we went on holiday, was the ‘RSBP big garden birdwatch’. We joined in and completed another thing on our list. You get a really handy bird spotting chart which we still have on the window in March. It’s great for learning which bird is which.

At the end of January we headed off on our 10 day holiday to Gran Canaria in the Canary islands.


During our holiday to Gran Canaria we stayed at 2 hotels in the south of the island. That was two hotels ticked off on our ongoing challenge to ‘Stay in at least 50 different hotels’. We stayed at Marina suites in Puerto Rico. Which was one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed at. And the Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa, near Puerto de Mogan. The buffets at this hotel were the best we’ve ever seen. Choice and quality wise.

While we were in Gran Canaria we crossed a few more things off our bucket list. We completed ‘Have a ride on a camel’, ‘Ride on a pirate ship’ and ‘Ride on a glass bottom boat’. We also added another zoo to our ongoing ‘Visit at least 10 different zoos’ when we went to Palmitos park.



When we returned we went to Belton House, near Grantham Lincolnshire which is a National trust property. We went here as part of our challenge to visit ‘At least 10 different national trust places’.

Towards the end of February we had a day trip to the ‘Lincolnshire aviation heritage centre’. This is part of our ongoing challenge to ‘VIsit as many family friendly attractions in Lincolnshire’ and ”Visit 5 different air museums’. My review post will be up and linked here soon.

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