Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Review & Giveaway | Children’s Explorer Kit

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I have been sent 5 great outdoor adventure toys for kids which I am reviewing for you today. The good news is that I have all 5 of these items (brand new) available to giveaway to one very lucky winner. Please see the end of this post to enter for your chance to win.

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Outdoor Adventure Toys for Your Mini Explorer

I am yet to meet a child who doesn’t love being outdoors. Most kids also love exploring while they are out and about. These 5 items fit easily into a small backpack for your little explorer. We took them for a trial run in our local woods and my boy did not want to leave. In fact when we got back home he had everything out again and was investigating everything in our back garden.

Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Review & Giveaway | Childrens Explorer Kit
Outdoor Adventure Toys by Brainstorm

These products are by a company called Brainstorm Ltd and they sell a great range of toys perfect for learning while having fun. Read on to find out more about the five outdoor adventure toys that we have to giveaway. They are perfect for any mini explorer. Each item retails for around £10 so there is upwards of £50 worth of goodies waiting to be won. Packaging and instructions are multi-lingual including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Examples of the reverse of the packaging can be seen below.

Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Review & Giveaway | Childrens Explorer Kit
Instructions and inspiration on the back of each pack

Outdoor Adventure Magnifying Glass

It was refreshing to now have something that actually worked well as our track record of magnifying glass ownership hasn’t been great. This feels robust and the glass magnifies things really well. The magnifying lens has 2x magnification. There are two smaller lenses on the big lens which have 3x and 4x magnification, perfect for learning all about our environment up close.

Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Review & Giveaway | Childrens Explorer Kit
Magnifying Glass

Outdoor Adventure Binoculars

These are small and light weight binoculars perfect to fit in a pocket or hang around your child’s neck. The magnification is 4x and has a 30mm glass lens. There is even a handy built in compass on the top of the binoculars which my little boy found fascinating. What a great way to teach him about NSEW.


Outdoor Adventure Explorer Scope

Jamie decided that the explorer scope was going to make him into a pirate! It’s a small scope that can be made much longer as it is extendable. It has 12x magnification and a 30mm optical lens. All of these products are for 6+. Jamie is 5 in 3 months and soon got the hang of how this works. He loved figuring it out and thought it was hilarious when he saw how close it made things look to him.

Explorer Scope

Outdoor Adventure Microscope

This microscope was a big hit with both of us. We ended up taking turns because it was so much fun. You can either put the scope flat against objects such as trees or you can hold something and place the microscope over it to take a much closer look. It has a super 20x to 40x magnification. It was a revelation for Jamie to see things like leaves so close up and magnified. It’s so light and handy as well and even comes with a strap to keep the microscope safe around your childs’ neck.

The Microscope being used in a couple of ways
Looking under the microscope

Outdoor Adventure Night Vision Torch

This night vision torch requires 3 AAA Batteries. It has a red LED light which preserves your natural night vision which makes it great for reading maps or books in the dark. There is a glow in the dark on/off button.

Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Review & Giveaway | Childrens Explorer Kit
Seeing in the dark with the night vision torch

Good Luck
Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Giveaway, Childrens Explorer Kit

Disclaimer: We were provided with these adventure toys for the purpose of this review. We are also being provided with each product again for the giveaway.

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Kids Outdoor Adventure Toys Review & Giveaway | Childrens Explorer Kit


  1. Every Summer my family and I really look forward to a day out at our local adventure slide park called Landmark it is great fun! There are slides that are extremely high and give us tickily bellies, there is also a roller coaster and a lovely woodland walk with wildlife, the day passes so quick because there is so much to do.

  2. Day on a beach. We don’t do it often as we don’t live close to the sea and when we do it it feels special. Kids love building sandcastles, exploring rock pools and escaping the waves. They never want to leave.

  3. We as a family love Hever Castle. Its a quick trip away, and they offer so many activities for the children, water, mazes, ICE CREAM. Fun in the sun is what its all about!

  4. we like going for bike rides or long walks because its good exercise and a way of bonding as a family x

  5. We love having a picnic on a beach or a bbq in the garden and just being out and about in general.

  6. Living by the coast, we all love to walk along the beach, look for unusual things and just generally love to wlak and run around

  7. we go fishing the hubby has done it for years and my son is also doing well now and even has had his first carp

  8. We love going to our local National Trust Park so much to do their with regular playgrounds, natural playgrounds, dens to make, woods to explore etc.

