Krew cuts, children’s hairdressers review. Newark.

I have been taking Jamie to Krew cuts in Newark since he started needing a haircut. He is now 3 and a half years old. We even travel 45 minutes to go here (always with a meal out after). I’m not sure what he likes the most, sitting in a fun car, watching TV or getting a treat at the end from the staff.

Review of Krew Cuts Newark


He has had his hair cut by the lovely owner Vicki many times and I’ve always been more than happy with his cut. On the occasions she hasn’t been there the other ladies have always done a good job too. Because they are so used to cutting children’s hair they are really patient with the kids. I remember the first time we went, it was a job keeping Jamie entertained, he nearly had every toy in there. Most of the time he just wanted to get out of the car. But their patience helps enormously. They are also very talented at following the kid. While the thought of trying to cut a wriggling child’s hair fills me with horror they just move with the kid and go with the flow.


There are 3 car chairs to choose from for the little ones, each with a TV to watch in front of them. That’s a much better idea than looking at themselves. It’s a great distraction for them. For the older ones, there’s a gaming chair. There is also a barber on site.


Sadly Jamie is getting a bit big for the car chairs now. But I’m sure once he figures out gaming he will love to play games while getting his haircut.

Jamie’s highlight is always the treat at the end. 😀 I honestly think this is the only reason he enjoys going. If it wasn’t for the treat we may have problems. You can opt for raisins if you’d rather your little one didn’t have a lollipop or chocolate. And if you don’t want them to have anything then just let them know before the end.

Jamie’s cut was £9. He’s usually there for about 30 minutes, sometimes even longer. I think this is a very good and fair price.

Here are some photos from all our visits to Krew cuts.




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