Places Offering the Most Magical High Tea Experience in London

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The term afternoon tea is of great significance to Londoners. The custom dates back to the 7th century when the Duchess of Bedford – Anna thought it prudent to have tea and snacks between the early breakfast and the pre-slumber dinner. The two meals that left the English wanting more, now are a convention that attracts people from all walks of life.

And you must follow suit at hotels near London Bridge or the Big Ben, when in the capital of United Kingdom. Afternoon tea even shaped the thought of Henry James, which he made obvious in the opening of the classic The Portrait of a Lady. Some of the finest teas from across the globe can be enjoyed with jam and cream scones, cookies and aesthetically pleasing pastries in parts of London. Here are a few places you must try:

The Ritz, Piccadilly

Places Offering the Most Magical High Tea Experience in London

An institution that has been serving tea for over a century is the place to be, if you’re looking for that quintessential experience. The experience, so to speak, is one owing to the side embellishments such as roast ham, smoked salmon, finger sandwiches, and decorated cakes on multiple tiers. And it is as formal as it must be; sportswear and jeans are not allowed and a jacket and a tie are much appreciated. At 7:30 in the evening, it is the perfect substitute for the occasional dinner, and yet makes up for an evening of romance with pianists and opera singers mesmerising the senses.

The Langam, Portland Place London

Places Offering the Most Magical High Tea Experience in London

It would perhaps be downright moronic to not revel in the lavishness of the architecture marked by swirling marble pillars in white and high mirrored ceilings at the Palm Court. It serves with the non-formality you need at family events. The perfect alternative to a formal afternoon tea, which you can enjoy with the little ones who find delight in the Maltesers chocolate mousse, jigsaw shaped sandwiches and a teddy bear present.

The LaLiT London, Tooley Street

The LaLiT London, Tooley Street

The British Raj in India seems rather pointless without the tea obsession that the Indians themselves share, with a few variations of course. The casual dining at the Indian chain of hotels is privy to the most sumptuous teas across the city served by the most cultured staff. Designed in a Victorian image, the hotel houses an Indian restaurant in London. You might as well indulge in the wide variety of Indian and English snacks at The LaLiT London while sipping on refreshing tea.

Rosewood Hotel, High Holborn

Rosewood Hotel, High Holborn

The Rosewood Art afternoon tea setting has been sitting on the tippy top of the list for a while in London. And it’s not the grandiose of the five-star hotel or its Mirror Room that make it better among the best; the menu that gives its congratulations to modern artists like Alexander Calder, Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst and more is the highlight of the setting. The pastries are named after these artists, which entice everyone’s sweet tooth.

Brigit’s Bakery, Covent Garden

BrigitΓÇÖs Bakery, Covent Garden (1)

The love for tea and social gatherings have pushed the establishments on and on like the renowned BB Bakery that is now Brigit’s Bakery. Imagine a vintage 1960 Routemaster, a perfect afternoon and a tour across the famous destinations of London while you enjoy the time old tea recipes. Finally, the ride shifts to an Edwardian boat on Thames. The pretty patisserie has come a long way and takes you places. Don’t miss it!

Disclaimer: This guest post was written and provided by Shubhendu. Photos were also provided by the writer.

We love to experience Afternoon Teas. It’s such an experience for a little one. One of our favourites was at Betty’s in York. Or for more Aftenoon tea experiences in London please head on over to – London’s 10 Best afternoon teas.

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