  9. Riding bikes at the local nature reserve. Last time we were lucky enough to see a barn owl flying in the middle of the day!

  10. We like going geocaching, because it is a good way to get the children on a long walk in the countryside as they are having fun and before they know it they have walked quite a long way

  11. I love taking the kids to theme parks in the day and camping over night, its lovely to see them enjoying the things that I did when I was a kid, we never got out much as my mom and dad worked different hours and never had much money so it made it all the more special when we did get days out like this. Camping I just love as its an adventure

  12. My favourite outdoor based activity is playing in our paddling pool (when it’s hot enough) because the whole family love it. Sadly, it’s not hot enough most of the time so my second choice would be walking in the local park with the kids doing a nature hunt – they love it!

  13. we are about an hour from the coast and we love spending the day there. nothing nicer than a lovely ice cream as you walk along the prom xx

  14. We love to explore in the woods. We don’t get to do it very often as we live in a relatively urban area, don’t have access to a vehicle and I have very limited mobility. Having said that, when we can make it happen, it almost feels like it’s our family’s natural habitat.

  15. we love going to a place near us called Cramond Island, when the tide is out you can walk over to it where there is lots of exploring to be done, however, you need to check the tide times so you don’t get left out there!

  16. My kids could explore anywhere from our back garden to the woods or the beach, anywhere can be fun to explore when you have the imagination to do it.

  17. Picnics on our local beach as we can build sandcastles, collect shells and pretty pebbles, go paddling, explore the rock pools and caves and look for the ships and yachts out at sea!

  18. I love going to the woods with my kids. You never know what you are going to find, so always exciting for the kids

  19. We love going to a local woods that has a large stream running through it, the kids go in their wellies and take their fishing nets

  20. We love to be outdoors, our favourite is probably rock hopping at White Coppice followed by a picnic, great family day out

  21. Definately the seaside, you don’t need to spend much but there’s so much for the kids to do and explore x

  22. At one of the local beaches, rockpooling with the kids. Always brilliant to find and show them the wonderful things that you can find

  23. we often go gruffalo hunting with a picnic and a very sneaky quiet child! Good times outdoors 🙂

  24. Mine is always trips down to the coast. I just love looking out at the vast expanse of the makes me feel free and alive. My little fella loves the beach and can happily explore for hours along the seashore.

  25. Walking in the woods is my favourite way to spend the day outdoors. A lovely picnic makes the day perfect.

  26. We like to go to our local botanical gardens and take a picnic. My eldest daughter likes going into the glasshouses.

  27. I love a trip to the seaside, there’s something about the fresh air and the view of the sea that is so invigorating.

  28. I love taking my son to the beach on a lovely hot sunny day and he can have a paddle in the sea which he loves

  29. I love a trip to the woods and we take a picnic. We love doing all the little trails at local forests

  30. At the moment, it is the Stick Man Trail at Weald Country Park. My niece loves the Gruffalo and the Stick Man books, and really enjoys hunting down the characters scattered around the park. Also, it is simply a beautiful park to wander around in.

  31. We visit Lotherton Hall in Leeds-it’s got birds, playgrounds and deer, plus lots of open space to run around in.

  32. Love camping with the family especially if it is by a beach. Its so relaxing as there is no TV or internet and you have no choice but to relax and chill!

  33. love going to the zoo or safari park with the family, seeing the animals and getting some air at the same tiem!

  34. We spend a lot of time at our local park, which is fortunately quite large and has a lot of variety in it: the ‘lake’ where swans and geese live, the wildlife pond with ducks and a visiting heron, lots of different flowers and trees, birds (spotted the woodpecker twice this week), climbable trees, lots of muddy puddles to jump in and a play area.
    We also love going to the beach and are lucky to live near a few- which kid doesn’t love building sandcastles, exploring rockpools and trying to jump over waves!?

  35. Love going to the seaside and exploring rock pools, & treasure hunting on the beach. We then make lamps & things with sea shells when we get home.

  36. We love camping and we go every year to dunwich on the Suffolk coast. We have a lovely day walking along the beach, exploring the woods and setting up camp

  37. Nature walks in local nature reserves/parks/national trusts – this prize is perfect for nature walks! Will be putting these items on my girls wish lists

  38. Going on walks, pretending to go on bear hunts playing with the dog and having a picnic because it gets all the family involved and we all enjoy it

  39. I love getting a big picnic with family and friends, going to a beautiful park and play lots of fun garden games, eat food and great laughs!

