Wizzili – The Intelligent Family PA that will Help Your Busy Lives

Are you always too busy to remember everything?

I don’t know about you but I am a total scatter brain and it’s getting worse now I’m a Mum. I have another person to also consider and remember things for. Since my son started school last September the events I now need to remember have tripled and honestly I’m losing it.

There’s after school clubs, parent evenings, special event days such as world book day, red nose day, non uniform days, friends parties. Then there’s show and tell once a week, which we have been known to forget on more than one occasion, library books to return or collect. I often forget to look at his school meals for the week ahead and he ends up with something he’s not keen on. It’s a catalogue of disasters and forgotten events. Not to mention forgetting essential food items on my jotted down shopping list. We have a calendar but it’s a struggle remembering to add things to it, especially if all the pens have gone missing.

Not so long ago I remember thinking that it must be time for his dentist appointment by now. I looked through our diary but I couldn’t find a mention of it anywhere. So I rung up to find out when it was. You know what? I hadn’t even made an appointment. It was a good job I had rung up but oh so embarrassing.

Wizzili - The Intelligent Family PA that will Help Your Busy Lives

Are you like me? Do you forget what days you are due to do things and then end up missing something? Or are you forever forgetting something on the shopping list? Or getting the weather wrong when you head out for the day in shorts and instead have an arctic blizzard. I have a notebook come diary, plus a wall calendar, where I write down what needs to be remembered and cross things out as we go along. But that’s not an easy solution and it’s not something we all have access to as it isn’t always nearby when you think of something.

Wizzili - The Intelligent Family PA that will Help Your Busy Lives

But luckily there’s a new product launching to the market.

Wizzili – The Intelligent Family PA that before we could only dream of

Finally a product that can take control of our busy family life and be there for us to actually help us remember everything. Wizzili is an AI solution for busy parents that can keep track of literally everything. Best of all it uses voice recognition and it will know your name and your schedule. All you have to do is to tell Wizzili what you are doing and it will remember for you and remind you when you need reminding. It is a fabulous and innovative product that will take the busy out of busy. It’s your own at home PA.

One of the great things it can do is to add things to a shopping list by voice. I am forever adding things to my shopping list which has often been lost as it’s been jotted down on a scrap piece of paper. Or you can find out the day’s schedule for a family member or a family as a whole. Perhaps you have a free day together but don’t know what to do? Well just ask Wizzili and it will tell you what’s open in your local area, what the weather is like and if there’s any problems on the roads.

Sud De France development selected Wizzili as one of its start ups at the CES conference. This is where the product had its big reveal.

As well as a small and neat voice activated box there is an app for your families mobile phones. This app also keeps track of everything and can keep you in touch with your family. Both the app and the box are data and security protected. No one but the voices connected with the box can find out your schedule.

Why is it Better Than the Current Competitors?

What is the difference between this and Google home or Amazon Echo I hear you ask. Wizzili organises your life. Google and Amazon are there to play music, switch on lights, search google and shop on Amazon. Wizzili will be there to help you organise and keep track of every aspect of family life. It’s intelligent, intuitive and brings you privacy without trying to sell you things. It can be used via an app, the AI device and also voice recognition, all via shared usage.

Wizzili - The Intelligent Family PA that will Help Your Busy Lives

What are you always forgetting? Do you struggle to remember what you are doing next? Do you have a funny story to tell about the last thing you forgot? We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wizzili – The Intelligent Family PA that will Help Your Busy Lives


  1. Oh wow… I need this in my life. We have Alexa who is great and does help me keep myself organised but if this is even better then I’m up for it! With 5 kids and 3 who all have additional appointments our schedule is hectic. 🙁

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