RSPB Big garden birdwatch – teaching kids about our garden birds

It’s here our RSPB Big garden birdwatch free pack. Jamie and his Daddy can often be found putting food out for our local garden birds. Jamie can already identify quite a few of them so I thought it would be fun to request a free pack and teach him even more about our native birds. And of course, join in with something important. Plus we get to complete another thing from our bucket list.

The RSPB Big garden birdwatch happens once a year. This year it is during the last weekend in January and all they ask is for an hour of your time to just sit and chill out and count what you see. 8,262,662 birds were counted last year.


RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Jamie was very excited to open the pack and there was lots to be found inside.

RSPB big garden birdwatch

There’s a helpful chart to fill in when you are done counting the birds. There’s also a section to fill in if you spot any other wildlife in your garden….one of them being moles. Yup sadly for our lawn we have a fair few of these.

They have supplied a sachet of ground coffee, for drinking while you watch. I’ll try it but I’m one of those people that wishes they drunk coffee but sadly doesn’t. There’s even a mat for your coffee to stand on. Also included there was a helpful letter and other leaflets. They’ve also done a recipe card for something to make to put out for the birds and a recipe to bake biscuits for you to eat while bird spotting. I am hoping we will have time to do both.

The wall chart is lovely and we already have it up on the window. Jamie had great fun identifying the birds he knew and asking me many times over what the other birds are that he doesn’t know. I love that he is interested and we had a big chat about the different types of birds we may be able to spot. I know we see most of the birds in our garden but there’s not a lot around right now. So we need to make a few things to put out for the birds asap.



Teaching kids about our garden birds

Also provided is a big wall calendar for 2017 with space to write things and lots of helpful ideas for in the garden during each month of the year.


If you haven’t requested your pack this year why not follow the RSPB now and then you won’t forget to join in next year? It’s a great little pack to generate an interest in birds in children.

On the actual birdwatching day we just had to dedicate an hour of our day to watching the birds in our garden. We made some fat ball feeders, put some new seeds in our feeders and waited. I chose 4pm because on previous days there has been a lot of bird activity around this time. Sadly there wasn’t much that day. We spotted 3 blackbirds at one time, 4 great tits at one time and 2 sparrows. Normally we will often see 2-3 robins, 2-3 pigeons and the odd starling. Jamie loved using the binoculars though, which reminded me I must get him some more suited to him very soon.

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RSPB Big garden birdwatch teaching kids about garden birds, bucket list idea

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