Top tips for surviving a flight with a young child - yes we survived

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Surviving a flight with a young child. Tips for flying with young kids

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Top tips for surviving a flight with a young child - yes we survived


  1. We’ve yet to go on a plane with our 3 year old, however I would implement a lot of these tips when we do venture into flying transport. We’ve been on a long journey via coach requiring a change also, and the journey was much better than I expected. Keeping as close to routine as possible helped as did having a window seat.

    Great list + tips! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Wow, that’s really impressive and reassuring! I’m not keen on flying myself, so of course we’ve never tackled a long flight with the kids. We’ve only flown a handful of times and only once with a very small child. Last time we flew, the kids were aged 15, 13 and 10 and the older two sat and read the Financial Times they’d picked up in the airport! I was gobsmacked!

  3. We did a long haul when my son was 10 months and then didn’t attempt flights for a few years (we weren’t put off by that long haul though, but cash was short). We did do some long train journeys though (7 hours) and the only way to survive was lots of light and small activities to take along. We didn’t have a tablet then, so it was the only way really.

  4. I’ve done loads of flights with my two kids from them being babies and I agree with having a good bag of tricks to dip into with new toys and books and drag it all out – not give it all at once! Another good tip is to let them run off steam in the airport before boarding – seek out a play area for them – if they can get the running and jumping around done before the flight – it helps!!

  5. These are really great tips! I have to say we’ve never ever had any issues with flying with kids but I know a lot of parents struggle so much. I think choosing the right flight time (if possible) is absolutely crucial, we’ve also flown back to a different airport to ensure the flight time was right, and I would also add your own positive mental attitude is essential. Only last week I flew on my own with a 5 year old and a 8 month old, and despite a lot of dramas with luggage, security and nearly missing our flight, I remained calm and collected, and my boys were absolute angels throughout the entire journey. x

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