  40. A good day out for us doesn’t have to be expensive. My girls have taken plastic tubs to a park of nature reserve and search for mini beasts and insects. they look at them through the plastic and then use a magnifying glass to get a good close up. They wave goodbye to them when they let them free!

  41. Like going for a picnic down our local canal , when it’s nice outside you feel like you could be anywhere

  42. We like going to Thetford Forest because there is something for everyone – park, cycling, walks.

  43. we love walking the dogs through the woods. its always relaxed and we love looking at the plants an trees

  44. We love going to our local National Trust sites as there’s always such a variety of things to explore and as we’re members it’s a very cheap day out.

  45. We love Bewilderwood. Howe they’ve incorporated a whole book into this magical outdoor land to explore is amazinf

  46. What is your favourite outdoor based day out and why’?
    we like to walk in our local nature reserve, there is always something new to see each time

  47. i love taking the kids up on the hills with their bikes, its fab up there because there’s no phone signal so the older kids have to engage and get off their mobiles!

  48. Every school holiday my boys ask to go to the Gruffalo Forest! Its our nearest Forestry Commission managed area and the boys love doing the themed trails and playing on the equipment.

  49. It has to be a good old fashioned day out at the beach ……… buckets and spades, along with ice cream and gritty, sandy sandwiches. The kids have plenty of room to run off their energy and Mum gets a small chance to relax. Now just let’s hope for some sun.

  50. We like going to the beach, taking a picnic, footballs, frisbees and if it’s windy – kites. Something comfy to sit on too. And clothes to suit all weather types we get in Scotland. Hat, scarf, jacket, t-shirt, sun cream. Yes that’s me sorted.

  51. Great prize! My little lad is just starting to get interested in the outdoors. He loves checking out trees and I have to give him a piggyback so he can reach up and touch the branches!

  52. We love a day on the beach…my daughter loves to take her bucket and fill them with shells which we then take home and decorate

  53. We love going to our local NT property and exploring the gardens and grounds, it’s such a beautiful place to be and has a fab park!

  54. We love a day exploring the woods, den building and looking for signs of spring – a perfect family day

  55. We enjoy visiting the local countryside, Bidston Hill is one of our favourite places to go for a walk!

  56. The kids like days on the beach or for long walks in the countryside exploring. Thankyou for the competition x

  57. I live in a beautiful part of the country where our favourite dayout is to literally cross the road and enter woods teaming with wildlife. We love to explore and watch the insects, the rabbits and squirrels, and very often see deer and wild boar

  58. we love being outside and one of our favourite things to do is a is a visit to our local country park for a picnic and nature hunt

  59. Our family favourite outdoor day is going to the beach. Finding the most unusual pebble, searching through the sand and looking for crabs in the rock pools.

  60. I like taking the grandchildren to the beach and making sandcastles with a moat. They love running to the waters edge and getting water for the moat, its their favourite part of the day

  61. We love to go to our local farm and feed the animals then stop at the park. It’s a great day out and doesn’t cost a fortune.

  62. I love getting the family together and going to our local country park. we take a picnic and some outdoor games and just have some good family fun outdoors!!

  63. Hiking as my husband is a keen hiker and thankfully our daughter has the same enthusiasm for walking and nature trails. She loves the exercise and learning about what we see and experience on our hiking trips.

  64. My little boy loves the beach, especially the rock pools where he look for creatures!

  65. Cycling because we are spoiled with 186 miles of coastline, so we get to explore it any time we like!

  66. A walk to the park to feed the ducks, throw a frisbee and have a picnic is our favourite outdoor activity because it is free and because the children get both exercise and fun.

  67. I like taking the kids cycling. It’s great exercise and they also get to see more of the local area etc. as we try to do various different routes all the time.

  68. We enjoy the nature trail in the park near home, plenty of squirrels, old trees and its good excercise

  69. I really enjoy going exploring on our bikes with my 6 year old, following various cycle routes and stopping for park picnics on the way.

  70. Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire is our favourite. It’s mostly outdoors and it’s like being in a fairytale.

  71. we love going pond dipping with the kids they have so much fun and learn a lot about bugs etc.

