Looking towards 2017.

If you’ve read my first blog on here you will know that 2016 has not been a good year for me. I didn’t start the year knowing it was going to be bad. My Dad died of cancer and he left a huge hole in my life. I feel that I need to make sure that 2017 is filled with as much living as I can fit in and at the same time pray nothing awful happens again.

I know Dad didn’t want me to be sad and that he wanted me to live my life as best as I can. But I can’t help but be sad and I know time will help heal a little but he will always be on my mind. I want to do so much with my family because they are so important to me and I hope that we can fit lots into 2017.

Jamie is 3 and a half years old now. He’s growing up so fast. He’s our little miracle and we are so grateful to have him in our lives. I always wanted a little someone to share the world with and for many years I thought we wouldn’t get that.

2016 was not the year I was hoping for but we did manage to get out and about as much as we could. I wouldn’t have had the year any other way because I am ever thankful for having any time I had with him. I think it’s important to live life with no regrets.

I am ever conscious of full time school looming ever nearer for our little boy. He is a summer born child and to me he just seems far too young, at just turned 4, to be starting school in September. So many children get an extra few months (some even a year) before full time school and we just aren’t going to get that. So I fully intend to make the most of our current extra time together. Hopefully having this blog to fill up will give me the get up and go to fit in as much fun stuff as we can.

What do I hope for this year? I hope we will get to have many more days out exploring our county of Lincolnshire and also further afield in the rest of the East Midlands, Norfolk and Yorkshire. We lived in France from 2001-2014 so there’s an awful lot of Britain waiting for us to explore.

We bought a caravan in January last year and managed a few weekends away with it but no way near as many as we’d hoped for. So in 2017 we will aim to get away with the caravan as much as we can. There’s so many caravan sites out there waiting to be explored.

I have a life list/bucket list for our son with things I hope we will get to do with him. So hopefully we will get some of those crossed off this year.

We already have a few expeditions planned. In a couple of weeks we are seeking out some winter sun and going on a 9 night holiday to Gran Canaria. I am so excited. This is his first ‘proper’ holiday as all other holidays in the past have been just 2-3 nights away.

We have an afternoon tea booked at Stoke Rochford hall in Grantham for next week, a night away with Mum to York in March for another afternoon tea and whatever else takes our fancy. In April or May we are hoping to go down to Bournemouth to visit family and for a night away to Longleat safari park as none of us have been before. Then in June we are off to Butlins in Skegness for a long weekend.

We tend to book caravan trips according to work and weather but as sites book up quite quickly in the warmer months I have booked a 3 night stay in June at Reighton sands, Haven. I’ve also booked 3 nights at Seales leisure, Hunstanton just before Jamie starts school. I really need to get something booked in August asap before they either sell out or the price goes back up.

At some point we plan on getting a national trust membership for us and planning some caravan breaks around that. We are also hoping to get down to Monmouthshire to visit friends. We are going to be busy busy!!

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  1. looking forward to going to Corralejo, on the beautiful canary island, Fuerteventura, for a combined 2nd honeymoon, and to celebrate my hsband turning the big five o

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