  72. I love taking lillie pops to the local country park to make gets everyone in the family involved even the teenagers

  73. walk to feed the ducks, because there is always plenty of wild life , plants, flowers, bugs & other birds to see

  74. We love going to National trust parks, there’s lots of things to do and the kids love it.

  75. We love playing in the woods, climbing trees. My husband is an arborist so we love the forest and so does our son

  76. Pond dipping, rockpooling, muddy dog walks or nature walks like at Blaze Farm near Macclesfield

  77. We love visiting National Trust properties. Most of them have plenty space for the children to run around, and often have nature activities for them to enjoy. When it’s time to look around the house, activity sheets keep them interested – and there’s always a lovely tea room where granny can recover!

  78. Can’t beat crabbing at Cromer, means crab (bought, we’ve yet to catch an adult) salad for tea!

  79. My favourite activity outdoors would be a walk down to the coast, a walk along the beach with my partner.

  80. Den building and searching for minibeasts – I love seeing my two little ones enjoying the outdoors and watching them learn.

  81. My favourite activity outdoors is walking or hiking. We live near the Lake District so there are plenty of great choices for routes and paths.

  82. Me and my two little girls love going out for walks through Kirkstall Abbey and are always spotting butterflies, birds and feeding the ducks 🙂 I home educate my children and this set would be lovely for them x

  83. We love walking in the woods and seeing what we can spot – my son loves to find mushrooms or bugs

  84. We love rambling through the woods not only is it great for the kids to get messy and run free but also great to try and spot wildlife

  85. Mine has to be when we have a day at a farm that’s not too far from where we live. The kids love petting and feeding the animals. There’s lovely picnic areas and a play area with sand and climbing frames. Thats my favourite day out because kids love it and we get to sit and chill while they play

  86. The beach! so much to do , looking for sea creatures, building sandcastles, swimming!

  87. I don’t know who would enjoy this more – Daisy (who is 7) or Leo – who is only 2 but loves looking at bugs!

  88. we love a day bike riding through the local forest areas….we don’t have to worry about traffic and the kids have an element of freedom.

  89. I love having a day out at the forest, I love seeing my little boy and his dad exploring the outside together!

  90. I’m a qualified Forest School leader so I love seeing the children explore the natural areas.

  91. We loved getting out to the river Thames and walking along the path looking at the birds, the flowers, the insects, the boats and the people. Cost us nothing when our kids were small

  92. I love taking a short drive to South Cerney where there is a big lake, park & lush green grass area to sunbathe or have a picnic etc! It’s lovely to be able to take a dip & cool off. It’s a beautiful place & I feel very lucky to live nearby!

  93. I love going to Harrogate Valley Gardens – there is a park, an outdoor pool and beautiful gardens to walk around and explore. I love to take a picnic and spend a full day there x

  94. We love going to our local park as it has deer, woodland gardens, a lake and a massive play area for the kids.

  95. We love heading to the Seaside, looking for crabs, beach-combing for seaglass and pretty shells to take home and paddling in the sea.

  96. West Midlands safari park.. my children love animals and it’s a lovely day out

  97. We love exploring the woods in the local park with my grandchildren! Kids absolutely love it

  98. Definitely the zoo as I love animals and children find them fascinating to watch

  99. I love walks in the woods, my daughters enjoy them too 🙂 and what can be better than playing I’m going on a bear hunt in the woods

  100. I love days out at our local park, time for the grandchildren to burn off some energy and also relax in beautiful surroundings.

  101. We have an annual trip each year to the woods closest to where I grew up – we like to explore and see the bluebells in bloom. It’s a tech free day with nothing but our family to think about.

  102. A day out at the park with a picnic, with my son and partner. Followed by an ice cream and a game of football.

  103. I love the local Wildfowl and Wetlands trust because my girls can learn about all the types of birds, feed the ducks, they have a play area and canoes and they also do pond skimming sessions so my girls can learn about the pond life 🙂

  104. our fave day out is to go to a national trust site and enjoy all that it has to offer

  105. We love to cycle through the forest because it’s good fun and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the wildlife

  106. I love taking my grandchildren to the beach building sandcastles and paddling in the sea

  107. being on the beach collecting shells looking in rock pools for fish and crabs the boys love it

  108. A trip to the Lake District, especially Tarn Hows, we love to have a picnic there & then a walk around the lake.

  109. For what age groups would you recommend these toys? My daughter is age six. She has enjoyed Snap Circuits Jr since last year. Do you feel these other toys will last for a while at her age? Thanks!!

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